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Ancient Semitic/Hebrew pictoglyphs the An

The Ark of My Covenant

I believe in myself

The Kings of Knowledge and Wisdom

Father & Mother

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Tree of Lives -Me

I am Wisdom–1st King son of Nun (Solomon)

I am Knowledge–2nd King son of Nun (David)

I am Ron–3rd King …son of Nun

I am Good

I am Evil

I am rebuilding my Temple 3 days

I am Resting

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Leningrad Codex Ancient Hebrew 

Gen.1:1 (LC)

he created heaven and earth, she was in chaos and confusion


Gen. 3:22 [LC]

Gen 25 :12-17 (LC)

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Polytheism                                 Hagar                               Monotheism

     Sumerian                                                 Daughter                                     Christianity/ Islam       Gods in the image of Man                      ( Pharaoh)                                Man the image of God


Religions create Economics: Economics creates Poverty: Poverty creates Religions

King Cyrus

  • Occupation: King of the Persian Empire
  • Born: 580 BC in Anshan, Iran
  • Died: 530 BC in Pasargadae, Iran
  • Reign: 559 – 530 BC
  • Best known for: Founding the Persian Empire

According to the legend, Cyrus was the grandson of the Median King Astyages. When Cyrus was born, Astyages had a dream that Cyrus would one day overthrow him. He ordered that the baby Cyrus should be left in the mountains to die. The baby, however, was rescued by some herding folk who raised him as their own.

When Cyrus turned ten, it became apparent that he was noble born. King Astyages heard of the child and realized that the boy had not died.  He then allowed Cyrus to return home to his birth parents

Founding an Empire
Around the age of twenty-one Cyrus took over the throne as king of Anshan. At this time Anshan was still a vassal state to the Median Empire. Cyrus led a revolt against the Median Empire and by 549 BC he had completely conquered Media. He now called himself the “King of Persia.”

Flag of the Greek Orthodox Church.svg
Greek Orthodox Church

Cyrus continued to expand his empire. He conquered the Lydians to the west and then turned his eyes south to Mesopotamia and the Babylonian Empire. In 540 BC, after routing the Babylonian army, Cyrus marched into the city of Babylon and took control. He now ruled all of Mesopotamia, Syria, and Judea. His combined empire was the largest in the history of the world to that point

Cyrus the Great (c. 600 or 576 – 530 BC) figures in the Hebrew Bible as the patron and deliverer of the Jews. He is mentioned 23 times by name and alluded to several times more.  According to the Bible, Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, was the monarch under

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King Cyrus cherub tutileary deity 300 yrs after death.  Savior of the 4 courners of the world for his military conquests,

whom the Babylonian captivity ended. In the first year of his reign he was prompted by God to decree that the Temple in Jerusalem should be rebuilt and that such Jews as cared to might return to their land for this purpose. Moreover, he showed his interest in the project by sending back with them the sacred vessels which had been taken from the First Temple and a considerable sum of money with which to buy building materials. The existence of the decree has been challenged

According to the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 10, Saint Peter had a vision of a vessel (Greek: σκεῦοςskeuos; “a certain vessel descending upon him, as it had been a great sheet knit at the four corners“) full of animals being lowered from heaven (Acts 10:11).

The bulk of what King Cyrus did for the Jews is correct but then you see that Saint Peter hundreds of years later had the same dream.   Except in St. Peters dream he saw a sheet full of animals.  If you know your Indo-Meso literary compositions.  Sumerians believed gods were in the image of man and the Hindus regulated everyone that lived on earth were animals that needed to be corralled.   Both believed that the common man could not control his destiny.  In the poetic compositions of Rama it is a hoard of monkeys that take control of the world to restore harmony in the cosmos between heaven and earth.

Socrates before his execution (Greek) told the Senate that the common man needs to be controlled by the state.

As it is written on this rock I will build my church.  Did that mean the eternal city of Jerusalem or did it mean the Eternal city of Rome?   There is a 3rd possibility, Varanasi the Eternal city of India.

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Vatican flag holds the keys to your life
Perhaps it is easier to think in terms of the ancient Semitic/Hebrew become fathers and build your eternal kingdom (husband & wife) complete with cities (sons and daughters) and get buried in the cave of Machpelah with the faces of Mamre, the Tree of Lives, your sons and daughters watching.
Religions are great in creating fantasy about other dimensions of angelic beings and monsters and animals that roam the land in front of your eyes.  If you are having vision problems close one eye and look again and the picture will straighten out.
Or sing the National Anthem of all Religions

Bedouin apothegm is “I am against my brother, my brother and I are against my cousin, my cousin and I are against the stranger,  repeat 3 times

Bringing in the sheep to the markets of  Bethesda to sheer repeat 2 times

6 Days past noon before I Rest 

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Still Born–Thinking–Reborn

All individuals have a finite particle of Life within them.  Within that containment of Life there exists 3 elements that support your life.

  1. Rule of Law-  “What thought governs you?'”
  2. Economics-  ” Valuation of Life”, does it give me support.
  3. Societal-  An aggregate community of thoughts that provides a safe harbor.

Kings Give Me Shelter


Knowledge and Wisdom