777 Quantum Mirrors “Polyphasical Knowledge Transfer” 777


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Quantum Particles (Thoughts ) Communicate Through Time Past to Present to Past 

Pro. 18 : 6 – 7 (LC)

6“to to understand proverb and parallel words of wise ones and enigmas (puzzles) of them”

7 “fear of beginning of knowledge (father) wisdom(law of mother) and admonition fools they despise”

8 “listen to you ! son of me (your heart) admonition of father (knowledge) of you and must not be you are abandoning law of mother (wisdom).”

Listen to your heart thoughts of you,  knowledge is always stronger then wisdom but they cannot exist without the other.  One does not rule over the other they are co-joined separate but equal.

How is the transfer of knowledge facilitated from generation to generation poses an interesting question. If knowledge is defined as a cultural experience then you could express knowledge as non-hereditary memory of that particular community. Memory would formulate its own constraints and prescriptions of order written or oral.

Since we are talking about the acquisition of knowledge the ethnography of education the way in which humans transmit knowledge from generation to generation. The only thing that can be agreed upon in literate cultures from the past to the present. Knowledge is transferred through several mediums, visual, aurally, olfactory, tactile, kinesthetically and cognitively.

But we have to keep in mind that oral schooling formal or informal can exist without writing or coexist with it. In context knowledge and wisdom can be transferred from generation to generation with satisfactory results.  It is agreed upon in wide circles that we as humans learn polyphasically.   In a 24 hour period of activity we take a periodic time out to rest to refresh our minds thus becoming more productive.   It is possible to teach extremely complex operations and other matters in a non-iterate environments.

In 1970 a group of Polynesian children were given instructions on the art of open sea navigation in traditional sailing vessels.

They were given tablet instructions on astonavigation the ancient practice of position fixing that enables one to transition through a space without having to rely on estimated calculations or dead reckoning to know thier position.  They were taught Celestial navigation using angular measurements taken between a celestial body and the visible horizon.  By fix sighting e.g. the Sun, the Moon ,a planet, or a star or one of 57 other stars in the night sky.  In a short period of time they were able to navigate long distances of open ocean to other islands in the Polynesian chain.

Contrasting between the Polynesian children and the children of the Ur 111 dynasty (2300 BC) it is well thought out that learning knowledge transfer of complex disciplines was a combination of rote memorization and copying of tablets non-hereditary memorization of a specific culture.

We can see rote memorization in a dialogue between a teacher and a student. On an Old Babylonian composition used at the schools of Nippur and Ur.

“[The texts] in Sumerian and Akkadian, from the (elementary sign list) a – a (or) m e -m e [To …] I have recited and written. All the individual lines (of text) from (the list of personal names) d I n i n -t é š

Through the commentaries 28 up to the (professional name list) l ú = šu, I have written.”

He then summarizes his knowledge :

“Having been in school for the prescribed time I have achieved (mastery) of Sumerian, of the scribal art, of the meaning of texts, of counting and accounting–

I can even speak Sumerian!”

(The teacher answers:) “That may be, but what if (the meaning of) Sumerian is hidden to you?”

(The apprentice continues:) I want to proceed to write tablets:

Tablet(s) of grain measures from one to 600;

Tablet(s) (of weights) from one shekel to twenty mina;

As well as any marriage contracts someone might bring; Partnership contracts –

I can specify verified weights up to a talent;

(Records of) house, garden, and slave sales;

(Of) security pledges, field rentals […];

(For) palm growing […];

Adoption contracts – all these I can write.”

On a theistic level; I sent you two witnesses to the lands down under both have a name, a face, arms, legs, and a torso yet you admonition us as fools vs. 7.

  1. listen to you ! son of me” there are 7 images behind this statement.
  2. no man shall the nether or upper millstone to pledge : for he taketh a mans life to pledge” Deut. 24:6 there are 7 images behind this statement. e.g. nether millstone , son of me , upper millstone: you pledge your life to gods of heaven and earth.
  3. I am (body, soul and spirit) that I am (body,soul and spirit) : Who sent me? : “son of me” there are 7 images behind these words, “ I am that I am son of me” there are another 3 images making 10. Then there is another image of two, one stays and one goes making 11 images the fullness being 12.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff Eze. 1:16

the appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the color of beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel”

In the middle of the wheel

wheels of heaven

son of me”

wheels of earth

Crushes you into Chaff


From the East to the West


One wheel standing left

son of me”

One wheel standing right

Crushes you into Flour

Millstone wheels crush wheat separating the chaff creating grains of flour which is needed to make bread to feed all.

We are all endowed with non-hereditary memory of that particular community.  RNA Old Babylonian expressions (Chattel slavery) that someone has to take care of us.  I sent  2 Witnesses standing either side of “son of me” so you could take care of yourself.

In the fires of Nebuchadnezzar there are 4 images plus 3 objects= 7 images plus another 4 objects =11 another one image makes the fullness of 12 .

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