Pastors Crimes against God and His People

As I have pointed out in around about way the problems with the churches of Europe and America.  When you come from another country you are obligated to assimilate into the country you are going into.  It is your responsibility to gain the language to find meaningful work and other endeavors to fully integrate into society.  This is called individual responsibility and as I have always stated a belief in one God.

As the Word tells us one is to keep his yard and house in an orderly fashion and presentable unto the Lord.  When you have the Roman Empire subjugate people in other lands and all they want is your allegiance to the church they do not care how you present yourself.

Morality has an intrinsic value in forming one into an object of beauty instead of an object of chaos.  I have the seen the decline in individual responsibility in the spirit of America for over 50 years.  People do not keep their houses or yards in an orderly fashion and they let their kids run amuck everything is filthy.  The malls and the shopping centers are starting to look like third world countries dirty and filthy.  People that have been here for decades do not take the time to learn English.  This is what you call lazy people who have no loyalty for the country they are in.  Either here in America or in the continents of Europe and everyone gives them a pass.  Then the countries lose their sovereignty and the people start crying foul.  Sanitation is a big part of anyone’s individual existence wherever you are at in the world.  How you keep yourself and your house speaks volumes about your character revealing the gods that you serve.

Even the nomadic people of Nepal keep their tents and living quarters in an exemplary state.   

Children are reflections of their religions that they follow reflections of their parents who gave up their responsibilities to themselves and to their children in whatever environment they belong to.  They grow up in chaos and the altars of  man are to blame someone has to teach the narratives of Christ and the God who created them.  This is where man has the individual responsibility of teaching Christ to his family and the woman teaches the morality of the belief in one God.  The gods that man choose create chaos and everyone gravitates to them to fill the coffers so that they can build their grandiose temples unto the heavens.

Jer. 12: 12 – 10

10 Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness.

11 They have made it desolate, and being desolate it mourneth unto me; the whole land is made desolate, because no man layeth it to heart.

12 The spoilers are come upon all high places through the wilderness: for the sword of the LORD shall devour from the one end of the land even to the other end of the land: no flesh shall have peace.

You follow the altars of man, pastors, you give up your responsibility as a man to yourself and to others around you and you become blind and crippled to basic living requirements and sanitation issues.   As it Jeremiah writes the Lord will make your land desolate.

Reflections of the Catholic Church in South America the Mafa’s of chaos who have not taught the people nothing for hundreds of years except how to steal and cheat.  Instead of how to create their world accordingly to the precepts of the Old Testament concerning such things. 

Venezuela: Man Kills Teen, Sells Body as ‘Salted Rodent Meat’ to Starving Population

Capybaras in a bath at Izu Shaboten Park in Japan

 Mexican Cartel’s Trash Leads to Discovery of Smuggling Route on Arizona Border

Miles and miles of trash go into the interior of America who cleans that up?  The American taxpayer or the landowner who is trying to make a living?  Desecration of the Spirit of America comes in many shades.



Pelosi: I Told Trump to Pray for Biblical ‘Wisdom’

[She continued, “I told him about King Solomon, when he was to become king of the Jews, he prayed to God, he said, ‘How can I ever follow King David? I need you to give me great understanding and wisdom, Lord.’ And after he prayed and prayed and prayed, God came to him and said, ‘Solomon, because you did not ask for longevity, great wealth, or vengeance against your enemies, I will give you more wisdom than anyone has ever had.’ The wisdom of Solomon.”

She added, “It had nothing to do with that. It had everything to do with—let us be prayerful and listen to each other and have an understanding of where people are coming from on all of this. Whatever you think about it, how many times did he mention the word wall? That’s all he could say. How many times did he mention that? How obsessed he is with the wall. 

Then you have the representatives of the Church, Democrat’s, who reflect the values of Rome, come in and tell the President he should have the wisdom of Solomon who built the first temple of the Jewish nation.  Is it me or did the temple have a wall to keep out undesirables.   Every city in the lands of ancient Mesopotamia had a wall to protect itself and its way of living.  

Pelosi is a product of the church , which teaches socialism, she forgot to tell you the rest of the story.  The only equality in the Word is to those that believe in the God who created them.   Socialism denies the individual creativity and this can be seen in the countries south of the border of America.   The Bible is clear if someone comes into your house and does not share the same values the belief in one God then you bid them farewell for you do not want them to infect your children with the viruses of immorality and confusion.

God has already judged America all you have to do is to look at the pastors that you follow and listen to their words.  Only a third of you will ever pick up the Bible and read it along with the Holy Spirit to find your paradise in the Garden of God who promised it to you at your Crucifixion.  That has already been spoken into existence.

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Thursday Discernment: Judges 9 :29 – 30 Kabbalah Jewish Mysticism; Zebul

One God Two Worlds One Family

Here is another one of those things in discernment that jumps off the page at you.  It concerns the 7 heavens of the Jewish religion which corresponds to the 7 churches and 7 Judgements in Revelation and the final outcome of man.

Refresh your memory,  the city of Shechem wanted a pastor to lead them, a king, so the men of the city elected Abimelech.  Whereupon they turned around an slew 70 men who held beliefs in god that were contrary to the majority of the men in the city.  To slew someone is to pound the person to believe the way you do and the pastor in their idea of God.

Then Jotham [ the Spirit of God] left the city and went to Beer ,the well, to mount Gerizim [two mounts], who quenches one’s thirst in the deserts of life.   Jotham went to mount Gerizim to plead for the men of Shechem to hear the voice of the Lord.

Along the course of time the men of Shechem got tired of the leadership and elected a new pastor, a king to lead them. Now you have a city that is a wasteland because the pastors of the city are always trying to outdo the other temples in the area.  The voice of God is never heard.

Keep in mind the Spirit of God is sitting on one mount there is someone sitting on the other mount which is identified as Zebul the chief ruler of the city.

29 And would to God this people were under my hand! then would I remove Abimelech. And he said to Abimelech, Increase thine army, and come out.

Now in this verse it shows that God who created us is angry with both temples and a judgement is cast against Abimelech and GaalZebul the ruler of the city sits on the second mount of Gerizim and it states he was angry for starters at Gaal the bondservant of man.   God who created you can not be around sin so there is a hierarchy of angels that carry out the judgement of the Lord.

30 And when Zebul the ruler of the city heard the words of Gaal the son of Ebed, his anger was kindled.

Zebul carries out the judgement of the Lord because the men of the city angered the Lord and out of all the men only one held true to his belief and that would be Jotham, the Spirit of God.  Who went to his mind and prayed that the men of the city would hear the voice of the Lord. 

Zebul is part of the 7 heavens that the Jewish people of old Mesopotamia believed in.  I state this casually by virtue of the fact I have a tendency not to over spiritualise things when it comes to dealing with my followers.  I leave it up to the reader to decide the information that is presented before you.

In order from lowest to highest, the seven heavens, Shamayim (שָׁמַיִם), according to the Talmud, are listed alongside the angels who govern them:

  1. Vilon (וִילוֹן) or Araphel (עֲרָפֶל) The first heaven, governed by Archangel Gabriel, is the closest of heavenly realms to the Earth; it is also considered the abode of Adam and Eve.
  2. Raqia (רָקִיעַ): The second heaven is dually controlled by Zachariel and Raphael. It was in this heaven that Moses, during his visit to Paradise, encountered the angel Nuriel who stood “300 parasangs high, with a retinue of 50 myriads of angels all fashioned out of water and fire”. Also, Raqia is considered the realm where the fallen angels are imprisoned and the planets fastened.
  3. Shehaqim (שְׁחָקִים, Shechaqim): The third heaven, under the leadership of Anahel, serves as the home of the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life; it is also the realm where manna, the holy food of angels, is produced. The Second Book of Enoch, meanwhile, states that both Paradise and hell are accommodated in Shehaqim with hell being located simply “on the northern side”.
  4. Maon (מִעוּן): The fourth heaven is ruled by the Archangel Michael, and according to Talmud Hagiga 12, it contains the heavenly Jerusalem, the Temple, and the Altar.
  5. Makon (מִכּוּן, Makhon): The fifth heaven is under the administration of Samael. It is also where the Ishim and the Song-Uttering Choirsreside.
  6. Zebul (זִבּוּל): The sixth heaven falls under the jurisdiction of Sachiel.
  7. Araboth (עֲרֵבוּת, Aravoth): The seventh heaven, under the leadership of Cassiel, is the holiest of the seven heavens because it houses the Throne of Glory attended by the Seven Archangels and serves as the realm in which God dwells; underneath the throne itself lies the abode of all unborn human souls. It is also considered the home of the Seraphim, the Cherubim, and the Hayyoth.

Man had always the innate ability to adapt to the environment around him for power and control to put others into slavery to their ideas.  We see that in Judges 9, everyday around the world, the watchmen of your soul and spirit, male or female, make decisions on how to put the common person into slavery to their mind, their spirit.  Be it the politicians or the rulers of your life everyday people are slaughtered in the spirit of their conscience between right and wrong. 

If you leave the Truth of your conscience then you are like a fish out of water.  We all want instant gratification but it does not happen that way.  Life is birth and death that is all we have.  We are born and we die it is all on the intern on how we live that life.   We live life accordingly to man or we construct a life predicted on 5000 yrs of Truth.  

Intelligent design is evident in the writings of the Old Testament it is simply you can not make this up.  It is to well written to leave it up to chance.  The word talks about the intrinsic nature of man to control societies and women and children and the effeminate man who gave up his authority to others.   They lost their direction between good and evil their conscience.

The Word of the Bible plays out everyday around the world and the woman lose their spirits to men who control them and the men become weak.  These are the battles in the spiritual world when the man becomes effeminate and cower to some ideology that tastes better to where they first formulated their beliefs.  

The woman  are left nursing the children of God and then they send them into battle to die.  Woman are not constructed that way they will always protect their children that is their instinct.  It is man who sways their conscience and they are willing to die for a love that is deceitful.  No different then America killing over 60 million babies by abortion because they listen to man.

People of the Christian religion are deceived by the pastors, the altars, that have a tendency to over spiritualized Christ.  Christ was a man born of blood who heard the voice of the Lord his conscience between right and wrong no different then me.

So in my mind whether you are so called Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Buddha the big four it is up to the Woman how you want your children to live their lives.   You have the instinct to crush their conscience to what is good or evil. If you listen to man you will destroy yourself and your children.

As a ,man I will stand on the Word of God.

One God Two Worlds One Life

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Wednesday Morning: Evil Spirits: Judges 9 : 22 – 23

One God Two Worlds One Family

One as to look at the times that Judges was written to understand the context that the writer had in mind when relating the events of the day.   Judaism, Islam, Christianity and elements of Buddhism are all considered monotheistic religions.   The eschatology of these religions centers around the cosmology of good and evil with evil finally coming to a demise and then each religion has their own idea of heaven.

Heaven is one of those conjectures that we like to think what things might be like in a world were we are surrounded by the spectre of death everyday.  

In the spiritual realm of  good and evil everything has a shelf life and will run its course finally ending up in a judgement.  The same being we are born and we die a finite time limit that can not be changed or altered.

Judges was written about 550 BC  a couple of years before the enslavement of the Jewish people by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar.  You have to have a working knowledge of the times and settings in the lands of the ancients and their worship of gods and how words were put in play which will lead us into vs. 23.  First we have to cross vs. 22:

22 When Abimelech had reigned three years over Israel,

Abimelech as it is written reigned only three years and the tide started to go against him.  He combined the belief in a monotheistic god and  the pluralism of multiple gods of the Canaanites in their Temples.   When life was going good they worshiped God and when things were going bad they worshiped the gods of the Canaanites.  They made their prescribed sacrifices and absolution’s to appease the gods to bring good tidings in whatever endeavor they fell short of within three realms, government, economic, and religious the intersections of everyday life throughout the day every day.  

They created statues to the gods and goddesses that they worshiped and if things were going wrong the statues cast an evil spirit upon the people.  All statues of gods or goddesses were given life and animated in the eyes of the people.   It was not till the 2nd century BC that the three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam anglicized the words like evil ,demons, and the like.  Demons in the ancient semitic languages actually meant goodness.  All they did here was to alleviate man’s responsibility to himself and others it became easier to blame a cosmic entity then to accept responsibility for one’s action when things were going wrong.

23 Then God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech:

What we see here with Abimelech is man’s nature when he is elevated his head tends to swell and the corset of power and greed wraps itself around the men who follow him.  This no different then man’s nature you see around the world, the politician, the rulers of the nations, they forget where they came from and burden the common person with mounds of sacrilegious mush.  Who after a time and season man decides they need a new way to govern themselves.   The problem in the 5th century was the countless absolutions and mush that one had to do to appease the statues of gods which they had animated the same belief systems holds true today around the world.

Christianity has a way of castrating one over the aspect of evil if you do not support your local church you just can not serve God.  Judaism runs the same course there is multitude of absolution’s  and regulations that must be met.  Islam has a 100 tenets of their religion that one has to memorize in order to counted worthy or they will kill you.  Parts of Buddha have hundreds of regulations to follow for the females and the males to find some kind of inner peace.   Put it all together in a wrap and it becomes slavery to a particular breed of man’s altars to explain mankind’s presence in the world to dissuade the chaos of life and living everyday to bring in some kind of order.

Christianity and Islam have a commonality in regards they all put you in subjugation to their ideals and explanations of heaven if you do not believe then you are going to hell for which no one for sure knows what that is or even what heaven is like it is conjecture at best.  The Roman Catholic Church has purgatory which is a form of reincarnation which follows the ideas of Buddhism.  You keep coming back to life till you get the rigours of life all in a wrapped paradise.  Muslims believe that you kill someone in the name of Allah you receive 72 virgins.  Does not say much for the woman and the little girls ,where is their redemption, from the rigorous of life.  Intelligent design would dictate to me that you only get one shot of having a peaceful life wherever you are at in the world as long as you have some decor of morality.

I live my life under the precepts outlined in the Old Testament an essay of mans monotheistic view of evil and good.  I elect morality over evil and will not be chained to the religiosity of symbolism of the tenants of any religion.  I created my own world in the worlds of mans darkness and you to have the same opportunity to do the same today and turn your eyes away from the spirituality of Sodom. 

Good and evil all have a shelf life and when men get tired of being subjected into slavery then revolutions start and ideologies like walls come tumbling down.  Nations come and go but man’s nature stays the same immutable.

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Wednesday AfterNoon Psalm 91: 5- 8: Interpretations

The  Woman is the Bride of the Lamb

5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

The terror is the evil that man devises it flies like an arrow day and night the spirit of man.

6Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

“Pestilence” those that walk in the darkness of man.  Noonday refers to when the Word died at the Cross.  It also refers to the male and women that crossed  into midlife and realized something is wrong in their souls.

7A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

No matter the forces of evil that come against you from your family or elsewhere you can trust in the Word of God,  governments of the World have nothing to do with the Word of God.

8Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

This is saying open your eyes to the wicked around your world.  Case in point;
cardinal gerhard m� ller directs child abuse blame away from catholic church

‘Depravity’ Of Gay People To Blame for Pedophile Priests

Man always serves himself, the Pope came out a couple of months ago and told you that it was satan  that was causing the pedophile of the priests and now a cardinal is blaming the gay agenda causing the uproar in the Roman Catholic Church.  Man always hides his face to lay the blame on someone else and leaves the Woman naked in the Garden of God.

The men of the Roman Catholic Church are just hiding their sexual immorality from the Laity and their children. 

Men uncover the nakedness of the Woman in the Garden of God, Men like me clothe their nakedness with the Truth.

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Wednesday Lunch: Mary Magdalene: The 7 Spirits of Revelation 3

And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils,

To understand Luke you have to go to Rev. 1 & 2 the seven churches of the Roman Empire.  They have all disappeared except for the Roman Catholic Church whose time is coming to an end.

And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.

Mary Magdalene has been cast as having sex with the Lord Jesus Christ and having children with Him.  This is a lie.  Mary Magdalene in history appears to be a wealthy woman who gave her gifts to God to continue His works through His Son Jesus Christ.

It is historical fact that Mary witness the Crucifixion of the Lord.  It is also historical fact that the women of the first century were not allowed into the courts of law, ie Pontius Pilate or at the Crucifiction of men, especially of Christ or as He is called Jesus.

The point here is that God who created you, female, elevated the Woman who believes in the Word, His Word. one God one Word one Holy Ghost.

The 7 churches of Revelation 1 & 2 are the spirits of man and they will fall the only one left is the Roman Catholic Church.  It is and always has been the Woman of God that has heard His voice be it in China, America or South Africa or wherever.  The altars of Man will fall and Nations will fight over the Spirit of God.  You see this in Jude 9 over the body of Moses.

If you cast Mary Magdalene ,as a prostitute then you believe in man. she was casting her beliefs unto the altars of Christ.  Prostitution has one physical definition but it also has a another definition in the spiritual world.  If you believe she was a prostitute, your interpreting in the flesh,  in the spiritual realm, she was giving her body, mind and Spirit to the Word of God.  Man makes prostitutes, the Word of God, creates Woman who are the Temples of the Living Word.   It you are a man in the flesh then she was a prostitute and for that you will be cast into the pit of darkness until you crucify your mind at the place of the skull, Golgotha.

For the Woman either you prostitute yourself to man or prostitute yourself to the Word of God it is not my decision to make for you that is your decision and your decision alone in the altars of your heart.

For the Man you created the sins of the World you wanted to see Woman kissing other woman you wanted to subjugate woman you never wanted to see her beauty.  You created the darkness of the World.  Until you crucify your minds at Golgotha you will always have the Woman as consorts to your darkness.

For a witness, when I was young I was introduced to oral sex by a man and then one day I woke up and realized what I was doing to the help meet of the Lord.  It is vile and disgusting I have since changed my path to eternal life and spend my time teaching the Word of God until he calls me home with an Honorable discharge,  I have two already by man, Army and Air Force, the last one is eternal ,my redemption in the Word is telling others about the Truth of one God one Faith an one Baptism.  My redemption and reward in the Word lies in the followers that hear my voice it is simple as that, male or female.

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