777 Quantum Mirrors”Thermodynamics of Heat Transfer ” 777

Genesis of Your Creation

Quantum Particles (Thoughts ) Communicated Through Time Present to Past

Let me take responsibility for myself

Reverse Engineering of Linear Time and Space your Earth your World

12:1 “and in the era>>the she>>he shall stand up Mikal the chief the great the one standing over sons of people of you and she becomes era of distress which she occurred from to become of nation until the era the she and in the era the she he shall escape people of you the one being found written in the scroll”

* Mikal, King Davids first wife the same as Jude 9:9 the arch angel.  She had no children she was barren.  The Laws of Nature she was Creation.  I stood on the Mountains , last night, with my Fathers before me and she unfolded before my eyes her nakedness surrounded her people.

12:4 “and you stop of up you ! The words and seal you ! The scroll until era of end and she shall increase the knowledge”

The Law of Thermodynamics (heat transfer): a campfire is like a triangle when it reaches its peak it declines.  There are 350 million gods in America and across the Mountains to the East there are over 1 billion gods.   Magnetic North is moving .5 inches to the West ever year increasing, the earth will end in cold soon.  When knowledge increases it reaches a zenith then knowledge will fold on itself.  The books are opened:  cold burns like fire on the exposed flesh.

The Cutha Legends Indo Mesopotamia- 2700 BC

City will fight against city, household against household,

father against son, brother against brother,

young man against young man, friend against companion,

They will not speak truthfully with one another,

12:5 “and I saw and behold! Two others ones standing one hither to shore of the waterway and one thither to so shore of waterway” (Pison river)

Elkanah >>>>>>>>son of me>>>>>>>>Law of Creation


The Law of Mother the Law of Creation the Arch Angel

12:6 “and he is saying to the man being clothed of the linen who from above to waters of the waterway until when? End of marvels”

End of marvels,” When Knowledge starts to fold on itself and Knowledge becomes cold.

Either way you write it : it says the same thing

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Affection thoughts……Reflection thoughts…Isolate thoughts 

 Who caused you to lose faith in yourself.

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