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and he is saying (son of me) behold ! The human he became as one from us to to know of good and evil and [at] least he is stretching -forth hand of him and he takes moreover from the tree of lives and he-eats and he lives for eon.” (LC)

Kish Sumer 3500 BC Earliest known writing of the Akkadian Empire

Quantum Particles (Thoughts ) Communicated Through Time Present to Past

The Great Revolt Kutha Legend B

King Naram-Sin

Ur 111 Mesopotamia

(2047- 1750 BC)

Naru literature (oral or written) was understood in ancient Mesopotamia as reflecting actual historical events as if they actually occurred from the past with an historical figure as the center piece of the story.  Except in this story there are 10 historically correct kings that have been identified.  That helped King Naram-Sin defeat his enemies at the time that came against his kingdom in real time.

When we are dealing with thoughts we are dealing with economic and political considerations  which we never think about.  We are all like gods (male or female) we make judgement s everyday based on what we want people think of me or what I can do to be a part of that crowd.   If we want to be liked by someone or a group of  people then we are making a political considerations political alliances for future endeavors.  Once you take on that mind set then you are going to second guess yourself in all decisions.  You are going to destroy yourself and others around you for a sense of authority.  Since all thoughts are for political alliances we never take time to value thier worth to the son of me male or female.  What is it worth to me?  Thoughts start out life as weak then become strong overtime like sons.

When thoughts become like sons then they become human in nature.  They start out in the spiritual world, darkness, then are birthed in the physical world into the light of day.  You will see this transformation when King Naram-Sin wants to know if his adversaries trying to take his kingdom or human or superhuman.  Lets take a look;

The Great Revolt Kutha Legend C

Naram-Sin tests his decisions human or superhuman? [You test your thoughts]

Instructions to others [Deny my god He will deny you]

I summoned a soldier and gave him orders, [speak it into existence oral or written]

I handed over a dagger, [prick] with the pin

If blood does not come out they are spirits, friends from the underworld, demons, lurking ghosts, the work of {Enlil}

Isa.14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O {Lucifer}, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the {nations!}

When you have an aggregate set of thoughts in your mind, that becomes your individual nation.  Your thoughts can weaken other individual nations!  Since thoughts are religious in nature they carry a measure of weight an economic value to the individual for political and social considerations alliances that blow away in the wind over time.  To often when something does not go our way we blame others [Enlil, Lucifer] instead of blaming ourselves.  As we see with King Naram-Sin we can,t blame an existential being that can not bleed when pricked only humans bleed.  In the Sumerian mindset gods are the image of man or is it more in line to say your thoughts become like gods in your mind, I chose the latter.   You call judgement upon your head by the thoughts that you intermarried by diffusing your own bloodlines your Nativity.

The solider delivered his report-they bleed

I attacked with the dagger

I pricked with the pin, and blood came out

Then when the world of thoughts crash down around you we gravitate towards other thoughts.  I remembered for years I was told I had a chemical imbalance in my mind.  It depressed me for years till one day I figured out you wore lying ot me.  There is no test that can detect a chemical imbalance in the brain.  

I summoned the diviners and gave orders

I sacrificed seven lambs for the seven (diviners)

I set up the holy reed altars

I inquired of the great gods

Ishtar, llaba, Zababa, Amnunitum

Shullat, Hanish, Shamush the hero

The key of the great gods did not let me go

nor did a divine communication in my dreams

Then I said to myself thus indeed I spoke

What lion practiced divination?

What wolf inquired of an interpreter of dreams

Let me go like a bandit following the counsel of my own heart

Let me disregard the counsel of the god; let me take responsibility for myself

Let me take responsibility for myself words that have rang true for thousands of years.

King Naran-Sin could not get settle his heart no visions from God or Gods no magic diviners no nothing,  Let me disregard the counsel of the God.  God the Supreme Divine Authority in your life.  Speaks volumes,” let me take responsibility for myself.  To often in our live instead of Let me we Let you take responsibility for our lives.

Even in the Naru Literature of King Naram-Sin one can find a grain of truth.   Son of me, Let me take responsibility for myself, only one word missing e.g.;

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Affection thoughts……Reflection thoughts…Isolate thoughts 

Son of Me

 Who caused you to lose faith in yourself.

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