777 Ancient Morpheme of Rams 777

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Pair of figures found in the city of UR, 2600- 2400 BC, in the Great Death Pit the Royal Cemetery in one of the graves. They are called the, “Ram in the Thicket”.

Ram in the Thicket follows the narrative: (Gen.22, LC): “and he is lifting Abraham eyes of him and he is seeing and behold ! Ram behind being held in the thicket in horns of him and he is going Abraham and he is taking>>the ram and he is offering up him for ascent offering instead of son of him”

Originally the two figures faced each other, they are more aptly described as male goats.  Years later they rise from the grave and re-emerge as the Hem Hem crown;  The crown is connected to the rising of the sun, which is interpreted as ‘rebirth’ and it is often seen in hieroglyphs with a solar child inside a lotus flower.


Ra, god of the sun and king of the gods.  The snake in the garden is man’s thoughts.  A god thinks he is a king, a king knows he is not a god“Song of the Hoe” till the earth with a Hoe and create channels to irrigate the land and everything wilts and dies.  A King tills the land and everything grows absent of the deities.

The Ark of My Covenant

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In your Ark are 3 Kings each one has its own measure of weight.  All 3 are equal in stature.  One King weighs nothing one King weighs more then the other King.  One King who weighs nothing stands above the other two Kings who have a measure of weight although each has the same stature.
In the Northern Hemisphere in the Eastern Sky in the early morning all 3 Kings rise together in conjunction with each other.  The Ark of My Covenant the Ark of Your Covenant since your time began.
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Pison River

Changing the mouth of the River

“when knowledge increases the end is near”

All individuals have a finite particle of Life within them.  Within that containment of Life there exists 3 elements that support your life.

  1. Rule of Law-  “What thought governs you?'”
  2. Economics-  ” Valuation of Life”, does it give me support.
  3. Societal-  An aggregate community of thoughts that provides a safe harbor.

Father Give Me Shelter


Knowledge and Wisdom