777 Quantum Mirrors “Temple offerings to the Gods” 777


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Quantum Particles (Thoughts ) Communicate Through Time Past to Present to Past 


Temple offerings a  view a linear view in real time past to present Babylon 1595 BC – Present

Every city in ancient Mesopotamia had a temple literally a house to house the deities that protected the city. It was the duty of the god that was being worshiped to protect the city’s inhabitants and the king. They had to keep the god content least he should leave the city abandon the city.

Each temple or house were always in constant need of repair. They were all staffed with a contingency of priests for each deity the city or king worshiped. A portion of the wealth the king generated from the economics of the city and through trade agreements or conquests were given to the priests to satisfy the god or gods. Jewels and fine clothing were brought into the house along with meals to feed the gods.

Because of the demanding needs of the gods’ the innermost dwelling was limited to the priests and cultic officials. The main temple of the city would include kitchens, workshops and storerooms etc.

Bringing offerings came from the king or other high ranking officials consisted of food or drink, statues or precious jewels. Private individuals would bring offerings to obtain blessings from whatever particular god was involved for the future or to thank him for protection in the past. Private offerings would food as well as precious. The priest had control over the wealth of the Temple or house they officiated in. There was no accountability of the wealth held by the priests and their officials.

For the common person this is what you would call Chattel slavery to the houses of the gods. It was your civic duty to help keep the Temples maintained for the gods’ For which we see this practice today around the world.

Turn now to the Book of Leviticus 17: 5 (KJV)= “to the end that the children of Israel may bring their sacrifices, which the offer in the open fields, even that they may bring them unto the LORD, unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, unto the priest, and offer for peace offerings unto the LORD.”

The book of Leviticus is believed to have been written 538 – 332 BC.  This was during the time and exodus of the Jewish people out of captivity in Babylon.  The split between the ancient Semitic/Hebrew and the Israelite had already occurred 400 yrs prior. Ancient Semitic/Hebrews are not the same culture of that of the Israel Jewish culture.

The ancient Egyptians had a ritual called the Field of Offerings to supply the food necessary for the dead in the after-life going back to 2000 BC or better.  Remember KJV was written around 1611 AD.  The uppercase LORD is a reference to Jesus Christ it is called behavioral modification to get you use to the idea of protection by paying protection monies to the gods’.  The Roman Catholic Church made it mandatory for the common man to give monies to the church.  Around the early 1600 AD.  This again is called Chattel slavery people have been taught to become slaves to the gods’ to obtain protection and or blessings.

This is why I tell folks if you are going to read KJV stay close to the Books of Genesis the literary composition is more in align with ancient manuscripts.


The Bible mentions money over 800 times and of all of Jesus’ parables, more than half of them talked about money. Why? Because that is where so many people get tripped up! When we are able to release at least 10% of our income back to God, our money doesn’t have as tight of a hold on us because we realize that God is in control of our finances. We remember that everything we have has been given to us by Him. Even though most of us probably work for the money we make each month, even God has his hand there – He has given us the ability to do our jobs. Many who grasp what God has truly given them seem to agree that 10% doesn’t even feel like enough!  

In Matthew 23:23, Jesus talks to the Pharisees, condemning them for tithing to the penny but neglecting the more important issues of justice, mercy and faith.  He then goes on to tell them that they should in fact tithe, but that they shouldn’t neglect the more important things. Jesus recognized the importance of keeping the tithe and we should, too.

I am sure the GALA Priest told the common person the same rhetoric thousands of years ago.  So protection money for the blessings and salvation of your life goes back thousands of years as it is written you pledge your life to a man.  You will find yourself between the millstones of the nether world and the upper room and be ground into chaff, dust.  Because you will always second guess your nativity Gen.1, that is a fatal mistake I speak from life experience.

Good and Evil they are an abstract thought,  you cannot put a torso to it complete with a face.  Good and Evil are their own gods’ with their own judgement.  They are the Roman Gladiators in the Coliseums of the gods’ in the cosmogony of the cosmos.

I quit paying protection monies when I realized who the Two Witnesses were and they appeared before the son of me many seasons ago.

Jesus the Christ sat in the upper room with his 12 cultic officials excuse me 12 disciples slip of the tongue.   Jury will disregard that last remark.  If I remember right there were 12 tribes of Israel and one was missing something just does not add up.  Chattel slavery is like cattle wanting to be taken care of.  Instead of taking care of themselves with the resources at hand.

I prefer to sit in the middle of the Millstones from the East to the West that circle me and and grind, son of me, into flour to make bread to feed hundreds in the known world.

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16 thoughts on “777 Quantum Mirrors “Temple offerings to the Gods” 777

    1. I find it interesting how a mindset stays around thousands of years and how educated people lose thier minds. It has to do with the advancement of knowledge not the transfer methods I don,t think,


      1. I think perhaps it is to do with the inclination of the mind itself. How rigidly it holds on to one way of thinking, adapting its own meta-schema as to how to approach the issue. The general archetypal intelligence. And how precious one’s own ego is, an ego is useful but it can totally get in the way.


      2. Ego is to easy an answer, it bends to easy. I think it is a disregard for basic survival instincts. People want people to care of themselves they get lazy. They forget how to take care of themselves.


      3. Motivation is a very important element of this as then one could consider why some people gravitate towards certain roles or behaviours. Like a push/pull or a push/push or even pull/pull.
        Pushing peoples buttons, pulling on heartstrings, trying to help move something in a particular direction. Does that make sense? And yes, peopke do get super lazy, but the “why” will bestow the way to get them to learn to be able to motivate themselves.


      4. Motivation is important for sure. People are motivated for a quick dopamine fix. They lack the discipline to construct a set of legs to stand on. It becomes a herd mentality. The past that started when man crossed out of the stone age into the bronze age at that point time became immortal, civilization’s, empires all disappeared for the same common threads of economics and behavioral patterns. America will fall for the same reasons as will Australia n other nations in the next couple of years. I am not a fatalist but a realist void of emotional attachments to dopamine remedies.


      5. No idea what we’ll be falling for or to, but i know me and ive got my own to look after so we do as we will, as we always have and so go on and forth will.eh cant savetheworld


      6. That’s why I said time is immortal it is fascinating to me to understand how that works. Once societies collapse it will happen extremely fast. I have seen it repetitously from the past. America is 250 yrs from birth at the least it has about 50 yrs before it vanishes perhaps sooner the cards are n play. You don’t see the full culture of America what you see is shaded from view. The great cities on the west coast and the eastern seaboard are decaying into the mud.


      7. Perfect conditions which allow for that kind of parabolic trajectory. Theres I always the interplay of 5 to cause dissonance and upheaval. Necessary evils for stagnation is no better. Just hoping one day for the eponymous harmonious 6th to rise above the ashes and transcend this eternal infernal narrative.


      8. That would be a great thought hasn’t happened in 16 thousand years. I like to understand complex structures and concepts to help people not for the betterment of societies to many variables to work with.


      9. Understand individuals sure, but the group mentality is the kicker because like you said, too maby variables, which is fine, but which trait is dominant and how it is influenced because too burdensome to considered. Lest one consider though crime an actual crime then imagination and speculation are moot.


      10. Group mentality is still chattel slavery from the first Sumerian civilization the Akkadian where vast portions of western law comes from.


      11. I see time in two realms culturally America and Australia existed before during the Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylon empires the results will be the same. It has to do with Quantum physics of molecular mathematical structures and how they communicate to each other. The theory is how do you alter the outcome of cause and effect with minimal effort. My hypothesis is you can reverse time to a certain degree. The ancients knew how to do this. They figured out or saw something that has to do with linear time and motion.


      12. Transferrance. Cannot change nature of nurture, also to what avail would a change of past equate?
        It depends on how inconsequential or the degree/type of change one wants to manifest. Memories are linked to the super subconscious, and they hit reset everytime we sleep. Power of suggestion, NLP, uncanny occurences, deja vu,


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