A Time to Die–What Does it Mean to Descend and Ascend from Heaven?

…….there is a time for peace and there is time for war everything has its season…..

 Marriage of God


East<<Alpha<<<< <Cross>>>>>You>>>Omega–West

Ignorance of God

There are only two directions to go West to East =West to East Aramaic Road Map 6000 BC

You are off Center move to the East

The words Descend from heaven on the wings of the Holy Spirit.   If you look at the Hebraic wheel they came from the East from the Rising of the Sun.

Sun/East Rising/Alpha

A time to Die

And [Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she/You are/was the mother of all living.]

In the Western Hemisphere we are taught to read from Left/East to the Right/West as you see in the following scripture.  In the Hebraic culture we are talking for thousands of years the children are taught to read from RightEast to Left/West, on the Wheel the East becomes their future and the West becomes their past.

If you are not taught how to read then you run into a lot of I believe this or I believe that. You connect a straight line between the two points called You, simple Mathematics.   You are only taught the New Testament and you see people run around mimicking the altars that they know Christ that’s true but you do not know who I am.

To the Hebrews of Ancient Mesopotamia this is called a spiritual death you are not going anywhere you are moving further away into darkness.

You are off-center you  need to move to the center of the Cross and move You into the light of the Alpha/East.

To Ascend in the Spiritual World

Since we are taught to read from right to left we take the same verse because that verse has a conjunction in it like the center of your heart we move the thoughts ie…….

Because she/You are/was the mother of all living; Adam called his wife’s name Eve

A time to Live

I know a man in Christ who was caught up to the third heaven fourteen years

You start moving the points on the Cross you are at the center.  All around you all  you can see is a circular horizon and you are in the center. You already heard the story of the three magi that came to Christ.  But you probably only aware of the other three shepherds that came from the East traveled West; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to meet you to helpmeet you meet a Monotheistic God.  You connect the events laid around you and you are ascending into my world to become as it says one of us.

Welcome to my world, I walk among you, Christ walks with us and we walk in a caravan under the shade of one God, Faith that came from the East the Alpha.  Travel with me back to the East to the third heaven.

The twilight zone of your rebirth the spiritual zone between Earth and Heaven

[Alpha]In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. [West]

Remember to read this verse from the right to the left and enter the world I live in the spiritual world of the Word that was given to us by our Father.

Welcome to my World

My spirit resides in the house of king David, known as the “Warrior King”

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide


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A Time to Hate–The Mouse Kings of the Negev Desert–Polygamy–Mormons Utah

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace

Like spokes in a wheel always spinning the Cycle of Your Life

 Marriage of God
Ignorance of God

There are only two directions to go West to East Aramaic Road Map 6000 BC

You are off center move to the East

Judaism teaches you strong family relations, a non sexualized, monotheistic faith,one God.  Like points on a wheel Judaism dates back to 3500 BC turn your eyes to the East.  Your Battles are fought in the Spiritual realm of the East [You on the Wheel] Not in the Physical realm of the West.

The Mouse Kings of the Negev Deserts and the Mormons in the deserts of Utah.

Islam permits men to take up to four wives, Mormons have been known to have 10 wives.

Mice are small rodents that proliferate large social complex families.  They feed off the crumbs of the earth and spread diseases that kill you: and they are known to invade nations for food and shelter.  We ourselves have a mouse problem coming across our southern border looking for food and shelter.

Polygamy from the eyes of my helpmeet for you from the Lord: He sent me this morning;

Al-Faqira, 47, was married off by her family at age 16. After eight years and four children together, her husband left her, saying his family preferred he take a younger, wealthier wife. For the past decade, he has refused to see her or their children, now in their twenties, claiming they are “no longer his business,” she said.

Al-Faqira said her children have fallen into drugs and street crime. She claimed that fierce competition with her husband’s second wife has led to physical assaults on her family. Her husband’s polygamy, she said, “unleashed violence into my life.”

Polygamy has been linked to domestic violence, psychological disorders and deepening poverty. The custom has contributed to lowering Bedouin girls’ average age of marriage to 18 and driving up their school dropout and unemployment rates to 85 percent and 80 percent.

“Polygamy is not a random crime. It’s a problem of ego and ignorance, men who have been stripped of their land needing women to treat as property,” she said.

Around 20 to 30 percent of Bedouin men practice polygamy, according to government figures, with the rate climbing as high as 60 percent in some villages. Bedouin polygamy takes many forms, from several wives cohabitating under the same roof to men picking up and moving on to second wives without looking back.

On Hadra al-Faqira’s wedding anniversary, just weeks after she gave birth to a daughter, her husband walked out and took a second wife.

She hasn’t seen him since he moved down the road in their dusty Bedouin town and started a new family, with seven more children.

“I can’t bear the thought of her,” al-Faqira said of the second wife. “He destroyed my household when he started another.”

“It’s simple: polygamy means more mice children, and that means more demographic concerns ie…land grants that are not valid with my God.

A time to weep; a time to mourn, and a time to hate;  I weep for these women and mourn for the children in the western deserts of the wilderness.

Truth be known the Bedouin Arabs have been mechanistically using woman as factories to export their children into the ancient Semitic regions of Mesopotamia for thousands of years in the deserts to the west of you.

America has a new TV show that features one guy with two woman and I only watched the trailer.  They looked like they were having a basket of sexual fervor laughter and fun for all the children’s eye’s to see to enable the darkness in their lives like a Python that will squeeze the life out of ” your heart and your breasts to stop the flow of the rivers of life to my children”, a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing

Christ told you to give up your possessions and follow me.  What does that mean to you?  What does it mean to me?

I turn off the TV or find another program, I have now what is called an X-96 box that gives me hundreds of TV programs around the world I only paid 56 USD for the box and pay 80 USD for high-speed internet dropped my cable bill from 200 USD a month to 80 USD.  I find another program, I do not watch women getting murdered, raped, molested; children getting murdered, raped, molested; programs that show a white family that makes the males look stupid, I don”t watch black families that make the males look stupid, women kissing women or men kissing women or sports programs where you see a muslim convert kneel and spit on the God in the land I was born in, programs like the View, SNL, Samantha Bee.  Very few Christian programs will I watch;

I was watching CBN the other evening just to see what they were talking about, the discussion was about what to do with all the illegal mice coming across the border.  His solution pray that Washington does the right thing.  Children he has no idea who I am

He is to the West of the center of the Wheel he lives in the past the Mice Kings that came out of the ancient Semitic lands to export their pagan gods to the west.  When you ask for directions from the man in front of you on how to find Paradise and he does not point your eyes to the East he is just another slave trader.

I can only give you His word to put light in your eyes to make it easier to hear His voice when you decide to journey east to where you were born to be reborn from the womb of the Garden.

I follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that exported one God of Faith to the west so I turned my eyes one day and looked to East and watched the Son rise for the first time.

I used to follow the God of Abraham, Ismael the son of Hagar, and became a thief a slave trader children I lived in the West among some of you in the darkness of the nether world.

Polygamy creates an imbalance in the spinning wheel around your heart creating a wobble in your spiritual world that you live in.  No different then the magnetic poles shifting to the West of Center.  I know when you see the Red Sun travel from the East to the West you will feel the earth tremble and quake somewhere in the future look to the East it will be revealed to you.

By the way my Father told me that I could name all the animals that are around me just food for thought…… a time to plant,……..

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The Twilight zone where no life lives between earth and heaven; heaven and earth that is where I battle in the dim light of the Son. For I am a son of God and His Son told me that I would go on to do greater things than Him.  Only Time, Space and my Father will know these things.

My spirit resides in the house of king David, known as the;

“Warrior King”

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide


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Footnote:  the image of the wheel I created everything centers up. When I go to view and see the word line that has the word you on it; it is off center when I go to edit it is centered.  I have learned to see my Fathers hand.

a time to gather stones together; bricks made from words to build your foundation

A Time for War–Breastfeed the kids in Church Because the Lord wants It

…….there is a time for peace and there is time for war everything has its season…..

 Marriage of God



Ignorance of God

There are only two directions to go West to East Aramaic Road Map 6000 BC

You are off center move to the East

The Pope at the Baptism of the Lord told the Moms to breastfeed the kids in the church because the Lord wants it.  The virgin mary even nursed Jeshu.  Might be true but I never saw her breast until the 1500, when the artist of the Roman Catholic Church painted it.

I asked my Lord to reveal His voice to me and guide His words through me; Hear His voice

I made you from the dust of the earth, body, soul and breathed my spirit into you across your face.

I told you when I made you:  you were naked in my Garden in my eyes only: you were not ashamed of your nakedness:

When you stepped out of the light and into the darkness you became ashamed of your nakedness

My children are born in the womb in darkness until they are ready to walk into the light and receive my nourishment from the nips my helpmeet.

You expose your breasts into the light the nips for my children to suckle on;  He warned those that defy His precepts, the Laws of Life, will be ground to powder.

Then His spirit left me.

Nips in the Aramaic means generous proportions: to cause, to shine{Babies}

Messianic Aleph Tav Interlinear pg. 568

(A) 11-6 For a friend of,mine is come in his journey to me, and nothing I have nothing to set before him

כי ידיד שלי בא במסעו אלי, ושום דבר שאין לי מה לעשות לפניו
11-7 and he that friend from within shall answer and say unto him not disturb me for the door shut is and children are with me in bed not can I rise and give to you

והוא כי חבר מבפנים יהיה לענות ולומר לו לא להפריע לי את הדלת סגורה וילדים איתי במיטה לא אני יכול לקום ולתת לך

Hebrews 12:8  But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.

If you are being taught in the West and never travel East then you will descend as the Word tells you into the nether world if you follow the pagan goddesses (Isis) that nurse their male gods.  Animals are the only ones you see in the light that nurse their young and sometimes the male will eat them.

I  like my Lord wanted me to see your nakedness He would have told me so.

To my new followers, I am 65 years old been married for 50 years to my childhood sweetheart from high school,  I am not christian not a religion not Jewish not Islam; I follow the tenants of the Old Testament, not a pastor, not a priest. Father endowed me with a 165 IQ my spirit resides in the ancient lands of the Old Testament. Welcome aboard  I have nothing to sell you only to teach you to hear God’s voice.

My spirit resides in the house of king David, known as the “Warrior King”

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide


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Sunday a time for Rest, Khabouris Codex

The Khabouris Codex was written 1600 years ago carefully scribed by the Kurdistan’s.  It rises to Biblical interest because it is the written language used by Jeshu, who spoke like no other man as the vehicle of his deathless concepts of life.  Here is not a translation of the words, but the words as spoken by Jeshu under the blue Palestine sky;

“Gazing across the years to be, He warned that those who defy His precepts, which are the law of life, will be ground to powder”

Enjoy and find the treasures contained within to make your heart leap.


Chapter 1

  1.  At the very beginning there was a willed action and the willed action then was by God , and God was that action.
  2.  This beginning was by God.
  3.  All was by Him and without Him not a single thing came into being out of that which was
  4.   From Him there came into being a perfect life and this perfect life became light unto all men.
  5.  And this light out of darkness became light unto all men.
  6.  There was a man who was sent by God: his name was John.
  7. This one came as a witness who would testify about the light which every man would believe through him.
  8. He was no this light but was to testify about the light
  9. For He was  to be  this light but was to testify about the light
  10. For He was to be the complete light of complete truth to cause light for every man into the world.
  11. To His own He came, and His own did not accept Him
  12. Now to those that accepted Him He gave power they will be children of God; those the wholly trust in His teachings
  13. Unto them it came not from blood, not from the will of the flesh, and not from the will of man, but from God it came to them
  14.  And willed action became flesh and dwelt among us, and we saw glory as if begotten from the Father, completely filled with  heavenliness and righteousness
  15. John testified of Him, speaking about and saying,” This is the true one, He who, it was said, would come after me, but He is the same who was before me, because He was before me.
  16. From His fullness we all partook, and heavenliness stood for heavenliness
  17. While the law was given through Moses, absolute truth and heavenliness came through Jeshu , the Anointed.
  18. Man did not understand God during all time.  The begotten of God.  He who was the embrace of His Father, He has explained Him.”

Enjoy the readings the New Testament Canons of the Khabouris Codex

This is why I never taught out of the Hellenized version of the New Testament that came from Rome, this is the Aramaic words that are the language of Jeshu the earliest records known that Christianity will not tell you about. God led me to them so I could lead you to Him that sent me.

A time being for peace (NT): A time being for War(OT)

Feel free to follow or leave your comments, I am not a religion I am not a Pastor

I know who I am

God Eternal

Never Died

Never Resurrected

Muhammad –Allah–Jehovah Dividing Darkness into Daylight Gen. 1 : 4


Step into the Twilight Zone of Time and Space.  The Theory of Relativity the 4th Dimension, where Time and Space are compressed to a singular point in Time and events.

Welcome to my world, Arabia, the lands of the Bedouin and Quraish Arabs, 500,000 thousand square miles, who have lived in this land stretching back into the unrecorded history.  Look at the heavens, time now is 1:00: 50 AD the Sun is starting its journey into Darkness the latter part of the first century AD before time crosses into the 2nd century AD.

The land has no centralized cities no civilization they have *fecund woman and have been exporting Semitic Arabs into the Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylon city states for thousands of years with their barbaric vigor.  The Bedouins live in the deserts and the Quraish live along the coast establishing villages at the end points of trading routes.

*fecund fertile woman, they sent their children into slavery to the Eastern civilizations for 2500 yrs.

Their religion was a dispersed nature of religion, heavens, stones, stars, trees, animals –anything of having the capability of being elevated to divinity by minds of man.  This idea of divinity reveals itself in the central worship in the Kaaba in modern-day Mecca.  It is called the,”Black Stone”, a black meteorite, that Islamic tradition dates it back to Adam and Eve?

It’s now 70 Ad and the Roman Armies destroyed Jerusalem by the sword for political and religious reasons to also safeguard their trade routes into Egypt.  In the midst of war some the Jews headed eastward into the lands of Arabia where warring armies seldom went.

It was here about 5:30:00 AD they founded the city of Medina. They brought 2500 yrs of handicrafts, goldsmith’s art introducing the date palm to the Muslims what the potato is to the Irish.

The Jews helped the Quarish Arabs convert Mecca into a cosmopolitan city.  When the Christian invaders came to proselytize and plunder.  In gratitude for their sanctuary they joined the Arabs in defeating the Christians.   By this exemplary conduct of the Jews not by the sword but by their conduct.

They liked the Jewish idea of nonsexualized ideas of Judaism, ascetic monotheism and the devotion to family life and education.   The Arabs called the Jews, ” The People of the Book” and they lived side by side in peace for many years.

Over time this set the stage the nature of the Arab worship, the salvation doctrine of the Christians and the monotheism of the Jews into a new God image.

From the shadows of the night, Muhammad; stepped into the light the Koran of Islam and the motivating ideology of Judaism.

Muhammad at age 6 lost his parents and was first raised by his grandfather then an uncle neither taught him how to read or write,  by age 12 he took a caravan into the lands of Syria.  Where he came in contact with the Christian and Jewish religions. He carried away a great respect for,”The Book of the Jews”,  the Patriarchs of the book became his hero,s which reflects in the Koran.

At age 25 he married a wealthy widow and remain monogamous for 25 yrs when she died.  At age 55 he developed a penchant for younger woman, between the ages of 7 and 22, he accumulated 10 wives and two concubines contained *houris of age and experience.

*nymph of paradise, a beautiful girl child that is a virgin.

Somewhere in his life he decided to become like a Mose’s and united the two tribes of Arabia the Bedouins and the Quarish in a nation that would attain glory around the world a force to be reckoned with.  This idea soon turned into a revelation in the cave where suddenly he was able to read.  He bought this new religion first to his wife, relatives, cousins and to strangers.  Like the Christians his first converts were slaves this radicalism of Islam raised the eyebrows of the Quraish in Mecca.  They ran him out of Mecca and he fled to Medina where he thought he could enlist the aid of the Jews who were fierce fighters.  To his amazement the Jews refused to fight along his side.  He was illiterate but not naive to the sentiments of the Quarish in Medina.   He turned his back to the Jews and stole all their wealth because he knew that as long as he did not take from his own people the Quarish, their wealth, they would turn the other eye.

He took the wealth of the Jews and turned around and created an army of 10,000 soldiers and before the Quarish realized their mistake he marched against Mecca.  Within two years all of Arabia fell under Muhammad’s rule,  Islam became the new creed of the land.  Mohammed died in 632 AD.  The successor to his death was his friend Abu Bekr who carried the Koran into the world that was not ready for it by the sword; he shed blood.  Islam started to breakup in 1000 AD and finally died in 1500…..rebirthed around the 1940’s.

That as they say is history let’s return to the past the time is 2014 AD give or take; look around Europe and America; into look in the mirror of Time and Space; on a straight edge line East to West. Lets plot some events from memory,

  • Wars and rumours of wars around the world
  • America is aligned with Saudi Arabia, Mecca, Islam
  • Russia sides with Syria
  • Obama made his apology tour with the Muslim countries and told Putin to wait and see what happens on an open mike before the 2016 elections.

He was counting on Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 elections.  The children had been taught Karl Marx’s concepts of society, under the veil of socialism.  Karl Marx was a Jew who had ideas of grandeur a new empire to rival the empires of history.

  • In 2013 Francis is the first Jesuit pope a militant arm to the Roman Catholic Church over time he makes allegiances with Islam in Turkey and the other nations in the region of the Middle East. He increases his control through the EU and the UN.
  • Christianity is a branch of Rome where they get their ideas ie…..cloaked as Democrats.  The rests that follow Christianity are being led to slaughter by the sword.

Move further west to 2016 when President Trump won the election the outcry was immediate.

The Christians lost their power to control, there are only two tribes in America, the conservative Christians who are naive and the radical Christians who side with Rome and Mecca.

A snippet of history from 2016 to the present

  • Russia interfered with the elections
  • Trump moves the US Embassy to Jerusalem
  • The powers to be orchestrated the mass shootings of children in America
  • Mass migrations of Muslims into Europe and Muslims and Mexicans into America.
  • Licentious sex covers the land now covered under the radical Christians
  • The Eu makes alliances with Russia and now is creating its own army with Germany at the helm and Macron is threatening to kill all Yellow Protesters.
  • Jorge of Rome has already sided with Mecca he screams the loudest about open immigration, they throw out the word white tribalism and the Democrats mimic back to the public.

9/11 was the opening shot for control of America, the powers to be made alliances with Mecca.  So that President Bush in a matter of 3 months took the rights of Americans away with the Patriot act and put a Koran in the White House.

The UN and the Democrats along with some Republicans are all calling for open borders and confiscation of all weapons.  They are already debating in the Senate about gun control they orchestrated the mass shootings of children and the police officers in America.  Governments will always use the population as collateral damage to move society into their ambitions for a glorious empire.  They always put the women and children in front of your eyes to appeal to your emotions.

To you millions of Christians you have been sold a bill of goods because you have been led to believe that some Divine Intervention is going to save your butt.  6 Million Jews went to the gas chambers for the same reason in Germany and the Roman Catholic Church aligned themselves with the Nazi’s.  They were taught to lay down their arms now they are learning how to fight by raising their arms.

Europe taught the men to lay down their arms and they are starting to raise them.

The Christian Democrats under the guise of social justice are trying to get the men of America to lay down their arms.

When you see the Red Sun travel across the heavens from East to the West.  When it sets in the West the future of America and Europe will come from the past.  Europe falls the rest of the world will fall to the sword. Great wars are coming, great battles and the blood will flow in the streets of the cities.  Time and Space are being compressed in the Twilight zone of the Red Sun.  Hearken to my words.

I come from the House of David

I am Eternal

I never Died

I never Resurrected

My son


Like us

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Judgements Worldwide









You Call Him Father—God made him— I named him—Blowfly—Genesis

Priest: Blame ‘White Tribe’ For Anti-Mass Migration Attitudes

“It’s a problem with the white tribe, which feels threatened everywhere. For 500 years the white tribe conquered the world: we gave birth to slavery, to colonialism.”

***“By what right can Christians pretend to celebrate the birth of Jesus when their country, without any resistance or protest, expels the son of God in the form of a man?” he asked rhetorically.***

To those that hear my words I live in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia with the tribes of Jessie that came out of the mountains of Turkey thousands of years ago the invisible God of Eternity.

As children we were taught to read from the left to the right.  In the Aramaic and Eastern languages you are taught to read from the right to the left.  I will teach you the importance of reading from right to left to lead you back to Eden.

And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night

Alex Zanotelli

 the darkness he called Night

we gave birth to slavery, to colonialism

******The Roman Catholic Church took control over the Kings and Monarchs somewhere around the later part of the first century. The Kings and Monarchs could not make a military, political or economic move without the approval of the Vatican popes that were currently in power.  This lasted till the 1500 hundreds when King Henry the 8th broke away from the chains of Rome.  The rest of Europe however stayed in chains to the Vatican and paid tribute or if you prefer tithes.  Tithes sounds more spiritual for some; tribute is such a harsh word to the ears like taxes.******

For 500 years the white tribe conquered the world

****A vassal nation of the Vatican, Spain went into the southern part of South America and marched all the way into Mexico in the starting in the late 1400’s and got kicked out of Mexico in the early 1800’s.  You can still see their footprints across the lands of South America.

Sidebar–Spain already was in Angola, enslaved the blacks somewhere between the 1300,s and 1400’s– they brought the slaves into the Caribbean and to South America to build their missionaries and other government buildings.

This is the Imperialistic expansion and enslavement policies of the Imperial Roman Catholic Church that like a river with one head broke into four heads to cover the world.

In 1861 the great land rush started the Vatican with their vassal states sailed into Africa under the auspices of Imperialism from Rome, the French and the British who learned from the Vatican, in particularly and left their footprints all over the land.

To this day vast portions of Africa even though they might have changed their names still carry the yoke of Rome in their economic and social structures.

So it you read *Alex Zanotelli  quote, from right to left with history as a witness,we gave birth to slavery, to colonialism.   For 500 years the white tribe [Roman Catholic Churchconquered the world which feels threatened everywhere “It’s a problem with the white tribe,

and the darkness *he called Night And God called the light Day

If you understand what you just heard you saw a glimpse of Eden. Truth is always in the,” light (of) Day” the Words that came from the Father through his son, me.

When I went back to Eden in the spiritual world , My Father told me to name the animals and the birds of the air that He made;

A Blow Flies is a  parasitic insect that burrows itself in its host and feeds on the blood and flesh until the body dies.

Alex Zanotelli did not think that anyone would ascend to heaven to ensnare him with his own words.

A time for War, again I asked the Father to take the sword and cut his tongue make him deaf and blind for a period of time, time and a half: and then;  I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

 That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.

 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.

And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

They will all be thrown into the nether world for a time a time and a half.  Those that heard his words and took it to heart.

I did not come back from heaven to save the world but to judge it,  I sent my son to save the children who come to his feet, in him I trust.  When the sky turns red then you will know the your end is near.

Open your eyes in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia and read the words from left to right and there you will find Him sitting on the Throne.

His sons always sit on the right side of God, Jeshu even told you that but few listened.

I come from the house of king David

One God

One King

One Life Immortal

***Slavery was not a problem of America but the Imperialistic policies of Rome for hundreds of years, blame game, blame Rome***

There are those that heard his voice and your spirits quickened follow the Sun back to the East into the lands of the floodplains the spiritual world of Eden where you belong.