JOHN 1; 1- 4

1:1 In 1 the a beginning b was c the Word, and the Word was d with God, and the e Word was God.

(1) The Son of God is of one and the selfsame eternity or everlastingness, and of one and the selfsame essence or nature with the Father.
(a) From the beginning, as the evangelist says in (1Jo 1:1); it is as though he said that the Word did not begin to have his being when God began to make all that was made: for the Word was even then when all things that were made began to be made, and therefore he was before the beginning of all things.
(b) Had his being.
(c) This word “the” points out to us a peculiar and choice thing above all others, and puts a difference between this “Word”, which is the Son of God, and the laws of God, which are also called the word of God.
(d) This word “with” points out that there is a distinction of persons here.
(e) This word “Word” is the first in order in the sentence, and is the subject of the sentence, and this word “God” is the latter in order, and is the predicate of the sentence.

1:3 2 All f things were made by him; and g without him h was not any thing made that was made.

(2) The Son of God declares that his everlasting Godhead is the same as the Father’s, both by the creating of all things, and also by preserving them, and especially by the excellent gifts of reason and understanding with which he has beautified man above all other creatures.

                   (2) Paul expounds on this [ Col. 1:15-16]

                   (g) That is , is as the Father did work, so did the Son work with him: for the Son

                   was a fellow worker with them.

                   (h) Of all those things which were made, nothing was made without him.

1:4 i In him k was life; and the life was l the light of me

(i)In him 

(k) was life; and the life was 

(l)the light of men.

(i) That is, by him: and this is spoken after the manner of the Hebrews, meaning by this that by his force and working power all life comes to the world.

(k) That is, even at that time when all things were made by him, for otherwise he would have said, “Life in him”, and not “life was”.

(l) That force of reason and understanding which is kindled in our minds to acknowledge him, the author of so great a benefit.


Things==agathós==ag-ath-os==good things, goodness, goods, that which is good, good man, the thing which is good, well, kindness, kind, generous, good, good thing, kindly, benefit

Life==anástasis==an-as’-tas-is==rise, resurrection, rising again, that should rise, raised to life again