777 Quantum Mirrors “Fields of Combat ” 777

Ancient Semitic/Hebrew pictoglyphs the An

The Ark of My Covenant

I believe in myself

The Kings of Knowledge and Wisdom

Father & Mother

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Tree of Lives -Me

I am Wisdom–1st King son of Nun (Solomon)

I am Knowledge–2nd King son of Nun (David)

I am Ron–3rd King …son of Nun

I am Good

I am Evil

I am rebuilding my Temple 3 days

I am Resting

There are 4 seasons (male or female) a season is like a day of 10 yrs , a day is like 7 thousand years BC.  Before they were known as Semitic/Hebrews in the city of UR.  They were known as Fathers who came from the Kings.

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Leningrad Codex Ancient Hebrew 

Gen.1:1 (LC)

he created heaven and earth she was in chaos and confusion


Gen. 3:22 [LC]

Artist's impression of an atom, photon and mirror

Lying at the heart of quantum mechanics, superposition is the idea that a particle can be in two states at the same time. A simple example of this occurs when single photons pass through a double slit and build up an interference pattern on a screen beyond the slits. This demonstrates that individual photons pass through both slits at the same time.

Gen 25 :9 (LC)

son of Zohar the Hittite faces of Mamre

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Ron–3rd King …son of Nun, son of Issac, son of Abraham son of Nun

Husband to His Queen Naela, daughter of Nun, daughter of Ruth, daughter of Esther, daughter of Sarah, daughter of Nun

Mountains of Zygros

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I picked up a rock that fell from the heavens and slung it at Man and his puny gods and deities and they all fell.  The weakness of a man is when he realizes he is nothing.  2nd Law of Thermodynamics “you can not create something out of nothing”.  Something are the faces on the other side of the mirror that are looking back at you that stand behind you.

6 Days past noon before I Rest

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Still Born–Thinking–Reborn 3 days

Next blog to “field of Eph-Ron“,  son of Zohar the Hittite which on faces of Mamre

All individuals have a finite particle of Life within them.  Within that containment of Life there exists 3 elements that support your life.

  1. Rule of Law-  “What thought governs you?'”
  2. Economics-  ” Valuation of Life”, does it give me support.
  3. Societal-  An aggregate community of thoughts that provides a safe harbor.

144,000 stood before Me

Kings that Gave Me their Lives


Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens are the Chamberlains of the Royal House