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Kish Sumer 3500 BC Earliest known writing of the Akkadian Empire

Quantum Particles (Thoughts ) Communicate Through Time Past to Present 

1 Samuel 9:1 for my friend M Jo and others this is where you look; you are looking for one word;

god is my father

The Great Revolt Kutha Legend

Ur 111 Mesopotamia

(2047- 1750 BC)

Naru literature (oral or written) was understood in ancient Mesopotamia as reflecting actual historical events as if they actually occurred from the past with an historical figure as the center piece of the story.  Except in this story there are 10 historically correct kings that have been identified.  That helped King Naram-Sin defeat his enemies at the time that came against his kingdom in real time.

King Naram-Sin address future monarchs to make a stand with gods to defeat enemies of the Monarchs. You would see the discourse further down in the Great Revolt if I decide to post it.  This story reflects the period of dynastic decline/demise of monarchs and dynasty’s.

However within this prologue stands a king and his people whose ancestors came from beyond the Zygros mountains.  This cuneiform script is similar to one I read a long time ago dated about 7000-6000 BC it notes the first slave revolt.

The Great Revolt Kutha Legend

Kish, Cutha, Tiwa, Urumu

Kazalla, Giritab, Apiak

Ibrat, Dilbat, Uruk and Sippar

together revolted against me,

at the time Sargon my forefather defeated Uruk

he established freedom for the people of Kish

shaved off the hairstyles that identified them as slaves

and broke their fetters.

O Ishtar, Iiaba, Shullat, Hanish

Shanash, and Umshum

Kish was not an enemy—it was an ally to me!

(Yet) between Tiwa and Unanu

at Ugar-Sin between the temples Esabab and Gula

Kish assembled,

Iphur-Kish a man from Kish

the son of Sumirat-Ishtar the lamentation priestess,

the installed as king

Puttimadal king of Simurran,

Ingi king of the land of Namur,

Rish-Adad king of Apishal,

Migir-Dagan king of Mari,

Hupshumkipi king of Marhashi,

Duhsusu king of Mardaman,

Manum king of Magan

Lugal-Anne king of Umma,

Amar-Enlila king of Nippur

*Ekur means “mountain house of the gods”.  It is the assembly of Gods in the Garden the parallel would be Mount Olympus in Greek mythology.  There is a clear association of Ziggurats with mountain houses

*Elkanah “house of the patriarchs”

Then Abraham gave up the ghost, and died in a good old age, an old man, and full of years; and was gathered to his people.

Ask yourself.

Who the hell is me? Who the Hell are ye? Who the Hell am I?

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Affection thoughts……Reflection thoughts…Isolate thoughts 

Why have you forsaken me?  The correct response would be:  Why have you forsaken yourself?   Who caused you to lose faith in yourself.

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