777 Ancient Morpheme Horticulture 1 A 777

To change the spin of the thought.  You look at or measure a thought and it’s twin will spin in a different direction.  Arrow down Arrow up.

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Deny Death

What you see is what you Get

What you eat is what you Become

“From the Head of One flowed 4 Rivers”

3500 BC…Old and New Testaments of Kings…2000 AD

The First Manger Ancient Mesopotamian

lugal-e e2 mu-un-du3 “the king built the temple”
lugal i3-tuš “the king sat down”
nin-e in-tud-en “the queen bore me”
nin i3-tuš “the queen sat down”

” But the king may kill him, the king may grant him his life. But he shall not approach the king.”

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Light Matter Interaction—Past Events

Animism the Mistress the Second Woman to birth a Virgin son in the manger in the Cradles of Civilization.  Who grew up to become a Priest/King that gave a soul to plants and inanimate objects a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material world.

Horticulture the ancient art of gardening and management of  Trees, (priests who later became kings),  who became Giants that looked like they fell from the heavens.

From the Head of One watered these Trees like a River

Garden of the Gods (Sumerian Paradise)


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Cultivation ; Someone who’s cultivated is knowledgeable with the arts, current events, history of each Red Oak.   Knowledgeable in the art of agriculture and the use of the Hoe to create farrows in virgin earth of the homo-sapiens mind. [ refer: to the Song of the Hoe]   The gardening and management of thoughts of each branch of the giants the Red Oaks.

Each branch of the Tree has and produces its own fruit, grapes and colorful paradoxical Elixirs for all to drink from under the covering of the branches in the hot desert sun.  In city/states of the Ancients this gathering place for the sheep was called, “Bathsheba”.   I remember my friend King David with his eyes, drank the waters, the nakedness of Queen Bathsheba and his whole world crumbled around him.   He never started building his temple.   My other friend King Nebuchadnezzar sipped from the chalice the Elixirs of the Gods and his world fell around him and he became like an animal lost all common sense and logic.

To cultivate the virgin earth the homo-sapiens mind and make him a cultivated person a citizen of the world .  The ancient priests/kings created a farrow a “Hoe” and planted a liter (Liter=spiritual application) of thoughts.

I remember when the Demon came to me and asked if he could go into the swine nearby.   I asked him what he name was and he told me, “Legion” we are many.  I told him to depart and he simply went into the swine and they all went over the cliff.  No exorcism here as some would think.  I simply told him to depart and he did, it is just common sense and logic.

A Woman with two daughters is well played out in the Ancients.


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Each branch here has its own Elixir of the Gods.  It own fragrances of perfume to titillate the senses.

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Each branch here has its own Elixir of the Gods.  It own fragrances of perfume to titillate the senses.
The ancient art of horticulture and agriculture are still prevalent and in use around the world.
This is the first river that flowed from the Head of One.  There are 3 more rivers of thought.  A thought begats an idea from there it is spoken.  It takes the form of a human face this is called an RNA expression.   Whose DNA can be determined and identified.
“From the Head of One flowed 4 Rivers”
When you have two heads of the household the house is divided like a farrow

The First Manger Ancient Mesopotamian

All individuals have a finite particle of Life within them.  Within that containment of Life there exists 3 elements that support your life.

  1. Rule of Law-  “What thought governs you?'”
  2. Economics-  ” Valuation of Life”, does it give me support.
  3. Societal-  An aggregate community of thoughts that provides a safe harbor.

A favorite saying of mine is ,” Son of a Bitch, I did not see that coming.”  When you deny death you deny your life.  The spectra of death propels one to embrace life instead of kneeling to it.   A dead thought cannot raise a dead person, deity or human, it is not in the realm of Quantum behavior mechanics or physics.

When you worship an image you deny your existence  your life.  The Elders already explained that to me.  When I walked among them in the wilderness between the two mountain ranges thousands of years ago.  Play the Dead Mans Hand and see what is in your hand.  I hold an inside straight.  See if you can beat me.  Some will never see the 5th card on the 5th day till it is to late.

Father Give Me Shelter



Knowledge and Wisdom