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Two Realities existing Simultaneously

Ancient Semitic Cognitive Thoughts 4000 BC


The Great Flood

Two understand how reality can exist simultaneously at the same time my dissertation on the Mythology of the the Great Flood in ancient Mesopotamia.   I have to digress a short distance to lay out a fabric concerning the paradigm shift of Mesopotamian cultures between the late Bronze age and the start of the Iron age roughly around 6000 BC.

It is well established that Time is Relative it is linear from the past to the present (the equation of Pie) to the future.  Just for reflection it was sometime during the Dynastic periods that men formulated Pie.  Time sits in front of our eyes and the only movement we see is the motion of the sun, moon and stars above our heads.  To give a notion of how slow time occurs we go to Astro-mechanics (Quantum sub-sets) to look a the foci of elliptical orbits of planets (Earth) and the stars (North Star).

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The earth, as we all know, has its own elliptical orbit around the sun waxing and waning  around 365 days a year.  The North Star has its own elliptical orbit and would take approximatley 25000 human life spans to complete its elliptical orbit, North would become South and South would become North  The ancient astronomers had the movement of the moon and the stars down to less then a minute of an arc.  By using their eyes (observation) and calculations over thousands of years.  The elliptical orbits lay on top of each other in constant motion relative to each other.   To put that in context a simple pictograph will suffice;

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Visual acuity, we as humans see things in 5 arc minutes.  Images we see happens in milliseconds.  As you can see two different images can exist at the same time in our cognitive perception.

Since I know that the Relativity of Time moves at a snails pace even though we are hurtling through. space at light speed.  Then it becomes easy to postulate that the Relativity of  History, governments, religions and social constructs of cultures  moves at a snails pace.  This is easily identifiable through careful observations of linguistically formulations and constructions of the mythology of thoughts and religious overtures.  It is not that history repeats itself but it never moves in Quantum leaps.  What was then is still now.  Human behavior is contained and was contained once the ancient Semitic people moved out of the late Bronze age and stepped into the Iron age when the first city states were created .

We will advance further into the minds of the ancient Mesopotamia in the coming blog series starting with the Great Flood.  Starting at the image of the Iron Man, 587 BC.  Interpreting the words of Daniel before we travel further back in time.

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Quantum Behavior of Human thought not much has changed.  East to West , Top to Bottom.



Parting of the Red Sea Ancient Dynastic Cultures 3500-3000 BC

The Persian gulf was known as the Red Sea .  The slave traders that lined the Arabian deserts traveled up the gulf to the connecting river,  “Arvand Rud (Persia ,Swift River) into the city states of Ancient Dynastic cultures  at the juncture of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers,  (Gateway to the Gods).   The blood of slaves, men, women, and children were spilled on both sides (North to South) to build the ancient cities of wealth and grandeur.  The acquisition of great amounts of gold and silver.  Hellenic culture listed  the Hanging the Gardens of Babylon the 7th wonder of the World, 600 BC.

King Cyrus conquered the city of Babylon  539 BC.   Daniel (LC, Dan. 2) interpret’s King Nebuchadnezzar dream.  Iron Man  has to do with the accounts of the flood.  Philosophies of human nature 3500-3000 BC.

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