777 Quantum Thoughts in ( Particles Waves) Reality” 777

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Wave particle duality is the concept in classical mechanics that every particle can be described as either a particle or a wave.  A wave is the oscillation of an electromagnetic pulse.  A particle is the parent that causes that oscillation to happen on sub-atomic level molecular structures.

Quantum mechanics bridged the gap between the two; particles and waves are seen as one and this constitutes the corpus of a thought.

A thought is an example of wave particle duality by its own nature a chemical reaction occurring within a cell to express that thought IE. Anger. As you get angry you have neurotransmitter chemicals called catecholamines that are released inside your brain, giving you a burst of energy lasting up to several minutes.

Catecholamines are the same neurotransmitters that trigger the release the discharge of Dopamine in our brains that produce pleasure and other feelings of goodwill.

Emotions originate within our amygdala inside two almond shaped structures that identify threats to our well being. The amygdala is so efficient at warning us it reacts before the cortex ( the part of the brain responsible for thought and judgment) is able to check on the reasonableness of our reaction of our words. Our brains are wired in a way that we react before we can properly consider the consequences of our actions.

Catecholamines are the particles produced that talk to the other parts of your body via neurotransmitters to produce the thought angry. The osculating wave is the effect around you that you just produced. This wave that is produced is the phenomenon of light. It is an electromagnetic discharge that travels outwardly almost the speed of light a constant velocity.

In physics the outward wave is a gravitational field where a massive body (humans) extends into space producing force on another body that distorts spacetime. Distorting spacetime is the acceleration of Entropy on the cellular structures within us. Layman’s terms; we age faster and faster.

In field models rather then two particles attracting each other, the particles (anger in this case) distort spacetime via their mass and this distortion is perceived and measured as force.

Quantum mechanics is known as the weird science because all though you can have two polar objects separated they can also operate in the other sphere attracted to each other.

When neutrons spin in elliptical orbits close to the speed of light spacetime is accelerated and there is a bend upwards in linear time , Relativity two dimensional, the Laws of Entropy are increased.  You decrease the electromagnetic charge (wave) on the the neutron it goes into a static orbit.   It is not moving in any direction forwards or backwards it is in a stationary orbit stillborn.  Lesson the electromagnetic charge (wave) to a lower energy state and the effects of time moves backwards without the effects of the Law of Entropy.

In general relativity the gravitational field we produce can be determined by the following equation;

{\displaystyle \mathbf {G} ={\frac {8\pi G}{c^{4}}}\mathbf {T} }

Here T is the stress-energy tensor, G is the spacetime curvature, C is the speed of light

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Humans give off infrared radiation which is electromagnetic radiation with a frequency lower than visible light.  The other side of your birth in the mountains.

The next time you feel the urge to talk in tongues pinch yourself. Like Clement of Alexandria, the father of Christianity spoke one time, quote, God created man so man could create Gods.

The following cultures all said the something; Tell them what they want to hear, God created;

10 And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

  1. Babylon
  2. Egyptian
  3. Roman Empire
  4. You

Hebrew Extant 1038 AD Gen.1

In the beginning he created the heavens and earth and the earth she became chaos and vacancy and darkness over the surface of abyss”


In the beginning the male-child created his heaven and earth and the earth of the women became chaos and vacancy over her face the abyss her eyes.

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Farmers Almanac 

1750 BC

In the days of yore a Father instructed his son:

When you are about to take hold of your field (for cultivation) keep a sharp eye on the opening of the dikes, dedicates, and mounds, (so that), when you flood the field the water will not rise to high in it. When you have emptied it of water, watch the fields’s water-soaked ground that it stay virile ground for you……

That is what I believe

A Father teaching His children

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