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The Curse of Agade

Ur 111 Mesopotamia

(2047- 1750 BC)

The Curse of Agade is a literary genre known as “naru literature” it would be considered a quasi-historical piece of composition. A quasi-historical composition is something that seems to be true but in reality it is not. The Curse of Agade is a didactic tale that is teaching a morality as the ulterior motive. In this case it would be mans relationship to his gods. You can,t take the story as a truly historic event but it gives one a glimpse of societies and cultures in real time.

Naru literature (oral or written) was understood in ancient Mesopotamia as reflecting actual historical events as if they actually occurred from the past with an historical figure as the center piece of the story. Naru is an archaic word that comes from the Marathi dialect 600 AD at best it means “worm”, something that burrows in the earth and finds a home like your mind ,your affections.  Marathi is a branch of the ancient Ind-Iranian dialects of ancient Mesopotamia.

The story of the Curse of Agade is centered around King Naram Sin who ruled at one time the Akkadian Empire, Ur 111, 2261-2224 BC, he was the grandson of King Sargon the Great. King Naram Sin increased his powers , military strength, and the boundaries of his kingdom that he inherited from his grandfather.Khashkhamer seal moon worship.jpg

It is known from archaeology records and historical records that King Naram Sin worshiped the gods religiously.  His name Na-ra-am, means “Beloved of the Moon God”. He was the first Mesopotamia King to claimed divinity for himself taking the title “God of Akkad” the first to claim “King of the Four Quarters, King of the Universe”.  He claimed these titles when the his Empire was at its maximum strength.

If some remember King Cyrus that I penned one day who saved the Jews from exile under King Nebuchadnezzar who 300 yrs later showed up in legends as a cherub

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King Cyrus the 4 corners of the World

tutelary deity whose wings covered the four corners of the world.  St. Peter saw the same vision in his day, a 4 corner white sheet, came down from the heavens and covered the world.

Under the laws of Entropy when a fire reaches its maximum output it starts to lose its luster and ambiance its powers in your eyes. When King Naram Sins’ Empire started to decay, the economic walls started to crumble, the people suffered.  

The story goes that King Naram Sin attacked the house of the god Ekur in the city of Nippur and destroyed the temple of Enlil.  From this action the God Enlil takes his blessings and protection away from the cities because it is his will.  It never answers the question of why God let the people suffer but it gives an insight into the religious life of the Akkadian’s on a deep level.

*Ekur means “mountain house of the gods”.  It is the assembly of Gods in the Garden the parallel would be Mount Olympus in Greek mythology.  There is a clear association of Ziggurats with mountain houses. Mountain houses play a certain role in Mesopotamian mythology and Assyro-Babylonian religion, associated with deities such as Anu, Enlil, Enki and Ninhursag.  In mythology, the Ekur was the centre of the earth and location where heaven and earth were united.

Because of the Kings action the gods cursed the city of Akkad and destroyed it over time and it serves as a strong warning not to take up weapons against the gods not in a physical way or in a spiritual way. 

Because of the Kings action the gods cursed the city of Akkad and destroyed it over time and it serves as a strong warning to all  not to take up weapons against the gods not in a physical way or in a spiritual way.

The gods in ancient Mesopotamia were understood as living in the Temples the Priests. What King Naram Sin did was take the wealth of gods from the Temple of the Priests to fund his empire to keep it from falling.  In the eyes of the common people this was a great sacrilege of sin against the mediators that stood between them and the gods they worshiped.  Because of King Naram Sins silence he did not make amends the city fell and the people suffered.  He stole from the wealth of the city he helped create.  He stole from the mediators (Priests) of the common people and the gods they believed in.  Everybody gave thier wealth to the temples of the priests they were the banking system of the ancient city/states.  You did not get a loan unless the gods blessed you and gave you protection.  Your blessings were predicated on how much you gave.  You could not blame the gods if something went sideways or the priests you blamed someone else for your misfortunes.  On a governmental level you blame the government for your misfortunes not the sanctuaries of the mediators.  You can,t blame God for your misfortune because their can never be a satisfactory answer.

King Naram Sin went into a depression after he lost his kingdom for 7 years until he was restored.  You see the same narrative of the Jewish accounts of King Nebuchadnezzar who after he lost his kingdom roamed around the land like an animal for 7 years until he was restored.

On a individual level the Jewish narratives of Job.  God bets Satan that Job will not turn his back on him.  There are  42 chapters in the book of Job.  It follows point by point the Curse of Agade you do not steal from the temple of the Priests, the mediators between you and your God,  you cannot blame a Supreme God for your misfortunes.   Now you can blame an existential angelic being who causes the ills that befall you.  I am the victim he did it.  God give me your blessings and lay me down to sleep in the fields of clover.  I would rather be standing in a field of clover with the two Witnesses on either side of the son of me.  The heart has two chambers, your left side and your right side, the seat of your emotions, those are the two witnesses that stand with you,  your conscience not what your mind tells you.  The center beam between good and evil , East to West, linear time of Relativity.

The Quantum fields of Dimensions, linear Time and Space the twilight zone when you lose faith in yourself.  You float around in a vacuum wondering , Why have you forsaken me?

The bulk of the narratives of the New Testament , you are to give your wealth to the Temples of the Mediators, you can,t blame God because he showed up one day.  He sat in the upper room had lunch and looked down at you and you looked up instead of looking inside of your heart.  You do have the option to blame others for your misfortunes it is easier to digest.  Gods are existential no one knows what goes on in thier minds, I only know what goes on in my mind at any one given time.

Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings. (Malachi 3:8)

The Curse of Agade lives today around the world never blame the church that is sacrilegious.  Barely noticeable to the eye God is uppercase and me is lowercase.

Ask yourself.

Who the hell is me? Who the Hell are ye? Who the Hell am I?

Somewhere in the 3, there I am.

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Affection thoughts……Reflection thoughts…Isolate thoughts 

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Tree of Lives

Why have you forsaken me?  The correct response would be:  Why have you forsaken yourself?   What caused you to lose faith in yourself?

A Common Man Owns nothing but Owns Everything

A Common man of my Father

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Common Man