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If we process images upside down and the image is upside down to began with.   Then we process that image.  We create and image of ourselves.  There are only two images in life birth and death.  We come down to earth as an Avatar in which there cannot be on reunification to oneself.  An avatar of thought lacks the necessary component of ones existence life to understand your life is to understand death.  The upside down wine glass is like looking at the image ,” Challenger Deep” and spinning it around , North to South,  South becomes North.   That is the renunciation of Death to Life.  The cycle of life always spinning around us.

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Deny Death

What you see is what you Get

What you eat is what you Become

“From the Head of One flowed 4 Rivers”

The First Manger Ancient Mesopotamian

The Second Manger Ancient Indus River Valley

lugal-e e2 mu-un-du3 “the king built the temple”
lugal i3-tuš “the king sat down”
nin-e in-tud-en “the queen bore me”
nin i3-tuš “the queen sat down”

” But the king may kill him, the king may grant him his life. But he shall not approach the king.”

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Light Matter Interaction—Past Events

Animism the Mistress the Second Woman to birth a Virgin son in the manger in the Cradles of Civilization.  Who grew up to become a Priest/King that gave a soul to plants and inanimate objects a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material world.

It must be noted that before the Mistress left Ancient Mesopotamia, she had two daughters, one went to the Nile and the other one went to the Tiber river the youngest of the Daughters.  They each bare sons who grew up to be kings.

A Woman with two daughters is well played out in the Ancients.


The Second Manger Ancient Indus River Valley

3300-1300 BC

Divine Order and Divine Evil in the Tamil Tale of Rama

The peoples of the Indus Valley civilization tried to counter the paradoxical problem of evil in the world. For theistic consternation’s why must their god suffer for mans evil? Two fraternal thoughts came out of this valley.

Ritualistic Philosophies of Two Nouns;

The Vedas image of ones creation was one of sacrifice (Ancient Mesopotamia). Life was won only out of violence the bond between life and death’

The Upanishads image of ones creator was one of Absolute reunification with the source of life.  If life was a sacrifice one could only survive by devouring other living beings. They figured the opposite side of the thought held water.  One should renounce death and find perfection in the release of what they call, moksa (cycle of rebirth).

If life was one of sacrifice to the gods then it would be a reunification of death to gain eternal life.   Then the violence of the birth of ones life could be remedy by simply denying that death even exists.  So the harshness of ones life ( common person, slave) between birth and death could be reduced to Peace and Love Brother while smelling the sweet incense of Nirvana.
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Hindu Family Tree
These are some of the Trees that grew around the Indus River thousands of years ago when foliage started creating a covering for the ills of mankind.  Providing shade for mankind.   A marshland of avatars where the waters of the Indus river never recede.
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As a human resource official there are at least 18 male gods and only 11 females in this family portrait.  Reunification is to set the image right side up.   There are an equal amount of male and females,  He himself created male and female.  The family tree of the Kauravas dynasty looks like this, 100 sons Kauravas ,98 born on the third tier.
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So from what I see the king of Dharma  had two wife’s (polygamy).  Vyas was the first son before marriage.  The first born son is reminiscent of the Abraham narratives and Christianity, Vygas (Ishmael) sage and author who later rebirths as Vidur (Jesus) the counselor.
In the Muslim religions, 6th Century AD,  Mohammad  reunification of the Arabian peninsula flowed with the narratives of Abraham and Adam became the first god.  When Mohammad died he was carried by horse to the dome in Jerusalem where he to rose into the heavens and returned
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The Burāq is a mythical creature in Islamic tradition that was said to be a transport for certain prophets. Most notably hadith accounts about the Isra and Mi’raj recounts that the Buraq carried the Islamic prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and up in the heavens and back by night
According to the outburst from Rome the other day only the Bishops and priests can call down Jesus a 1000 times a day.   In the Christian religions Jesus is to come back for a second go around.   Apparently Rome beat the odds they are playing the 5th card in the Dead Mans hand.  I still hold and inside straight.
In the Rama of Creation there is only life and a constant rebirth to achieve nirvana in ones life.  I remember one young lady telling me one time that there are only 9 steps to do to attain Nirvana.  Each step requires one to physically die.   Now you have the reunification of moka.  You deny that death occurs both in the physical realm and the spiritual realm.
I have a tendency to agree with the Vedas accounts life is born out of violence the intractable bond between life and death.
In the accounts of the Ancients if there are only two events in life, life and death and there are those that will never face their own spiritual death.  They leave in the avatars of clay thoughts that crumble over time.   The Iron Man Statue in the lands of Babylonia.
Only been in Harappa, India 3 days now.  I looked out the window and saw a forests of trees and the cycle of life.  India has been in state of Nirvana for 5000 thousand years.  That is why I found it amusing when the PM of India told the world that everyone in India had a toilet now.
There is a forest in Germany called the “Black Forest” during the time of the sun it is still dark stays dark all the time.   The avatars of mans thoughts that become ideas made of clay feet.  There is an ancient king in China that was buried with 8000 clay soldiers with human faces a sense of immortality I suppose.
Reunification comes for mankind when he or she looks in the mirror and sees an image that is silent and quite devoid of the plating of religions that denude you down to a common denominator.  Reunifying oneself to the existence of life within all of us.  When that occurs that is  when you come back a second time before you physically die. That is your rebirth.
In all religions including the religions of India the woman has little to do with Creation.  Which is funny because reality tells me that we all come from the womb of a woman. In some Christian neighborhoods Lilith is the first wife of Adam.  God dethroned her because she wanted to be on top of man.  Lilith only shows up onetime in the ancient narratives it means a hoot owl.  A hoot owl is wisdom that lives in the Tree of Life.
“From the Head of One flowed 4 Rivers”
When you have two heads of the household the house is divided

The First Manger Ancient Mesopotamian

The Second Manger Ancient Indus River Valley


All individuals have a finite particle of Life within them.  Within that containment of Life there exists 3 elements that support your life.

  1. Rule of Law-  “What thought governs you?'”
  2. Economics-  ” Valuation of Life”, does it give me support.
  3. Societal-  An aggregate community of thoughts that provides a safe harbor.

Death gave me my Life back.   Play the Dead Mans Hand and see what is in your hand.  I hold an inside straight.  See if you can beat me.  Some will never see the 5th card on the 5th day till it is to late.

Father Give Me Shelter



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