777 Quantum Mirrors, Battle of El Guettar 1943 777

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Gen. Patton

1st Armored Div.

Born Nov. 11 1885 San Gabriel Ca.

Died Dec. 21, 1945 Heidelberg Germany


If someone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking”

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died Rather we should think God that such men lived”

It is a foolish plan violently executed right now is far better then a perfect plan executed next week”

Synopsis Battle of El Guettar 1943

The battle for North Africa stalled out in the mountains of Tunisia the turning point for the Allied forces was the the Battle of El Guettar.

The U. S. plan involved the U.S. 1st and 9th Infantry Divisions and Combat Command of the 1st Armored Division, commanded by Lt. Gen. Patton my old unit.

This force attacked Hill 369 on the afternoon of 30 Mar. 1943 but they ran into a determined enemy losing a rifle company from the 47th Infantry. A further attempt the next day failed to take the hill.

Private Emil J. Dedonato remembers that Patton drove up to the 47th Regiments command post unhappy that the initial attacks had failed;

Patton was in a huffy mood and stormed over to Col. Randle commander of the 47th Infantry gave him a pep talk. I will never forget Col. Randle’s instructions as they moved into El Guettar, “ Where we’re going you won’t need a physic”

There was another Hill #722 in the El Guettar area that had to be taken. That was reinforced with elements of the 10th Panzer Div with supporting infantry and artillery.

Gen Patton took a Ranger Battalion from the 9th Infantry Div marched them 12 miles overnight and took hill #722 and the battle for El Guettar started to turn in favor of the Allied forces.

Gen Patton believed in a God but he also fortified himself with knowledge of the battlefield tactics of the opposing forces which at the time the 10th Panzer Div was under the tutelage of Gen. Rommel, “Desert Fox”.

The fall of Jerusalem 70 AD

Titus the future Emporium of Rome attacked Jerusalem in 70 AD, 14th of April with 3 legions on the west side of Jerusalem the, V, X11 and the XV. On the east side, Mt. Olives he attacked with the 10th Legion. It took 3 years for Jerusalem to fall falling in 73 AD.

The background stories between the 10th Panzer Div and the 10th Roman legion are striking two different time periods.

Titus moved the 10th Legion into the lands of the Israel 70 AD and was taking town after town if you did not surrender he would slaughter everyone. In Jerusalem at the time in the month of April there were 3 major religions and one minor religion that everyone attended to in the city. When Titus was approaching the city 3 of the religious leaders wanted surrender to Titus. They had heard of the stories if you surrendered you stood a chance for the people to live it you chose to stand then you died.

The one priest of the minor religion convinced the other three priests that God would prevail and all would turn out good. So they all agreed to stand against Titus.  Three years later 50 thousand people were slaughter and the blood was flowing ankle deep throughout the city streets and flowing off the roofs.

The Moral of the Story

If someone is thinking alike then someone isn’t thinking”

Gen. Patton believed in a form of reincarnation from the past, he believed in a god. One of the great commanders of WW2 one of my mentors.

Deborah believed in a God and judged Israel for over 40 yrs. the land prospered she also led a military campaigned against King Jaban and won.

Queen Hatshepsut believed in the God, Amon-Ra and ruled Egypt for 20 years the land prospered she also was led military campaigns against other nations.

King David was a military commander who led his forces against the Philistines and won and the land prospered he believed in a God.

They all had one thing in common they believed in themselves. They knew the culture of the peoples and their thoughts and overcame great odds. Queen Hatshepsut lived in a male dominated culture as was Deborah.

Gen. Patton and King David knew their enemies tactics.

It is a foolish plan violently executed right now is far better then a perfect plan executed next week”

The Battle of El Guettar, El is a Sumerian prefix which means God, El Guettar fell. It takes men and women who believe in themselves to change the course the rivers of history.

And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

  1. Babylon
  2. Egypt
  3. Roman Empire
  4. Jerusalem

Parallel Images ; And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

  1. Babylon
  2. Egypt
  3. Roman Empire
  4. America

Jerusalem fell in three years America will fall in three years from the enemy within.   The past always stands in the shadows of the present.

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Farmers Almanac 

1750 BC

 In days of yore a Father instructed his son:
When you are about to take hold of your field (for cultivation), keep a sharp eye on the opening of the dikes, ditches, and mounds, (so that), when you flood the field the water will not rise too high in it. When you have emptied it of water, watch the field’s water-soaked ground that it stay virile ground for you……

That is what I believe

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