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Šimâ Milka or ‘Hear the

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Excursus of Ezekiel 16: 33

Wages of a Prostitute

Extract from Anthology of Opinions 3;, a thousand gods of the male gods and of the female gods of them of the land of Hatti, together with a thousand gods of the male gods and of the female gods of them of the land of Egypt,  are with me as witnesses hearing these words:

In the ancient days towards the late Bronze age when the hunter gathers starting to congregate into city states.  Priests became the ruling monarchy claiming divine right to rule over the common man.  They made themselves stand taller then you and I promoting the idea that men and women were created to serve the gods.   That was our sole purpose in life.

The common man and woman worked for the building of the citadel placed in the center of the city.  You also paid the living wages of the priest.  Not much has changed in 6000 yrs.  Look at any religion in the world.

To help you understand the present you have to go back to the past.  For this dissemination we are going to look at an  then travel back to the time of the Sumerians 3500 BC.
33 They give gifts to all whores: but thou givest thy gifts to all thy lovers, and hirest them, that they may come unto thee on every side for thy whoredom.
This verse is ascribed to *Ezekiel ben-Buzi (593-571 BC.), who lived ancient Babylon during the exile of the Jews after the fall of the 1st Temple, King Solomon (1000 BC.).   At the time there was a large population of Jews who believed in Monotheism but  acknowledge the existence of other gods and goddesses.
*There is a difference between an ancient Semitic/ Hebrew and a Jew.
Just for reflection the beginning of the Second Temple period (586 BC-AD 70) began with the return of the Jews  return of Jews to Jerusalem from their exile in Babylon in 538 BC.
Under an edict issued by Cyrus King of Persia. By 515 BC the reinstated Jewish residents had completed building the Second Temple.
fourth century Judean coin

Judean Coin

Judaen Coin, 4th century BCE, silver, British Museum, London.

The image is of a bearded individual seated on a winged wheel that bears the inscription yhd (earlier read yhw, which could refer to Yahweh) is unique in that it depicts a deity. This coin was probably struck by the Persian administration in Jerusalem. The style is similar to some Greek coins depicting deities in that the figure’s right arm is wrapped in the folds of his garment.

Back to the verse; Eze. 16: 33;

33 They give gifts to all whores: but thou givest thy gifts to all thy lovers, and hirest them, that they may come unto thee on every side for thy whoredom.

This verse is a prolonged attack throughout this chapter of the prophet against Jerusalem whose behavior is likened to a woman worse than a prostitute.

It states in vs. 31 that unlike prostitutes , despises payment, she is likened to an adulterous woman who takes lovers (verse 32).  Then in verse 33 it explains how she attracts lovers.

לְ כָ ל־זֹנ֖ וֹת יִ תְּ ֵ ֑ נוּ־נ ד ֶ ה וְ אַ֨תְּ נָ תַ ֤ תְּ אֶ ת־נְ דָ נַ֙ יִ ְך֙ לְ כָ ל־מ ְ אַֽהֲ בַ֔ יִ ְך וַ תִּ שְׁ חֳ דִ ֣ י אוֹתָ֗ ם לָ ב֥ וֹא אֵ לַ ֛ יִ ְך
מִ סָּ בִ ֖ יב בְּ תַ זְנוּת ָ ֽ יְִך


The translation of this verse is as follows:  Men always present a gift to harlots but you offer gift to harlots but you offered your gifts to all your lovers.  In your promiscuity you bribed them to come to you from all around.  This is talking about the Priest,s of the citadels.

The word in question is the word gifts where does it come from and what is the idea behind it.  The word gifts comes from the word nadan and ancient Arkkadian word from the late Bronze age.  (3400 BC < )

Mesopotamia Wisdom Composition

Šimâ Milka

‘Hear the Advice’

Instructions of a Father to a son for the wages of a prostitute

[nidni ḫar]imti?
nid[na la tanaddinšu ḫarr]āni ša la [tidû] iša[ppar]ka
akul aka šit[i mê mitḫā]riš am[ēla]
ina āli ša la tidû lāpit qēmi ubbalka


(If a stranger comes up and asks you for a bed for the night)
‘You will pay [for him the wages of a prostit]ute.
[(If) you will not pay for him] the wag[es], upon a road with
which [you are] not [familiar], he will send you.’
‘Eat the food, drin[k the water togeth]er with the m[an] (otherwise),
the flour weevil will send you to a city with which you are not
The two instructions are concerned with the hospitality to be
bestowed upon a stranger arriving to one’s city: the first instruction advises in procuring a prostitute for the guest and for paying
her wages and the second for obtaining food for the stranger. A
similar instruction is known from the Sumerian ‘Counsels of Wisdom’. Consider the following:
‘(Even if it is only) an insignificant stranger (gir5-tur) who makes
himself known to somebody—feed him with bread. If he has no bed
(ki-ná), provide him with a bed.’5

Taken in context from the ancient Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylon texts anyone who claims divine authority and requires gratuity for those services is worse then a prostitute.  If you do not give hospitality to strangers then the gods will make you miserable.  It is better to serve the calling of the one claiming divine authority? Or sell your spirit to the darkness? Or save your spirit?

In realm of Monotheistic Opinions (Jewish, Christianity, Islam) the call of divine authority your paying gratuity to the Harlot.

Gen 2: 15====(husbandman) …..took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. (KJV, 1600 AD)

Gen. 2:15====(husbandman)…..the human and he is cleaving him in garden of  Eden to to serve of her and to to keep of her (LC ,1000 BC)

The man is the tree of Good and Evil; the woman is the tree of Life.  The other woman is religion,s that demands gratuity.   When man demanded gratuity he was placed out of the garden of Eden simple as that.Me I like to keep things simple.  I know from  Quantum physics there is a particle of light that gives all of us life within all of us.  That’s my Father of my thought Creation.  “When knowledge increases the end is near”.

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom