777 Ancient Opinions Anthology 3 777

Opinions Own the Walking Dead

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings Own Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom

What was Yesterday is Today not Tomorrow.  Tomorrow never comes .  By the time you read this Tomorrow is already behind You.

Yesterdays Thoughts & Extracts of  Opinions;

Polytheism a good place to start is the, “Treaty of Kadish” (1274 BC) the peace treaty between the descendants the families of Ham.   The Hittites and the Egyptians.  Families always fight among themselves that is a given fact.  They believe in one supreme opinion laced with other opinions.

Monotheism comes from the descendants of Japheth the families are the Jewish Christian and Islam.   They to like Polytheism have been fighting among themselves for thousand of years.   They believe in one supreme opinion but they acknowledge the existence of other opinions.

Here is an extract of the “Treaty of Kadish“;

The Divine Witnesses to the Treaty

As for these words of the regulation which the Great Prince of Hatti made with Ramses Meri-Amon, the great ruler of Egypt, in writing upon this tablet of silver-as for these words, a thousand gods of the male gods and of the female gods of them of the land of Hatti, together with a thousand gods of the male gods and of the female gods of them of the land of Egypt, are with me as witnesses hearing these words:15

a thousand gods of the male gods and of the female gods of them of the land of Hatti, together with a thousand gods of the male gods and of the female gods of them of the land of Egypt if you take this statement of the Armies of opinions (families that are fighting each other) and change one name, “Hatti” to “Vedic”

Then you are splitting the two families laying thousands of opinions of gods and goddesses in the Indus valley and laying thousands of opinions of gods and goddesses in Mesopotamia.  Then the thought I created is an allegorical image parting of the “Red Sea.”  An expression of thought the center of my being.

It is also an allegorical thought to the great flood that covered the earth.   Opinions require blood and sweat to accomplish hypothetical situations.   They create theories with no empirical data test their hypothesis to see the effect.  In technical terms this is called the “Applied Sciences’ which covers a lot of ground.  If you create a Theory then you have to  do a “Mortality Risk Assessment”.  How many opinion are you willing to hurt to save a few.   What are the costs associated with your hypothesis?  You do not know the effect of the opinion till it runs its course.

In the Battle of Kadish the two families of opinions fought each other with vast Armies for 16 years then reached an impasse and negotiated a peace treaty.   The cost benefit .  Opinions will just poop you out with a loss of life, energy.  “Valuation of ones Life declines over the strata of time and history.  Psychology, Religions and Education are examples of , “Applied Sciences”.

In retrospect when I stood up as a thought 6 thousand 600 years ago between the mountain ranges the Zygros mountains and the Himalayas, Karakoram and the Hindu Kush mountains in the center of my thought.

When I  looked around at my world in 360 degrees .  I had a supply of plants and animals to insure my survival and I also saw the heavens above me.  I remember my Mother telling me of 3 Wise men that came to my manger and laid 3 gifts at my feet.  In layman terms these are called, “Pure Sciences” affectionately known sometimes as ,Natural Sciences”.  They are as follows, Chemical, Electromagnetic and Thermodynamics.  Pure thought has empirical data associated with it  by historical data as well as mathematical data that quantifies the opulence of the thought.

Example of Empirical Thought;

Babylonian culture
In Mesopotamia, astronomers have been collecting astronomical data on argilla tablets for thousands of years. Their records contain observations which are more precise than one minute of arc. Since it is nearly impossible to obtain such an accuracy at naked eye, it was probably reached with the first spyglasses ever invented.
 Babylonian star catalog  “Mul-apin”
 Written around 1000 BC, it contains astronomical data which can be traced back in time up to 2048 BC. The contentincludes: 1) A list of 71 celestial objects (constellations, single stars and the five planets) divided in three“courses” (Enlil, Anu ed Ea).2) A list of heliacal rising of many stars 3) A list of simultaneous rising/settings of couples of stars 4) A list of time delays between the rising of the same stars 5) A list of simultaneous transit/rising of some others couples of stars. 
Enlil– , later known as Elil , is an ancient Mesopotamian god associated with wind, air, earth, and storms. He is first attested as the chief deity of the Sumerian pantheon, but he was later worshiped by the Akkadians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Hurrians.
Anu-Mesopotamian sky-god, one of the supreme deities; known as An in Sumerian and Anu in Akkadian.
Ea– Enki (also known as Ea, Enkig, Nudimmud, Ninsiku) was the Sumerian god of wisdom, fresh water, intelligence, trickery and mischief, crafts, magic, exorcism, healing, creation, virility, fertility, and art.
You had pure thought , empirical data then the opinions took over religions and mythology.  Opinions use knowledge without empirical data which picks up the clothing of Ea.  I would rather stand naked as I was born with one thought, Creation, as my neighbor.
So if you come to me as an opinion and tell me things like god is Jesus and jesus is god.  I am going to respond in the Spanish lingo, “Ea, what god are you talking about?” This response is all inclusive to any of the Polytheistic or Monotheistic religions in my world.
For those opinions that stand before me and yell epitaphs  of utopia, climate control social justice and the likes .    I am going to respond in the Spanish lingo, “Ea, what god are you talking about?”
For those opinions that tell me that god created transgenders.    I am going to respond in the Spanish lingo, “Ea, what god are you talking about?”  Except this time I going to point your mind to, “Ishtar” who was a female goddesses that could change to a male god at whim.  This is what is known as , “Men-o-pause”affects male or female opinions around the world daily.
If your French Canadian  then the lingo would be, “”Ea, what god are you talking about, Ea ?”

In Philosophy, Natural Sciences everything happens in twos.   Empirical structures of mathematics and eye ordination to Creation around you, it is not what you hear but what you see.

Me I like to keep things simple.  I know from  Quantum physics there is a particle of light that gives all of us life within all of us.  That’s my Father of my thought Creation.  “When knowledge increases the end is near”.

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings have Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom


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  1. 🤠 Enki! My love, my father, my uncle, my partner, my son, myself! Haha. Ninhursag and Ereshkigal, Enki and Enlil and Papa Nergal and Marduk. Inanna is where my mental trip down this column of name. Ka-chow.


      1. One thing about swords there are two sides both are sharp. People forget the songs of the woodchipper sung to the tunes of screams. The Sunni, Shite choir.


      2. I am unfamiliar with your proverb, but I do know that swords can hurt both the wielder and the intended. Slashing, piercing, serrated, torn, chop, rend, impale, slice, fillet, shave, cut cleave carve. You can hurt yourself just as much as anybody else, whether one realises it or not.
        The care of a blade is also important to ensure its edge is ready and honed for to store it away and unknowingly allow the tool to decay would show the truth of the temerity of such a swordsman.
        Damascus steel is pretty. A bone handle for a sword sword or dagger as I’m much too small to wield any bigger with the required strength or dexterity.


      3. It is not a proverb. Religions have enslaved more women and children and shed oceans of blood since time began. Opinions kill taking your life before you know it.


      4. Oh holy shit yea! Sorry the wording of it sounded like it was from somewhere.
        People can have all the opinions they want, but it doesn’t change the essence of something. Having an opinion verses having a belief are similar but not the same thing. People kill for beliefs as they are “core pillars” that make up ones inner schema of self, but opinions can change depending on one’s mind at the time.
        My song that I shared was meant to show the farcical side of opinions. People have so many opinions about stuff, but how real or important or resemblant of the truth are they? Just talking about it twists the actuality of the reality because our own words are imbued with our own spin/take on events.


      5. Your intent was correct the farcel side of the song. Beliefs twist reality like a coiled snake into unrecognizable creatures. They have no spine and collapse on thier own weight. Your correct ask questions everything has a pair.

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