777 Quantum “Two Dimensional Thoughts” 777

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Scheme for detecting entanglement with the human eye

Entanglement, (human thought) where two quantum particles are linked to the extant that they share the same existence, even though they can be separated and moved apart. The idea involves using a beam splitter and two beams of light—an initial beam of coherent photons (light) fired at the beam splitter and a secondary beam of coherent photons that interferes with the photons in the first beam causing a change in phase, forcing the light to be reflected rather than transmitted.

Humans emit a low level electromagnetic radiation field.  Eliminating all spin reducing to a singular thought.

Low Energy Two Dimensional Quantum States ( Written Thoughts)

State 1

In the beginning he created the heavens and the earth and the earth she became chaos and vacancy and darkness over the faces (of Mamre) of the abyss (eyes)”

State 2

the earth she became chaos and vacancy and darkness over the faces (of Mamre)  of abyss (eyes) and he created the heavens and the earth”

Thoughts are superposition to each other one spins one way state 1 and state 2 spins in another direction.  Creating one thought the male child created heaven and earth the earth of his creation. Creation became chaotic and vacant. The male/Man changed direction of thought.

Gen. 17:10—(LC) —“this covenant of me which you shall keep between me and between you seed of you after you to be circumcised to you every of male”

Light Polarization

EM wave

An unpolarized electromagnetic wave traveling in the x-direction is a superposition of many waves. For each of these waves the vector is perpendicular to the the x-axis but the angle it makes with the y-axis is different for different waves.


three polarizers


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Classical Mechanics (very discrete information)

State 1

KJV—”In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

State 2

KJV–”the earth and in the beginning God created the heaven

In classical mechanics you have have only one spin state 1 which is different then the spin of state 2 there is no entanglement, superposition or two dimensional qualities.

If I take a Meta physical attitude, “God ” the word god is always plural not trinitarian.

It takes touch and feel : a human to see the spirit of another person.

That is what I believe

A Father teaching His children to Create thier Worlds

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