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Then Ron gave up the ghost, and died in a good old age, an old man, and full of years; and was gathered to his people. Gen. 25:8

The birth pains of death are encompassing now more frequently ,systematic asphyxia ,the weeks are becoming shorter.   The weaker I become the stronger I get.   I will go on to die in city of the my fathers that have gone on before me.   Far away from the center of Jerusalem where it began’s.

I am reminded of a story from the lands of the Meso- Ancients about a King whose people were surrounded by 3 tribes that wanted to crush the Court of the Ark, I am, I am, I am.  The Covenant of the Ark to You.   Before they came against the King they fought among themselves until no one was standing.  The last battle between the two took place at the feet of the mountains.

Sirius (bottom) and the constellation Orion (right). The three brightest stars in this image – Sirius, Betelgeuse (top right), and Procyon (top left) – form the Winter Triangle.

The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius is recorded in some of the earliest astronomical records. Its displacement from the ecliptic causes its heliacal rising to be remarkably regular compared to other stars, with a period of almost exactly 365.25 days holding it constant relative to the solar year. This rising occurs at Cairo on 19 July (Julian), placing it just prior to the onset of the annual flooding of the Nile during antiquity.  Owing to the flood’s own irregularity, the extreme precision of the star’s return made it important to the ancient Egyptians, who worshipped it as the goddess Sopdet (Ancient Egyptian: Spdt, “Triangle“; Greek: ΣῶθιςSō̂this), guarantor of the

Ente/ A bust of Sopdet, Egyptian goddess of Sirius and the fertility of the Nile, syncretized with Isis and Demeter/r 

fertility of their land.   Sirius can be seen both in the evening where it sets after the Sun and in the morning before the Sun (Isa. 14).  In the high altitudes it can be seen during the day it is called the Dog Star because it follows the Sun.   A dog always follows its master the one who feeds him.   Could be me but Sopdet looks like the Virgin Mary just a thought.

Just a sidebar in the Hindu tales of Rama, South Asia.  I came across the word Manu a strange name  to me till I looked at it closely and he showed me his hands.  In ancient Egyptian religion, the land of Manu (the West) is where the sun god Ra sets every evening. It is mentioned in the Book of the Dead.

Using Sirius as a backdrop, “Triangle” you have 3 major cities in ancient Mesopotamia  where the 3 major present day religions were birthed;

  1. Mecca–Islam
  2. Constantinople —Christianity (Roman Catholic)
  3. Jerusalem—Jewish religion

In the story of the ancient King all three will kill each other off.  In the free for all in the Military there is a term called” Friendly Fire”, Hindu and Buddha will fall also.  For you see king in the story of the ancients was a just a common man who looked closely at the;

Alpha Canis Major



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And Realized

The Ark of My Covenant

Image result for ark of the covenant/ mesopotamia
 Lay’s between the shoulders and waist of the Alpha Canis Major where the valley’s of the Pison river flows.  Free from the heads and legs and grasp of all religions.
Related image

Pison River

Changing the mouth of the River

“when knowledge increases the end is near”

All individuals have a finite particle of Life within them.  Within that containment of Life there exists 3 elements that support your life.

  1. Rule of Law-  “What thought governs you?'”
  2. Economics-  ” Valuation of Life”, does it give me support.
  3. Societal-  An aggregate community of thoughts that provides a safe harbor.

Father Give Me Shelter


Knowledge and Wisdom


4 thoughts on “777 Ancient Morpheme Dog Star 777

  1. How funny that you chose this constellation to focus upon for beta canis majoris (or Mirzims) is the fixed star that apparently portends my vocation, due to its location in relation to my time and place of birth. It corresponds with good qualities, charitable, faithful; dangerous passions; “The Roarer”, announcing the rising of Sirius; “The Announcer”, with Gomeisa. So as a guard dog it barks when as a warning, or as a herald. Essentially being and using one’s voice, 7 degrees before the Sirius.
    Depending on the which school (culture, tradition, whatever) of astrology, they can be called or grouped differently. There is a constellation that is called the triangulum, and within its boundaries is actually the triangulum galaxy, catalogued as messier object 33.


      1. Not it’s own tail… The tale of the dog who always caught it’s prey chases the tail of the fox who always got away. And Zeus froze them in the stars lest the chaos of their paradox undo the earth. That’s Laelaps and the Teumessian fox.


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