Spiritual Death the Final Frontier


Spiritual Death the final frontier the Sun Rises and the Sun sets the Night rises and the Night sets.  We are Born and We Die. These are absolutes in our lives that cannot be erased the Laws of Nature.

As the Sun rises in the mornings some of us our just starting our journey in life.  We were young once coining a phrase from a Combat movie.

Its midday the Sun is overhead now.  We are in our middle age and our eyes are starting to wane and we have to correct things that we see around us with special lenses.

The Sun is behind us and starting to set and darkness is starting to engulf the daylight and our time is coming to an end.  We know this by the rising and the setting of the Sun the rising and setting of the moon.

There are two Gardens,  one of God and one of Man……there are two Gods one of Life and one of Death

There are two Trees one of Life in the Garden of Eden and one of Good and Evil in the Garden of Man

One Tree is the number of 7 the Tree of Life and the other Tree of Knowledge is the number of 666 the mind-body and spirit of man. 

One Tree is Life: One Tree is Death

Like children we can ascend from the ground into the heavens by climbing either the Tree of Life or

we can ascend from the ground the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and return to the dust were we came from

Follow me into the Heavens as you ascend into the heavens with me as your eyes open to the nature of your being.

Or keep yourself blind and crippled and lame to the Truth.  Were you will return to the dust you, me were all born from.

In your generation and my generation we were all born into death,666, that surrounds like a woman’s womb seeing a glimpse of light at the end of the narrow canal.

Walk with me and I will walk with you for a while as my site changes your site will change follow me in ascending the Tree of Life wherever you are at in the rising Sun.  Then” give homage to your Father in Heaven”.

Or return to the dust were you came from the Knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil. 

The path is narrow and few will ever see the light of Zero Population Growth the Spirit of Death that the generation that you and I were born into.