777 Quantum “Behavioural Fecal Particles” 777

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Thoughts going back to your birth become dissociative behaviors go past your birth into your Creation thoughts become Immortal. Go through the door to the other side of Gen.1 into the mountains.

(footnote); The first temple was destroyed in 586 BC all the old manuscripts were destroyed from the ancient Semitic/Hebrews this is why you have be careful reading the Old Testament.  It was all done by memory from a certain handful of Jewish priests who were involved in Jewish mysticism. That is why you see a disjoint of literary composition, times, words, and dates in a lot of areas of the King James.

Hebrew Extant 1038 AD

And after all of this he struck him in bowels of him to illness to there is no healing ; they are coming forth bowels of him with the illness of him and he is dying in aliments evil ones

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Farmers Almanac 

1750 BC

In the days of yore a Father instructed his son:

When you are about to take hold of your field (for cultivation) keep a sharp eye on the opening of the dikes, dedicates, and mounds, (so that), when you flood the field the water will not rise to high in it. When you have emptied it of water, watch the fields’s water-soaked ground that it stay virile ground for you……

That is what I believe

A Father teaching His children

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