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The Cutha Legends Indo Mesopotamia

Tell em All,  Iran – 2700 BC


I grew up as a child in a small farming community,  Tell em All, Iran,  population 10 thousand like all cities we had a governor and 5 guarded compounds within the walls. Tell em All Iran was located 60 miles north east of Dadmom, Iran on the Tigris river.

We lived in a small framed two story house the living quarters were downstairs and the sleeping quarters were upstairs.  I remember in the summertime it would be so hot the family would sleep outside on the terrace.

My dad worked in the surrounding fields as a laborer to the land owners doing what ever task was required of him.  My Mom was a stay at home mom, she would get up early in the morning and fix breakfast for all.   We had sweetbreads, cakes, garlic and either we had the local wine to drink or the local beer at each meal.

Every morning at the breakfast table it was pounded into our heads about the family that lived in the 5 guarded compounds.   They were the elite of the community each member of that particular house had thier own staff for the functioning of that family.   They all had blue eyes and they had statues of thier images outside thier respective houses.  Which community volunteers would wash and bathe with soap, each statue once a week.    I remember my Mom telling us stories of the past that they would know if you did something wrong or if you did something right during your daily tasks.   My mother would always tell us to get in doors before the sun went down or the bogey man would get us.

We would sit outside most days and eat our morning breakfast the period between night and day in the twilight and watch the son follow his Father into the sky.   At night at the end of the day we would watch the son follow his Father into darkness.   You never saw these folks in person but over the years they became real in your mind till you actually saw them.  They became real to you as the person standing in front of you.  We would finish breakfast my father would go to work, me, my brothers and sisters would go to school each of us returning  in the afternoon.  To find our mother would be busy making the evening meal.

We were very devoted to this family every week we go with the other families in the neighborhood  and deliver cakes and drinks to the main house, giving  are ablations to the staff who would take our offerings inside to the center of the house and feed that particular family member and his chosen staff.

As the years went by I started noticing 80 percent of the families of the town, Tell em All,  Iran,  started having problems mentally the closer it got to Sundown.   There was a noticeable decline in problem solving skills and memory against all strata of the city.  Imagery demons became real and there was a separation between reality and imagination.   They became more agitated and confrontational, boredom is a known catalyst of this phenomenon called Sundowning, Existential Realism.

That triggers a decline in thinking skills, also known as cognitive abilities, severe enough to impair daily life and independent function.  That affects ones behavior, feelings and relationships.   I particular noticed this cognitive decline in two of my surviving sisters as well as my brothers, who are since deceased,  who went through the same malady throughout thier lives.

This is what you call Existential Realism when you believe in a existential being that gains power over your rationality of reality.  Sundowning, is a person as he goes through the day that more agitated he or she gets as it get closer to darkness.  The person walks around with sudden mood swings, sadness, restlessness, increased confusion, delusions of imaginary people that are not there.  When the person tells an existential being, I Love You,  defying rationality and logic.  The person suffers from diminished cognitive powers that affects not only themselves but others around them.  It becomes an endless circle of reasoning with no exit strategy in sight.

When an existential being is pounded into your head as a child you suffer a form of dementia which is prevalent in over 80 per cent of the world.  You pass that genetic marker on to future generations of children.

Existential Realism , Sundowning , I Love you, my personal saviour, produces this cognitive behavior by taking away your responsibility to yourself your creation; e.g.

City will fight against city, household against household,

father against son, brother against brother,

young man against young man, friend against companion,

They will not speak truthfully with one another,

Weighing of the Heart

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When you are sitting in front of the 42 judges, weighing your heart, and they ask you,  What sins have you not committed?

Tell em All,  Iran, 2019 After Death (AD)

أخبر كل إيران

Tell em All, Iran, Back to the Living

Allah Ackbar (Tell em God)

Jesus is your God

I came for the Living not the dead

God is my Father , Abiel, who labored in the fields to provide food and shelter for all of his creation those that sit at his table in the morning and evening, the Law of my Mother.

Either way you write it : it says the same thing

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Affection thoughts……Reflection thoughts…Isolate thoughts 

 Who caused you to lose faith in yourself.

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