777 Mirrors Of Thoughts “Millstones Around Your Neck” 777

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Deuteronomy 24 : 1-6 (LC)

Chattel Slavery

 chattel slave system, slave status was imposed on children of the enslaved at birth

1. that he is taking man woman and he possesses her and he becomes if not she is finding”

2.  “favor in eyes of him that he finds in her nakedness of thing and her writes for her scroll of divorce and he gives in hand of her and he sends away her from house of him”

3. “and she goes forth house of him and she goes and she becomes to man another and he hates her the man the latter on and her writes for her scroll of divorce and he gives hand of her and he sends away her from house of him to that he is dying the the latter on who took her to him to woman”

4. “not he shall be able possessor of her the former on who he sent away her to to reverse of to to take her to to become of to him to woman after which she had defiled that abhorrence she to faces of salvation and not you shall bring sin the land of you giving to you allotment”

5. “he shall pass on him to any of matter of innocent he shall be for house of him one and he makes rejoice woman of him whom he took”

6. “not shall take in pledge both millstones and rider that soul he being pledge”

To understand what these sentences are saying is to understand the deeper meanings of Gen,1: 27 he created male and female.   These are thoughts thoughts can be strong in the mind or they can be weak.  So we have a division male and female thoughts.  If you are thinking it is talking about a human you would be wrong.  The ancient Semitic people used what they saw around them to explain human nature in literary prose and idiomatic expressions.

Vs. 6 pledge both millstones is talking about heaven and earth.  A millstone grinds grain into powder dust.  Since it is talking about the soul then there are two parts to the soul , good and evil.   Good came first then evil,  knowledge of good and evil.

Evil is always represented as a beautiful woman a figure of opulence that becomes strong in ones mind.   If you follow the thoughts of the gods of the heavens or the underworld you will grind yourself into the ground.

No man shall take the nether or the upper millstone to pledge: for he taketh a man’s life to pledge. (KJV)

Nether is a reference to darkness and the upper millstone is heaven.  You can refer to the spinning wheels in Exekel for some clarification.

A  male-child has 4 seasons in life the first two seasons (approx, 30 yrs) he grew up knowing first good then he divorced good somewhere along the line (Time is Linear) and married evil.  That is the reference to the divorce papers.  The last two seasons of a mans life ( approximately 31-70)  is where he takes his last walk in life.  The center beam if you will is the 12 months between 30 and 31.  The center of your heart.   The same analogy goes for the female who becomes a woman.

If you know the story of Jacob he fought with his  conscience whether to stay the course of  his fathers or follow the thoughts of the Israel.  He chose Israel the same analogy works in any religion you follow the thoughts of one man your soul will shatter you will lose you instinct to live you will lose your life.

In the days of old a commoners house was a two story structure made out of mud bricks.  They would whitewashed the inside walls to keep the place cool in the hot sun.  The bottom floor is where you dined with your family.   The upper floors were for sleeping and on hot nights the family slept on the roof.

The bottom floor also is where if they had any animals they would be in that area also.  You subdued the animals around you that is one image of those scriptures in Gen 1.  You kept peace in the house and the living area.

The Upper Room, also known as the Cenacle, is located in the southern part of the Old City of Jerusalem on Mount Zion, and is perhaps best known as the traditional site of the Last Supper since the fourth century AD. The current structure of the room dates approximately from the fourteenth century, which accounts for the existing Gothic-era columns.

If Jesus was for the common man and woman he would not have eaten on the second floor away from the living areas of the family.  He would have became like one of us a common man or a common woman.

From the head of one (You) came priests, kings, empires and dynasties that ride between the heavens and the nether world and your thoughts will grind you to dust.  You follow a dead mans thoughts and you just buried yourself.

to that he is dying the the latter on who took her to him to woman”

not he shall be able possessor of her the former on who he sent away her to to reverse of to to take her to to become of to him

To to is an idiomatic expression of good and evil you can reverse it and come back to a center balance in your life.  The choice is yours.  I do not follow dead mens thoughts simple as that.  To take her to become woman of you is take a good thought men and bring it home and let it become opulent in your eyes.  There is a difference between the word wife  and a woman that represents your thoughts.

 then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

 and shall cleave unto his wife

A wife is not a woman a woman is a thought that makes men weak when they entertain the woman.

Deuteronomy was written around the 7th Millennium when King Josiah was implementing new religious abulations and sacrifices for the people to follow.  Long after Jacob gave up his nature as a son of Isaac.  He changed his name from Jacob to Israel as I changed my name back from son of the Christian to son of my father.

A Common Man Owns nothing but Owns Everything

A Common man of my Father

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