This set of cards is called, in Poker, Dead Man’s Hand, that was held in the hand of Wild Bill Hickok a noted gunfighter in the Old West.  Before he could lay his hand down he was shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall, August 2, 1876.  Although it is not known for sure if Wild Bill Hickok actually held these particular cards.  The notoriety of that event is forever enshrined in the  history.

Poker is a card game born out of the Old West to while away the boredom of life.  It is a game of chance the object of which is to bluff your opponent into thinking you have a better hand.  Five cards are dealt and you play your best hand and call the bet.  We will never know what the fifth card was that Wild Bill Hickok was holding.  The hand he was holding is two pairs of ranks. Not much of a hand to boast about.   If you were holding 3 Kings and a pair of tens, called a Full house, you would take the bet played on the table.  There are several different versions of Poker games that you can play.  There is one called Texas Hold Em,  Seven Card Stud and Five Card Stud plus several other versions of Poker.

So before the cards are shuffled the dealer announces to everyone around the table what the Poker game is that you are playing. Everybody hears the voice of the dealer and agrees but as usually is the case there’s always someone who wants to change the rules.

I know the Lord plays poker He gave us the rules of the game it called Life.  Your set of cards are 66 books in the deck.  There are however only two hands you can play.  You can either be holding the Dead Man’s Hand or you can be holding a Full House.  The bets on the table are high.  The stakes are higher if you win you have eternal life if you lose eternal damnation.  You are not going to be able to call mitigating circumstances after you are called to show your hand.  The dealer has already gave you the rules of the game they are immutable.

We all play Poker every day all week-long.  Once you leave your house for the day you are wearing your Poker face.  If you are married you play poker with your wife.  You bet on a lie, bluffing, she does not know that, you’re doing alright, until she calls your hand either you win or you lose your bet.  We do the same to others we meet in our daily walk.  You meet a friend and he tells you that he just bought a new car.  You first question will usually be, “Hey I would like to see it”.  You are calling him to place his cards on the table.  Your calling his bluff you can only lose if he produces the truth his statement.

Walking through a church door is like playing Poker you are comfortable with what the Sheppard is teaching you.  We never ask to call his bluff.  Is he telling you the truth or bluffing.  The reason this happens is that we never read and understand the stories of the Old Testament and the New Testament.  That is where you will lose the game like Wild Bill Hickok you’re holding a Dead Man’s Hand.  When you sit before your Father and he calls you to show your hand.  If he does not see the wounds on your wrist.  He going to tell you to depart you are not His son.

Who will the Father call before Him in the Judgement Room?  It is not going to be the unbeliever they are already in the lake of fire.  It is going to be the Gentiles/Muslim (Christian) and the Chosen (Jewish) who will be standing before the Father.  These are the branches of the tree the seed of Abraham.

For Gentiles/ Muslims we come from the seed of Ishmael. He was born of Hagar the slave (Egyptian). The seed of the Jewish people go back to Isaac born of Sarah(Jewish) the free woman.  We all come from the seed of Abraham the Father of all Nations.  This is our assigned lineage by our Lord.  SInce I am a born again Christian I will only deal with the branch of Ishmael.  We as Christians/Muslims are both under the covenant made to Hagar (Egyptian) by the Lord.  We are born of the flesh, selfishness, the core essence of sin.

If you look at Rev. 19: 17-18– The angel of the Lord is telling John to come and eat at the great feast of the Lord.  Then you read the following verse; “That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great”.

In Rev. 19- 7–The marriage of the Lamb a great festival has begun this is before the Great Judgement that befalls everyone.  What Rev. 18 is talking about are the believers that profess Christ but because of their apostasy they have not received the mark on their foreheads or hands.  The Crucifixion to their selflessness.

You look in Mat.24: 6-8;—-And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
   7: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
   8: All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Those that believe in Christ will turn on themselves and start killing each other before the Great Judgement.  This is what you are seeing today the wars within the church the wars between the Christians and the Muslims.  We are going to implode against each other.

Take a look at King Jehoshaphat and the great battle that took place there around Jerusalem 2Ch:22;  ” For the children of Ammon and Moab stood up against the inhabitants of Mount Seir, utterly to slay and destroy them: and when they had made an end of the inhabitants of Seir, everyone helped to destroy another”.

The men of Ammon( closely related to the Israelites) and Moab( they were of the same ethnic stock of the Israelites) and the inhabitants of Mount Seir( were related to the Israelites but hated the Jews) were coming in a great army to remove the people of Judea and Jerusalem from their promised land.  The men of the Ammonites and the Moabites knew Yahweh for they were the siblings of Lot,s daughters, born into incest (born of the flesh).  The inhabitants on Mount Seir were the Edomites they worshipped Yahweh plus other gods.

The Ammonites and the Moabites turned on the Edomites and slew them.  Then they decided to turn on each other and destroyed each.  The great spiritual battles you see in Revelation are the battles between all those that say they believe in Yahweh, Christians and Muslims.

So from the seed of Ishmael were are in one of three camps, The Edomites, Ammonites or the Edomites.  Christians and Muslims alike because we all believe in Yahweh.  Because of selfishness we do not know who Christ is.  There is only one way to know Christ that is to learn Him yourself from the Bible.  The priests of the temple love the praise of men more than the praise of God.

Walk back to Zion I,m telling you that you need to go back and learn who Abraham is ,the Father of all Nations and learn of the covenant that the Lord made with all the nations and start your journey there.

Or you are going to be sitting at the card table like the Edomites, Ammonites and the Moabites all who thought they knew Yahweh and your holding the “Dead Man’s Hand”.

Father in the Great Judgement Hall is going to call your bluff to see your hands and if you do not have the mark of the nails or the Crown on your forehead. He is going to cast you away into the lake of fire.  666 is the image of man you have the mark of unbelief on your hands and forehead, selfishness.

It says in Romans 11:  19:19- 25—  It says that the branches of the Tree have been cut off and fallen to the ground.  He did not spare the branches of the Moab, Ammonites or the Edomites remember they all knew Yahweh so they professed.  Those that believe God , he will graft you into the Tree of Life.  During this time the eyes of the Israelites have been blinded till the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.  We are close to the end of the Life and we will all that believe will see the glory of the Lord.

You put a hundred people in a room and deal the cards. I bet only 10 will know who the Lord is. Check out Lot and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah only a remnant will ever hear the voice of the Lord, Gentiles and Jews alike.



 “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night”. 

Remnant of Christ 33 AD

The remnants of Christ what does that mean ? Has it ever crossed your mind that when Christ was crucified that their was only a few people there watching the event.  Were you one of the ones watching Christ die?  Or were you part of the multitude buying spiritual items from the Guardians of your Galaxy in the temple.  While this historic event was taking place.  Well let’s see if you were part of the remnant at the crucifixion.

So curl up at on your favorite sofa make sure you have room for the Holy Spirit. Grab yourself your favorite drink and open your Bible to Romans 9 and read 1 thru 33.  This concerns the calling out of the Jews and the Gentiles.  We are going to focus particularly on the following verses, 5,6,7,8,24, 26,31,32,33 not forgetting the totality of Roman 9.  Remember the author’s intent and logic concerning his concern.

While you and the Holy Spirit are contemplating what you are reading.  It has been about 20 yrs since Christ was crucified. The Jews and Gentiles were drifting away from the Truth of Redemption of your soul to the Father (circa 57 AD). That message was still being proclaimed by the Apostles and disciples of Christ only a few received the message and acted on it.  Are you listening?  Anyway.

To understand the word remnant you have to leave Jerusalem  cross the bridge leading to the Old Testament the lands of ancient Mesopotamia.  This is an area that comprises of modern-day Turkey , Iraq and Syria.  The journey takes 2200 years.

I see you made it to the land of Shinar. It is hot today about 2 in the afternoon. Have some ice tea and let’s sit under this grove of olive trees and rest awhile.  What year is it you ask, about 2200 BC.  It will take Christ 2200 years to meet his destiny with mankind. Wow!

In the shimmering heat of the wasteland you observe a caravan approaching.  They consisted of three families from the generation of Noah. It has taken them hundreds of years for them to travel from Mount Arafat ( Turkey) to reach this oasis of olive trees. The head of the families are Shem, Ham and Japheth.  They arrive at your location and that evening and pitch camp.  In the next few days some of the men decided they would build a city and monument to their achievement for surviving the long trek across the desert.  Instead of giving praise to the Lord for a safe journey.

They start cutting down the olive trees to build their pride to the heavens.  Every olive tree, except the tree you are resting under to escape the heat, will be cut down.  The city became known as Babel according to the scribes.  Shem was the only family that heard the voice of the Lord.

The Spirit waved his hand and scattered the families into the wilderness, before your eyes and as it is written.  Then the Spirit took your hand and whisked you away and you found yourself sitting under another olive tree. Where are we? He said, You are in the camp of Abram located in Egypt.  There are not many people in this camp either, why?  The spirit looked at me and spoke since the days of Noah only a few hear the voice of the Lord.

The spirit then took me to the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and I watch how it was only Lot and His family leaving the city and again there were not many people who heard the voice of the Lord. I could see the fires and smoke the stench of sin spiraling up to the heavens.   I told the spirit I think I understand that only a few will enter the Kingdom, Jews and Gentiles alike.

The spirit then took me to the cruxification of Jesus.  I stood in the crowd watching the blood dripping down the face of Christ.  I looked around and recognized some of the women. there was Mary the mom, Mary of Magdalene and Mary the wife of Clopas plus the women that followed Christ out of Galilee.   In the multitude there was a Disciple who I did not recognize and of course the Roman Centurions.   All the women were wailing over the loss of their begotten Son.  You asked the spirit sitting next to you to explain what all this meant.  Why  there were more women wailing for Christ then men?

The spirit spoke, since the days of your forefathers the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob they have always kept their marriage covenant with the Lord.  Your forefathers always heard the voice of the Lord. The women you see are the body of the church in all their beauty.  They are co-councils to the disciples the sons and daughters of the Lord.  There is only one unidentified disciple that truly listens; the rest have become like the Pharisees you see before you a generation of vipers who constantly break the covenant of the Lord, sell their merchandise in the temple and teach their carnality to the children.  As soon as he spoke these words to me he was gone.

You closed your Bible got up from the sofa went over to the window and looked out across the your wilderness and you could see the fires and smoke of the sins drifting to the heavens.  You like me have watched the Pharisees and there sons and daughters sell their merchandise in the temple spilling it out to the courtyard.  You like me have been a part of that for a long time.  Perhaps you should go across that bridge leading out of Jerusalem and return to the land of your forefathers and listen to there voice.  Then return to Jerusalem and the cruxification of Christ then you will understand the simple prophet from Nazarene.  Things will become clearer to you. Your forefathers are not dead their alive. They are just biding their time till Christ comes back a second time.

For the women that live out across the wasteland.  Remove yourself  from the temples of the Pharisees and their deceit, the antichrist, outside your house.  Father hears your wailing and is sending His Son to claim His bride. You.  You have heard the voice of the Lord before after you were talked into committing a sin by the sons and daughters of the antichrist that flowed like water from the Garden.  You heard His voice afterwards. I know that because the Spirit spoke these words to me.

So prepare yourself as a bride for your marriage to the Lamb (Christ) you are to be dressed in fine linen, clean and white.  Let no man dress you in fine linen; for fine linen is the righteousness of the saints whose lineage goes back to your forefathers.  So the next time you lift your veil from your eyes you will be at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

For the men out there, I would have to ask, How come you were not witnessing the death of Truth in Jerusalem today? Where were you?  I know most of you were putting your tables back together to go back to selling your snake oil and merchandise to the children. Sweeping the truth out of the temple into the dirt to let your pride shine again.

Perhaps you should go back to the ancient lands of Mesopotamia to the Garden.  This is where in your arrogance you ignored the voice of the Lord.  You saw the beauty of the woman in all her nakedness and violated ,the Bride of the Lamb, the Body of Christ, the church with your hands.  Your carnal nature ,rose up like a viper,and slithered out of the Garden like water till it engulfed the world you live in.  Father gave you a second chance again you ignored His voice.  You left Mount Arafat and you moved to the city named Babel.  Stayed there till the Lord’s  hand came down and dispersed you.  Again you did not hear the Lord’s voice.  You decided to move down to Jerusalem and along the way you saw the great fires and smoke that lit up the night sky.  You asked some travelers along the path to Zion what you wore looking at.  This is the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.  The fires are fueled by the sins of the children of the Father and they have been burning for thousands of years. The flood of man’s sin cannot quench the fires of judgement.  Hmmn you thought that is why I am going to the temple of the Pharisees and learn their ways located in Jerusalem. It is usually a 4 year school of thought. Anyway.

if you are hanging around the church of the Pharisees partaking and enabling their deceit.  Perhaps you need to cross over the bridge in Jerusalem and return to the ancient lands of Mesopotamia to see your Father.  The Gods of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Perhaps you were the unknown disciple that was watching Christ today on the Cross.  Not for me to say.

Conclusion:  As Paul writes in Romans 9 there will only be a remnant that hear the voice of the Lord.  The waters of the great flood are starting to rise again.  They never really went away.  The fires and smoke across the wilderness are ever-increasing in intensity.  Mens water of sin will never put out the fires of Christ and His judgement.

You can either contribute to the darkness or you can bathe in the glory of righteousness simply your choice.  You can either be a partaker of the crucification of Christ or you can look from afar.







Good Morning to my fellow travelers  that have followed along  with me.  A couple of months ago I decided to move back to Jerusalem where it all started for me. Well the day finally arrived,  we moved into a little apartment with our animals that lived with us. My wife spent the day putting our apartment together, making sure things were in order, the animals were fed and the Last Supper of the day was being prepared (Prov. 31. 10 – 31).

Me, I had to venture out in the metropolis and look for a job. My wife loves to fuss over me, I ,am getting dressed to look for a job. She, is fussing over , did I shave, did my shirt color coordinate with my pants, comb my hair and brush my teeth, ect. (Prov.31: 23). She fussed over the children in the same manner and herself.

I finally made it out the door and the smells and noise of the city surrounded me. Jerusalem at the time had a population of 300 thousand. It was a crossroads of caravans coming from the kings of the north, south, east, and west. They brought exotic foods, fine linens, perfumes, fish from the oceans, and oil brought in from the fields west of the city. The God of Abraham was located in the center of the city but the merchants from the north and across the seas also brought in their own deities. Bel from the city of Babylon, 538 BC, the Holy Roman Empire 33 AD and the deities of the Arabs. They all set up a table and sold their wares in the center of your Temple.

When I got home that night and we were sitting at the table, Last Supper-33 AD, this is where we discussed the events of the day and the tasks that were coming up in the next couple of  days. I was a little frustrated, filled out a lot of applications, travelled immense amount of miles, seemed like a lifetime. I felt like the Judean Jews that were exiled in the desert for 40 yrs. About half-way through the meal there was a knock on the door. My wife got up and answered the door and came back and said, ” Sweetheart there is gentlemen at the door that wishes to speak to you”, I said ok.

I got up from the table and shook hands with the gentlemen and asked Him to come in and sit with us. He came in and sat and told my wife that He recognized her from times past. It did not seem to faze her it was as if she knew the stranger however I was somewhat bewildered.

The stranger spoke to me in a calm and loving voice;

My Lord has sent me to you because He has heard of your supplications and cries in the wilderness. He wishes you and your family to join His Son Christ at His table this Saturday evening, timestamp, 7 pm, 33 AD. Located in the inner chamber of your Temple, come as you are. Don’t worry about bringing anything the table has been set. RSVP, the gentlemen got up and I escorted Him to the door.  He left as quickly as He arrived.

I closed the door and turned and behold there was writing on the wall;

Hearken unto me, Ron and Israel, my called, I am he, I am the first, I am also the last.

Remember when you are reading the writing on the wall to put your name in it.  Replace Ron with your name. There is an Ark of Covenant between your name and called.  After the word called are the echos of the Trinity that appeared in Genesis in the first two verses.

Saturday arrived and we entered the inner chamber of the Temple, and behold there lay a large table with a gentlemen sitting in the middle and sitting on both sides of Him were the 12 watchmen of the tribe of Judea.  These I knew about however the gentlemen that sat in the middle somewhat confused me. He looked like an everyday man.  He was different. His eyes seemed to pierce my soul, I felt like I was naked, he knew everything about me. When I shook His hand it was strong yet they were soft and I felt a peace and love come over me a deep love like the love between my wife and me of 48 yrs.  All the trials and tribulations of the world melted away.  He motioned for us to take a seat.  I looked around the table, there were prime ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob, fruits of all kinds, breads and cheesecake.  Topped off with cold pitchers of sweet-tea. This feast is what they called a love feast and the gentlemen over time I got to know him as Christ.   He was telling everyone at the table that in a short while He would no longer be with us and go where we could not follow, it was not my time, I knew that.

Towards the end of the supper, Christ looked at me and asked me;

Ron, son of Thomas, Lovest me more than these?

Yes Lord I do

Feed my lambs.

Ron, son of Thomas, Lovest me more than these?

Yes Lord I do.

Feed my sheep.

Ron, son of Thomas, Lovest me more than these?

I spoke, Lord thou knowest all things, thou knowest I love thee.

Feed my sheep.

He spoke to me; Verily, verily, I say unto thee, When thou wast young, thou girdest thyself, and walkest whither thou wouldest: but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands, and another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldest not.

Remember to put your name in the scripture, Ron ( name male or female), son (son or daughter) and your last name.

We said our supplications and went home. I was excited, I had just met the Son of God. Over time as I got older, I still remember that day.  Jerusalem faded into the dust and the name changed to Corpus Christi, Tx. The deities of Bel, the Holy Roman Empire and the deities of Arabia walk around the city. The Judean Jews are hardly ever spoken of from the pulpits of the Protestant church.

If you ever shake the hand of Christ.  Remember you are part of a Triune God that loves you  the only thing you can offer is to Love His Son , who walks with you and bears the sins of your transgressions, which the Lord remembers not. If you happen to stray you Father in His mercy and grace will guide you from your self-imposed exile like the Jews in Babylon 538 BC.

Remember God loves and wants you to come home.  Be it anywhere in the world.






Good day to my followers it has come to my attention that some people have an aversion to the word Whore. The reason is that you are seeing the word in the physical realm and not the spiritual realm. Whore in the Old Testament simply refers to the intercourse of human behavior to the statutes (man) they create gods and goddesses.  If you use the term in the physical realm then it means what it means.

However I use it in the Old Testament terms.  If you worship a statue like , Virgin Mary, the statue of Buddha or Hindu. Then you are wrong. There is an unseen God that controls the universe and everything within.  So you are missing the point. There is two dimensions one is reality and the other is spiritually.  You have never been taught the Old Testament. The Old Testament uses the word Whore quite frequently.

I perhaps did not make myself clear in doing the interpretations of the Old Testament.  The point being there is only one God, the King of Kings, not the gods of Greece, Rome or the Catholic.   America is like the sister of  Israel, the wealthy one whom your Father did not like. Graft yourself into the tree of Judea, knowledge and wisdom.  Wealthy is fleeting, knowledge stays forever.

In the days of the ancients the statues of the gods and goddesses were venerated. Roman would take the goddess of Venus to the public bath once a week and bathe her. The Babylon’s would take their statues if they felt there was harm and remove them to a safe place.

In Babylon they were required once a week to wash the mouths of their goddess. They believed that the gods or goddesses lived within a rock or brass or whatever. I appeal to your common sense. A rock is going to give you redemption? Or salvation?  It will not happen.  Belief in Joshua, Christ has been around for over 5000 thousand years,

The point of this whole conversation is that Joshua did not create the demoralization of women MAN did. This is evident in Genesis, the man forsaken his responsibility to the women.  Men create whores in the natural realm, they create molesters, they rape you the church.  Men create gods and goddesses out of rock and tell you they have power.

America is like the Kingdom of Israel they love money including the churches,  So for someone to tell me that whores in the physical realm are trying to regain their self-respect. Man did it to them no one else.  Joshua did not create them.  Joshua did not create the darkness man did it to himself.  Man creates whores in the natural realm and whores in the spirit realm.

The snake in the garden represents the dark side of mens soul.  From day one men have ignored the commands of the Lord.  Man created death like the 58 million abortions, 1 baby every 30 minutes.

That is all I have to say today, I,am frustrated no one can see Christ or the Father.