Remnant of the house of Jacob—Christ 33 AD.

You have always heard as a gentile that only a few will enter the gates of Zion.  Out of the billions of gentiles in the world, as it is written for the Jewish nation ,as well as the Gentiles, only a remnant will enter the heavens to meet the Lord.  I have been indicating that in my blogs every so often.  As they say in Poker call my hand  to see if I’m bluffing.

Well let’s see what the prophet Isaiah has to say about the remnant  of the house of Jacob.  Walk with me back in time to mile marker, 8th century BC. Isa. 10: 17-22.  It is widely believed that Isaiah wrote this letter ,when the Jewish people were in exile in Babylon, somewhere around 587 BC.  This is a future prophetic event for it was penned 300 years after their release of the Jewish nation by King Cyrus.  Jacob in the Hebrew language means Israel and in that regard sets the narrative from our Lord in the next couple of verses.

Let’s look at vs. 17;

And the light of Israel shall be for a fire, and his Holy One for a flame: and it shall burn and devour his thorns and his briers in one day;

 Israel light shall burn like a fire, refers to the covenant made to the Israel nation by the Lord , Holy One that is Christ.. He already built the temple in 3 days when He was Resurrected. The word  thorns and briers are wild roses they all have all have one thing in common they are all sharp to the touch.  Thorns and briers is a figurative expression of children’s worship of ideologies ( idols) instead of worshipping the Lord.  Judgement will come in one day like a thief in the night.  The implication here is that Christ is going to judge us first then the Father.

Let’s look at vs.18;

And shall consume the glory of his forest, and of his fruitful field, both soul and body: and they shall be as when a standardbearer fainteth.

Consume refers to judgement as glory of his forest refers to all the Lords children as they are numerous like a forest.  We are to produce fruits of the spirit. Field is something you plant in like faith, a mustard seed. Worship of Christ in both body and soul. A standardbearer is someone who carries the banner of Christ.  Jewish and Gentiles who think they carry the banner of Christ are going to faint when Christ appears before them.

Let’s look at vs. 19;

And the rest of the trees of his forest shall be few, that a child may write them.

Rest of the trees are the remaining children ,after the judgement, and that will be few in number.
That a child may write on them this a figurative expression. If you ever been in a dense forest it is hard to walk around in once you cut down some trees it is easier for a child to play under the tree.

Let’s look at vs. 20;

And it shall come to pass (judgement) in that day, that the remnant (few) of Israel, and such as are escaped of the house of Jacob, shall no more again stay upon him (mans ideologies or idols) that smote them; but shall stay upon the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, in truth.

Smote them ,figurative expression that refers to man’s ideologies or Idols and will never sting morally on the conscience of the children that believe.  Those few who are judged by Christ will be caught up in the heavens with the Lord.  The Holy One of Israel is Christ. Just for FYI, Jacob in the Hebrew language means Israel.  What we see here in these first 4 vs. is the judgement of Christ on the Jews and the Gentiles.  This is the first death.  The second death will take place before the Father.

Let’s look at vs. 21;

The remnant shall return, even the remnant of Jacob, unto the mighty God.

We already know that remnant means few and Jacob’s name means Israel.  Jacob was a shepherd of the people of Israel and broke a covenant with the Lord.  No different then the charlatans running around the landscape today anywhere you are in the world. Out of the billions of people who say they believe in Christ only a few will meet the Lord in the heavens.

Let’s look at vs. 22;

For though thy people Israel be as the sand of the sea, yet a remnant of them shall return: the consumption decreed shall overflow with righteousness.

Like the Jewish nation the Gentiles are also like the sands of the sea and only a few will return to righteousness.  Consumption is a figurative expression it points to the following Mt. 13: 12-13, the separating of the wheat from the chaff.

For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

Consumption equals Judgement

Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

Christ spoke in parables to you to nudge you to think about what He was telling you.  He wants you figure out the meaning.  It’s like taking a test in school if I gave you the answer  to the question you would not understand the context and the meaning of the scriptures.  In the same manner if I’m teaching you the word and it does not sound right call me on it.  I encourage you to do this. If you think I am wrong quit following me.

I am not here to proselytize any of the hundreds of names that the temples carry on their banner.  Nor am I here to build a reputation I write because I love the Lord and walk solely with Him and His the disciples as simple as that.

I encourage you to do like I have always done.  Walk into any church anywhere in the world and ask the priest or whatever they call themselves.  What is your core doctrine?  100 percent of the time they are going to pull out a pair of Aces, we believe in the Lord and Christ.  So you think the hand is starting to look good.  Then ask him or her to show you the rest of their hands.  Then you are going to get an answer similar to this, women can not wear jeans, men have to wear suits, women have to wear dresses down to their ankles, you can’t come in here wearing filthy clothes the list goes on. All they just did is pull out a pair of eights that have no value.  Their cards look good they have the wounds of the cruxifixtion on their hands but not the crown their foreheads. In Poker this is the Dead Man’s Hand they all have the mark of the beast on their foreheads, 666.  This is where Christ tells you in the gospel of Luke, You cannot serve two masters , love God or love Mammon, a false influence of worship..  You say you love God but then you put in addendums and change the covenant of the Lord made to His creation.

The Temples of the Gentiles will always tell you they love God but then they made addemdends to the covenant that the Lord made with us.  If you’re sitting across the table from me.  Ask me to show my hand,  I will always lay down, 3 Aces, King High, Father, Son and the Holy Ghost  and a pair of Queens, the embodiment of my wife, the bride of the Lamb.  My hands will reveal the wounds of truth and the blood of the thorns on my forehead.

For the single woman out there you  are the wife, the bride of the Lamb and He is waiting you arrival at the marriage feast so hold the 3 Aces all Kings close to your heart. You have the wounds on your hands everybody can see that even I can see your wounds wherever you at across the world.   If I can see it how much more can the Father see.  Like most children you do not have the blood of the thorns on your forehead.

Always call the bluff show me your hands. As it is written satan comes like a light in the Temples of the children and teaches you the addendums.

Tomorrow we explore the exciting world of how the Evolutionist using the circle of reasoning logic how the word morphs into another meaning over hundreds of years.  Fascinating stuff prove positive that evolution has a logical outcome.


Remember when you show up at the gates of Zion, Christ is going to ask to see your hands and forehead.  If you do not have the blood on your forehead the next time you open your eyes you will be sitting across the table from your Father.




2nd Amendment Rights—Christ 33 AD


The 2nd Amendment as well as the rest of the Constitution was written by the hand of God, perhaps by imperfect men.  It is my God-given right to defend myself, family and others, the weak, against the tyranny of man, foreign and domestic. The same applies to the few in Christian camps that understand the Old Testament, the covenants that are enshrined by the hand of God.  To defend God, Country and Family.   To be a true Christian is akin to joining the Marines, “The Few and the Proud”.  I’m proud to be an American, I’m proud to be a Texan, I’m proud of my family all cloak by the word of God. As it is written only a few will enter the gates of the Marines or the gates of Zion.

I grieve for any loss of life, all life. Life was created in the Laws of Entropy, randomness and confusion that leads to chaos the end result is death. This is evident in the fall of man in the Garden. Man broke the law and cast his responsibility to others around him in this case woman.  Mankind has always created (ideologies) gods and goddesses to mitigate his guilt of or to enhance his superiority blinding himself to the glory of God.  Ideologies are the idols of man what they worship. The nature to feel important and to gather praise those that sit in his camp.

Mankind’s weapon of choice is Circular Reasoning, if the premise is logical the end is logical as illustrated below;


  Over the last couple of months the voices flying through the wilderness are all the same, Guns kill people. So I have been sitting here waiting for that gun to move.  It moves I,m going to shoot it.  That should complete the circle of logic. Circular reasoning appears in all aspects of moral issues in America the mouth of the dragon that comes out of the sea. This is what I call, in Poker, the Dead Man’s Hand, these reasonings of logic will ultimately fall on their own logic.

Christians remind me of the Moabites, Ammonites and the Edomites they all believed in Yahweh and as in all legal contracts they learned to put in their own disclaimers.
They all gathered to eradicate the Jewish people from the land of Canaan.  Before they even got into battle with the Jewish people they turned on themselves and killed themselves off.  They killed each other off with their own weapons of ideologies.

Like king Nebuchadnezzar  , Christians can not read the handwriting on the wall. One of the  judgements of God against, king Nebuchadnezzar ,  he would crawl on all fours, eat like animal for 7 years before being restored.   Daniel in the later chapters made this comment, “When knowledge increases then the end is near”,  I ask the Father for the longest time what that meant. He told me common sense, simple as that nothing magical or spiritual.

An analogy to king Nebuchadnezzar and the various camps of the christians;

There is a very prestigious restaurant in the world that requires you have a reservation to be seated. It is my understanding that the food is great, service is great, the food will definitely satisfy your palate and it is very expensive.  They serve it in a Golden toilet bowl.  Human waste always ends up in a toilet bowl, circular reasoning. What the patrons fail to see is the harlot of Babylon drinking your blood from a Golden chalice and  the Dragon that has come from the deep devouring your children. He has been devouring the children of America for the last generation.  Children killing children.

The anti-gun crowd led by the two children in the Parkland shooting (where it began) are gathering their armies from coast to coast led by the older children from the shores of the West coast to the East coast.  Led by the elders of the Moabites, Ammonites and the Edomites. The starlets, actors, progressive democrats to billionaires and millionaires the likes of Bloomberg. Progressive christians and others all the way to the shores of the lady that sits on the seven hills, the whore of Babylon.

Before they go into battle they are all going to eat from the Golden toilet bowl of human waste and drink the blood of the saints. Then the fowl of the air are then going to come down and feast on their children, of the kings and queens, lying beneath the altar scattered around America.

For me the 2nd Amendment is guaranteed by my King, the King of KIngs.  All you have to do is look at the history of the Jewish nation. They have for over 5000 yrs defended themselves against the odds.  They themselves use guns don’t figure.

So I will stand resolute and defend my convictions, God, Country, and Family enshrined in the word of the LORD. Paul told me one time that in the end they were going to come and cut my head off, that’s ok.  I will never give up the Truth or my weapons of choice, come and take it.

For the  2nd Amendment crowd we carry the battle cry, ” Come and take it” birthed from two great battles of history, Texas independence in 1835 in the city of Gonzales and the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.  300 hundred Spartans defeated the overwhelming forces of king Xerxes armies in three days.  Common sense will defeat the children’s logic every time on immutable Truths., circular reasoning.

There is a saying out there that only three percent of America will defend it.  The same truth holds for the Jewish nation.  I have in my hand 3 Aces, King High and two queens , the III percent of the Jewish nation and America that will defend our God-given land.

To the christians in the camps of the Moabites, Ammonites and the Edomites.  That yell God is love, God has a bank account and then sell their Faith, you have nothing in your hand to show.

Dead Man’s Hand

Call my bluff on the poker hand I’m holding, 2nd Amendment, and I will always lay down the same cards dealt from the Creator.  Three Aces, King High and two queens , the III percent of the Jewish nation and America that will defend our God-given land the “Few and the Proud”.


So we all are waiting for your arrival. Take the mile marker to Zion 40 miles distance before the fowl of the air feast on your bones. Remember turn right at the Olive Tree also known as the Tree of life.  Tonight we are dining at the table of the marriage of the bride and the Lamb.  Wear something nice and do not be late. Ample parking for all.










This set of cards is called, in Poker, Dead Man’s Hand, that was held in the hand of Wild Bill Hickok a noted gunfighter in the Old West.  Before he could lay his hand down he was shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall, August 2, 1876.  Although it is not known for sure if Wild Bill Hickok actually held these particular cards.  The notoriety of that event is forever enshrined in the  history.

Poker is a card game born out of the Old West to while away the boredom of life.  It is a game of chance the object of which is to bluff your opponent into thinking you have a better hand.  Five cards are dealt and you play your best hand and call the bet.  We will never know what the fifth card was that Wild Bill Hickok was holding.  The hand he was holding is two pairs of ranks. Not much of a hand to boast about.   If you were holding 3 Kings and a pair of tens, called a Full house, you would take the bet played on the table.  There are several different versions of Poker games that you can play.  There is one called Texas Hold Em,  Seven Card Stud and Five Card Stud plus several other versions of Poker.

So before the cards are shuffled the dealer announces to everyone around the table what the Poker game is that you are playing. Everybody hears the voice of the dealer and agrees but as usually is the case there’s always someone who wants to change the rules.

I know the Lord plays poker He gave us the rules of the game it called Life.  Your set of cards are 66 books in the deck.  There are however only two hands you can play.  You can either be holding the Dead Man’s Hand or you can be holding a Full House.  The bets on the table are high.  The stakes are higher if you win you have eternal life if you lose eternal damnation.  You are not going to be able to call mitigating circumstances after you are called to show your hand.  The dealer has already gave you the rules of the game they are immutable.

We all play Poker every day all week-long.  Once you leave your house for the day you are wearing your Poker face.  If you are married you play poker with your wife.  You bet on a lie, bluffing, she does not know that, you’re doing alright, until she calls your hand either you win or you lose your bet.  We do the same to others we meet in our daily walk.  You meet a friend and he tells you that he just bought a new car.  You first question will usually be, “Hey I would like to see it”.  You are calling him to place his cards on the table.  Your calling his bluff you can only lose if he produces the truth his statement.

Walking through a church door is like playing Poker you are comfortable with what the Sheppard is teaching you.  We never ask to call his bluff.  Is he telling you the truth or bluffing.  The reason this happens is that we never read and understand the stories of the Old Testament and the New Testament.  That is where you will lose the game like Wild Bill Hickok you’re holding a Dead Man’s Hand.  When you sit before your Father and he calls you to show your hand.  If he does not see the wounds on your wrist.  He going to tell you to depart you are not His son.

Who will the Father call before Him in the Judgement Room?  It is not going to be the unbeliever they are already in the lake of fire.  It is going to be the Gentiles/Muslim (Christian) and the Chosen (Jewish) who will be standing before the Father.  These are the branches of the tree the seed of Abraham.

For Gentiles/ Muslims we come from the seed of Ishmael. He was born of Hagar the slave (Egyptian). The seed of the Jewish people go back to Isaac born of Sarah(Jewish) the free woman.  We all come from the seed of Abraham the Father of all Nations.  This is our assigned lineage by our Lord.  SInce I am a born again Christian I will only deal with the branch of Ishmael.  We as Christians/Muslims are both under the covenant made to Hagar (Egyptian) by the Lord.  We are born of the flesh, selfishness, the core essence of sin.

If you look at Rev. 19: 17-18– The angel of the Lord is telling John to come and eat at the great feast of the Lord.  Then you read the following verse; “That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great”.

In Rev. 19- 7–The marriage of the Lamb a great festival has begun this is before the Great Judgement that befalls everyone.  What Rev. 18 is talking about are the believers that profess Christ but because of their apostasy they have not received the mark on their foreheads or hands.  The Crucifixion to their selflessness.

You look in Mat.24: 6-8;—-And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
   7: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
   8: All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Those that believe in Christ will turn on themselves and start killing each other before the Great Judgement.  This is what you are seeing today the wars within the church the wars between the Christians and the Muslims.  We are going to implode against each other.

Take a look at King Jehoshaphat and the great battle that took place there around Jerusalem 2Ch:22;  ” For the children of Ammon and Moab stood up against the inhabitants of Mount Seir, utterly to slay and destroy them: and when they had made an end of the inhabitants of Seir, everyone helped to destroy another”.

The men of Ammon( closely related to the Israelites) and Moab( they were of the same ethnic stock of the Israelites) and the inhabitants of Mount Seir( were related to the Israelites but hated the Jews) were coming in a great army to remove the people of Judea and Jerusalem from their promised land.  The men of the Ammonites and the Moabites knew Yahweh for they were the siblings of Lot,s daughters, born into incest (born of the flesh).  The inhabitants on Mount Seir were the Edomites they worshipped Yahweh plus other gods.

The Ammonites and the Moabites turned on the Edomites and slew them.  Then they decided to turn on each other and destroyed each.  The great spiritual battles you see in Revelation are the battles between all those that say they believe in Yahweh, Christians and Muslims.

So from the seed of Ishmael were are in one of three camps, The Edomites, Ammonites or the Edomites.  Christians and Muslims alike because we all believe in Yahweh.  Because of selfishness we do not know who Christ is.  There is only one way to know Christ that is to learn Him yourself from the Bible.  The priests of the temple love the praise of men more than the praise of God.

Walk back to Zion I,m telling you that you need to go back and learn who Abraham is ,the Father of all Nations and learn of the covenant that the Lord made with all the nations and start your journey there.

Or you are going to be sitting at the card table like the Edomites, Ammonites and the Moabites all who thought they knew Yahweh and your holding the “Dead Man’s Hand”.

Father in the Great Judgement Hall is going to call your bluff to see your hands and if you do not have the mark of the nails or the Crown on your forehead. He is going to cast you away into the lake of fire.  666 is the image of man you have the mark of unbelief on your hands and forehead, selfishness.

It says in Romans 11:  19:19- 25—  It says that the branches of the Tree have been cut off and fallen to the ground.  He did not spare the branches of the Moab, Ammonites or the Edomites remember they all knew Yahweh so they professed.  Those that believe God , he will graft you into the Tree of Life.  During this time the eyes of the Israelites have been blinded till the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.  We are close to the end of the Life and we will all that believe will see the glory of the Lord.

You put a hundred people in a room and deal the cards. I bet only 10 will know who the Lord is. Check out Lot and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah only a remnant will ever hear the voice of the Lord, Gentiles and Jews alike.



 “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night”. 

Law of Entropy & Christ 33 AD

The Law of Entropy is an interesting little theory that resides in the world of the second Law of Thermodynamics.  Entropy definition, as it pertains to humans, it is a lack of order or predictability that you will gradually decline into disorder over the course of time. The end result is being chaos in your life which for us results in death in both realms physically and spiritually.  Human beings are microorganisms of His creation.  In order to stabilize chaos in our lives.  God created women for us to give us order and predictability to keep chaos at bay for a time.

When it comes to the immutable Law of Entropy.  Micro-organisms do not come into random existence and automatically function as designed.  They need the help of other microorganisms to perform their function in order to grow.  The Law of Entropy exists under the umbrella of the  Second Law of Thermodynamics that also states that you can not create something out of nothing.  Easy example lightning hits a mud puddle it will not produce life.  Scientist have never been able to produce life they can clone it.  They can not create life that is a given.

Recently scientist have been studying the Octopuses an Colepids (squids) and have found a disturbing quality.  They are able to rewrite their DNA.  Their DNA has two strands, the other one is called RNA,  that they rewrite on a constant basis.  According to biologist evolution does not work that way.  It has always been asserted that microorganisms mutate into other life forms. Colepids have been around for thousands of years and never have mutated into another form.  They regularly rewrite their DNA to survive in changing water or temperature conditions.  How this ability to adapt or what triggers this rewrite is not known.  Scientist in order to keep their jobs they fall back on big word ,“Panspermia theory“, big word that only means that the ability to rewrite their DNA must have come from outer space fell to earth in a primordial soup and sparked life.

Panspermia theory falls in the realm of Circular reasoning.  Before I explain the theory of Circular reasoning.  It must be noted that in the middle of the word,“Panspermia” is the word sperm.  Circular reasoning means arguments are logically valid because if the premises are true, the conclusion is true.  So what the evolutionist are saying now that sperm flew through space at a blistering speed no heat shields like a reentering rocket to protect it and it hit the water to produce life.  If that argument is true then you would have to create another theory called, “Panwomanegg theory” that the woman’s egg flew at blistering speed, hit the water and smacked into the sperm within a protective womb and a minnow was created.  The logic falls on its own merit.  If I was to drop a bowling from 62 miles up if the reenter did not burn it up, when it hit the water it would disintegrate.

If you look at picture of the modern-day horseshoe crab. Look at the horseshoe crab in fossil records they still look the same after thousands of years.  They did not mutate into another life form.

Scientists are not willing to submit to the idea of creative design.  If they agree to a creative design then they are admitting humans did not come from apes, fish or whatever.  They would be out of a job because they rely on grants. Scientists know the chemical compositions of  DNA but do not know what sparks life.  Darwin the author of evolution in his travels around the world looking at all kinds of animals and people. Even he realized that some kind of creative design was involved.

Human beings are the most highly complex of microorganisms.  With the women being the most advanced of all.  This is because of her reproductive system that has the ability to create life.  Scientist know the chemical composition of man’s sperm and the women’s egg.  They do not know how the sperm or what causes the sperm to attach itself to the woman’s eggs and in that reaction how the spark of life is manifested in a microsecond a twinkling of an eye as it is written.  The womb protects life.

The centrality of the Resurrection is that Christ rose from the dead and walked the earth.  This was witness by over 500 people.  It is like watching the World Trade Center get hit by the airplanes and people jumping to their death.  This was seen by billions of witnesses from around the world.  We all saw it on TV.  The statistical probability that 500 or billions of witnesses were wrong in their perceptions of what they saw are none existent.  The only unknown variable to that equation is the what caused that event.

It is easier to believe in Creation by divine design.  God created the world and everything in it. then he created man and he created woman.  This was to bring order into their life to stabilize chaos and decay.  Everything God created was designed to reproduce itself. Nowhere in the world is their any microorganism that does not recreate itself this is by design.

When you get to the arguments that man came from apes it does not fly.  Everything stays within its designed DNA.  When you get into the arguments of homosexuality( Man) or lesbianism(Woman) that will not fly.  God created both to reproduce itself.  He did not after thousands of years decided to rewire the DNA in a small percentage of the population to just die off.  He did not give man or woman the ability to rewrite their DNA.

The other caveat to that is that they have proved that humans are the only micro organisms that have the second chromosome that produces logic and reasoning.  No other organism in the world can do that.

Creationism or Evolution I would go to Creationism. Since we are dealing also with the Law of Entropy the Father gave us the book to starve off disorder or predictability of chaos and death. By sending His Son to give us proof of His existence and the manual to guide our lives for eternity.

If you are an Evolutionist and playing cards you are holding what is called a, Dead Man’s Hand”, Ace of Spades, Ace of Clubs, eight of spades and a eight of clubs. Named after a famous gunfighter in the Old West , he was shot in the back.  Sort of like when Cain murdered Abel.  Call my bluff, I have a full house, two pair and three of a kind. Me and the wife and the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.  This is the covenant of the Father to His children.  I will win everytime.  The bet is high but I will always win the pot, knowledge and wisdom.  Thats my riches in heaven and my wealth not money.  It was never about money.

So the next time you are flying down the freeway on the Via De Rosa perhaps you should take the next mile marker and follow the signs to Zion, 100 miles not to long of a distance.  The Interstate to rebirth.  Learn to rewrite your destiny as it says by faith, Heb. 11:3.  Create your eternity by the word of the Lord.  Or you can play the” Dead Man’s Hand”.  We can’t rewrite our DNA but we can rewrite our destiny by the mercy of the Father.  Death or eternity the stakes are high on the table.  Show me your cards.  I will call you on your hand. I have Three of a kind and a pair. I call you on it and win ever time because I,am a son of my Father.

To the four major religions of the world including Christianity.  I would suggest you look at the cards you are holding before I call you on it.  This is not directed to the saints that have been grafted into the Olive Tree of the house of Judea. They know how to dress their brides for the wedding feast of the Lamb. To the rest of the gentiles and so called Christians, Muslims subjugating the woman you are going to kindle the angry of the Creator.

You will find me sitting under the Olive Tree just past the gates of Jerusalem, playing cards with the 12 tribes of Israel, the council of elders, the 144,00 thousand.  Just between you and me I think the deck is stack. Got to wait to see how the cards play out.

Got to go now.


Drive up ample parking go through the gates to your right and sit with me under the Olive Tree and take a rest.  I know it has been a long journey.  But the Father will come and quench your thirst and hungry, no problem.  Glad you finally made it.