777 Quantum Mirrors “To the Cave of Machpelah” 777

Ancient Semitic/Hebrew pictoglyphs the An

The Ark of My Covenant

I believe in myself

The Kings of Knowledge and Wisdom

Father & Mother

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Tree of Lives -Me

I am Wisdom–1st King son of Nun (Solomon)

I am Knowledge–2nd King son of Nun (David)

I am Ron–3rd King …son of Nun

I am Good

I am Evil

I am rebuilding my Temple 3 days

I am Resting

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Leningrad Codex Ancient Hebrew 

Gen.1:1 (LC)

he created heaven and earth, she was in chaos and confusion


Gen. 3:22 [LC]

Artist's impression of an atom, photon and mirror

Lying at the heart of quantum mechanics, superposition is the idea that a particle can be in two states at the same time.

Gen 25 :9 (LC)

  to the cave of the Machpelah  fields of Ephron son of Zohar the Hittite faces of Mamre

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Ron–3rd King …son of Nun, son of Issac, son of Abraham son of Nun

to the cave of the Machpelah 

Machpelah simply means couples.  Abraham (Ron) is dying and is going to be buried with Sarah (Naela), you see that in the next verse 10. “he-was-entombed Abraham and·Sarah woman-of·him” (LC)
Fathers (Abraham) raised up the sons (Issac, Ishmael and an adopted son Zohar) .  I    know Zohar was adopted because the writer did not put in fathers name e. g.  Zohar son of Bob the Hittite.  In the days of old the children were often abandoned so other families would adopt the children.  Mothers raise up the daughters ( e.g. Queen Vashti) to be Chamberlains to the Royal house hers.   Queen Vashti was a daughter of a king in the late Neo Babylon empire.

The Moral of the Story, Men you marry a religion and teach your children that.  You will entomb yourself, your wife, an children with your Mistress.  Simply as that.  Those in the Christian religion it tells you in Revelation you are going to marry the Church e.g the bride of Christ.  Christ is an exact replica of Qos the deity god of the;

Edomites–Qos deity  was the national god of the Edomites. He was the Idumean rival of Yahweh, and structurally parallel to him.  Father of a family or clan.  Recently the view has been advanced that Yahweh was originally an Edomite/Kenite god of metallurgy.

Ishmael represents the religions of the world who gain all the wealth of the nations.  New World order when Fathers decide to stand up and tell the truth about what the ancients in the Old Testament were talking about.

When I look in the mirror I see myself and when I turn around and look behind me I see the couples that have gone before me standing.  When I turn around and look, I see the Mistress that straddles the world in the “Chandlers Deep”.   When I turn and look again I see a King standing with one foot on the Zrgros mountains and the other foot on the Karakoram  mountains with his Queen standing behind him with her arms raised to the heavens.   And the Kings of long ago standing with him.

One thing they forgot to tell you is that there are two Mount Ararat’s one is called little Ararat (Sarah) and big Ararat (Abraham) in southeastern part of Turkey.  The Chamberlain (Queen) always protects her King.   Rising her arms to her Father each after thier own species.   Kings raise thier arms to fight.

6 Days past noon before I Rest 

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Still Born–Thinking–Reborn

Next blog to “to the cave of  Machpelah to“, fields of Ephron son of Zohar the Hittite which on faces of Mamre

All individuals have a finite particle of Life within them.  Within that containment of Life there exists 3 elements that support your life.

  1. Rule of Law-  “What thought governs you?'”
  2. Economics-  ” Valuation of Life”, does it give me support.
  3. Societal-  An aggregate community of thoughts that provides a safe harbor.

Kings Give Me Shelter


Knowledge and Wisdom