777 Quantum Mirrors “King Solomon 700 Wife’s” 777

Ancient Semitic/Hebrew pictoglyphs the An

The Ark of My Covenant

I believe in myself

The Kings of Knowledge and Wisdom

Father & Mother

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Tree of Lives -Me

I am Wisdom–1st King son of Nun (Solomon)

I am Knowledge–2nd King son of Nun (David)

I am Ron–3rd King …son of Nun

I am Good

I am Evil

I am rebuilding my Temple 3 days

I am Resting

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Leningrad Codex Ancient Hebrew 

Gen.1:1 (LC)

he created heaven and earth, she was in chaos and confusion


Gen. 3:22 [LC]

Artist's impression of an atom, photon and mirror

Lying at the heart of quantum mechanics, superposition is the idea that a particle can be in two states at the same time.

Gen 25 :9 (LC)

fields of Ephron son of Zohar the Hittite faces of Mamre

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Ron–3rd King …son of Nun, son of Issac, son of Abraham son of Nun

King Solomon reign; 970-931 BC

But king Solomon loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and Hittites;

Of the nations concerning which the LORD said unto the children of Israel, Ye shall not go in to them, neither shall they come in unto you: for surely they will turn away your heart after their gods: *Solomon clave unto these in love.

Because the title king is not placed before Solomon this a direct reference to the names of Man as Adam is an umbrella name for all Men and thier name.  Men like other wives (religions)  (EWES) princesses (Lambs female sheep) and concubines (females age 9 and up to 14).  There are two images here in what I just stated.

And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines: and his wives turned away his heart.

Neo-Assyrian Period ( ca. 900-612 BC)

Neo-Assyrian Dynasty Gods and Goddesses;
Aššurnaṣirpal II 883-859
Adad-nirari III 810-783
Shalmaneser V 726-722
Sennacherib 704-681
Esarhaddon 680-669
Aššurbanipal 668-627
Sin-šar-iškun -612

  1. Moabites—Chemosh (sun god)  for which human sacrifice was the norm same as the Aztecs Indians.
  2. Ammonites–Moloch (god giver to the bull god/priests) sacrificing children through fire or war
  3. EdomitesQos deity  was the national god of the Edomites. He was the Idumean rival of Yahweh, and structurally parallel to him.  Father of a family or clan.  Recently the view has been advanced that Yahweh was originally an Edomite/Kenite god of metallurgy According to this approach Qōs might possibly have been a title for Yahweh, rather than a name.  A further point connecting Yahweh with Qōs, aside from their common origin in that territory, is that the Edomite cult of the latter shared characteristics of the former. Thus we find that Dō’êḡ the Edomite has no problem in worshiping Yahweh, he is shown to be at home in Jewish sanctuaries, circumcision was practiced in Edom.
  4. Zidonians–They were idolaters, and worshipped Ashtoreth as their tutelary goddess,  as well as the sun-god Baal from whom their king was named.
  5. Hittites–Similar to other kingdoms at the time, the Hittites had a habit of adopting gods from other pantheons that they came into contact with, such as the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, who is celebrated at her famous temple at Ain Dara. The Hittites referred to their own “thousand gods”, of whom a staggering number appear in inscriptions but remain nothing more than names today

Hittite Gods Goddesses and Deities

  • A’as – god of wisdom, derived from the Mesopotamian god Ea (Enki)
  • Aduntarri – the diviner, chthonic
  • Alalus – primordial entity
  • Amunki – chthonic
  • Anzili/Enzili – consort of a weather god; invoked to aid in childbirth
  • Apaliunas – tutelary deity of the city of Wilusa
  • Āpi – chthonic
  • Aranzah/Aranzahas – personification of the Tigris River
  • The sun goddess of Arinna – sun goddess and consort of Tarhunt
  • Arinniti – sun goddess, possibly another name for the sun goddess of Arinna. In the late 14th century BCE, King Mursili II was particularly devoted to Arinniti.
  • Arma – minor moon god (Luwian)
  • Aruna, god of the sea and son of Kamrusepa
  • Aserdus – goddess of fertility and wife of Elkunirsa
  • Elkunirsa – creator god and husband of Aserdus
  • Ellel – god of the sky. He is invoked in state treaties as a protector of oaths.
  • Gul Ses – goddesses of fate, similar to the Moirai
  • Halki – god of grain
  • Hannahannah – mother goddess (Hurrian)
  • Hanwasuit – goddess of sovereignty
  • Hapantali – pastoral goddess
  • Hasameli – god of metalworkers and craftsmen
  • Hatepuna – daughter of the sea
  • Hazzi – mountain and weather god (Hurrian)
  • Huttellurra – collective of midwifery goddesses
  • Inara – goddess of the wild animals of the steppe (Hattic)
  • Irpitiga – lord of the earth, chthonic
  • Irsirra – collective of midwifery goddesses
  • Ishara – goddess of oaths and love
  • Ištar – goddess similar to Šauška (Mesopotamian)
  • Istanu – god of the sun and of judgement (from Hattic Eştan)
  • Istustaya and Papaya – goddesses of destiny, spin the thread of life (Hattic)
  • Jarri – god of plague and pestilence, “Lord of the Bow”
  • Kamrusepa – goddess of healing, medicine and magic
  • Kaskuh (Kaškuḫ; Kašku) – god of the moon. (Hurrian Kuşuh) The Luwian peoples called him Arma.
  • Khipa/Khebe – tutelary deity
  • Storm god of Kuliwišna
  • Kumarbi – father of Tarhunt
  • Kurunta – god of wild animals and hunting, symbolized by the stag
  • Lelwani – deity of the underworld; originally male, later female
  • Mezulla – daughter of the sun goddess of Arinna
  • Minki – chthonic
  • Miyatanzipa – One of the deities who sat under the Hawthorn tree awaiting the return of Telipinu
  • Namšarā – chthonic
  • Narā – chthonic
  • Weather god of Nerik
  • Pihassassa – god of weather and lightning (Luwian)
  • Pirwa/Peruwa – deity of uncertain nature, associated with horses
  • Rundas – god of the hunt and good fortune, symbolized by double eagle
  • Sala – “lady of the mountain”, became a goddess of fertility and agriculture
  • Sandas – lion god
  • The weather god of Šarišša – weather god
  • Sarruma – god of the mountains, son of Teshub and Hebat, associated with the panther (Hurrian)
  • Šauška – goddess of fertility, war and healing (Hurrian)
  • Sun god of Heaven – solar deity
  • Sun goddess of the Earth – goddess of the underworld; source of all evil, impurity, and sickness on earth
  • Sutekh – weather god, possibly another name for Teshub
  • Suwaliyat – brother of Teshub, god of warriors and storms
  • Tarawa – collective of nursery goddesses
  • Tarḫunna – weather god
  • Tarhunt – god of thunder
  • Taru – weather god (Hattic)
  • Tašmišu – god of storms, epidemics, and war
  • Telipinu – god of farming (Hattic)
  • Tešimi/Tasimmet – “Lady of the Palace,” wife of a weather god
  • Teshub – god of the sky, weather and storms (Hurrian)
  • Tilla – bull god, attendant and vehicle of the weather god Teshub (Hurrian)
  • Uliliyassis – minor god who removes impotence
  • Ubelluris – a mountain god who carries the western edge of the sky on his shoulders
  • Wurrukatte – god of war (Hattic Wurunkatte)
  • Zababa/Zamama – god of war, possibly another name for Wurrukatte
  • Zaliyanu – deified personification of the mountain Zaliyanu
  • Zašḫapuna – tutelary deity of the city of Kaštama
  • Zintuḫi – daughter of Mezulla
  • Weather god of Zippalanda
  • Zukki – aids in childbirth, associated with Anzili
  • Zulki – the dream interpretess, chthonic

Religions create Poverty and Poverty creates Religions.   King Solomon had one Father as I had one Father therefore I am the son of Nun.  Christianity is the mistress of the Edomites as is Islam as is Jewish as is Hindu is the mistress of the Hittites.   From the head of one, Hittites we all came from (religions).

In the name of Jesus Christ your praying to Qos the Edomite deity.   Who looks like Yahweh who looks like Elohim.  That is why I am not a religion I understand the concept of one Father and there are many Fathers some just left thier posts and went to sleep.

6 Days past noon before I Rest 

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Still Born–Thinking–Reborn

Next blog to “to the cave of  Machpelah to“, fields of Ephron son of Zohar the Hittite which on faces of Mamre

All individuals have a finite particle of Life within them.  Within that containment of Life there exists 3 elements that support your life.

  1. Rule of Law-  “What thought governs you?'”
  2. Economics-  ” Valuation of Life”, does it give me support.
  3. Societal-  An aggregate community of thoughts that provides a safe harbor.

Kings Give Me Shelter


Knowledge and Wisdom


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