777 Ancient Opinions Anthology 1 777

Opinions Own the Walking Dead

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings Own Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom

What was Yesterday is Today not Tomorrow.  Tomorrow never comes .  By the time you read this Tomorrow is already behind You.

Woke up this morning drinking coffee watching the Western night disappear behind the Zygros mountain range with the Eastern Sun rising above the Karakorum mountain range.  .Border to the North by the Taurus Mountain range.   The Father of my thoughts , Creation, grew up in this wilderness about 8 thousand 600 hundred years ago.

From this vast wilderness the thought of Creation. Carried by the winds of the nomadic caravans flowed through the mountain passes of the Zygros mountains spilling onto the basins of the Euphrates rivers and the Tigris rivers.  Earliest accounts puts this at around 8000 BC the late Bronze age.  This was the Cradle of Civilization the birth of opinions in the land of the Gods.

From this region as early as 6000 BC nomads by the expansion of opinions of Creation flowed back across the mountain passes into the Karakorum mountain ranges then through the passes into the Indus river valley along that vast mountain range on the Eastern side.  The earliest writings we see there is San Script which was born around 5000 BC.  Just for historical references this writing showed up in the ancient Aztec motifs dating back as far as 1300 BC.

The thought of Creation, one thought, one Creator held firm until the introduction of the city states.  We know this from historical records around 4000 BC.  Once the thought of Creation passed through the delimited borders of the nomadic tribes into the citadels of the city states.  This is where and when the  birth of opinions started.  What is our purpose here on earth?  Who do we serve?  An absolute of Creation or the opinions of Creation?

One of the most destructive forces man has ever created was opinions.  It has caused more shedding of blood then another weapon ever created.  Since the dawn of the ages.  It is for this reason that I am compelled to narrative the birth place of opinions in the mangers of history a small slice at a time in ancient Mesopotamia.   An Anthology of ideas and the ruination of the valuation of life.

Last night I was in a bantered discussion with a friend of mine on this very topic.  Here is a portion of the conversations;

Her comment; Such is the cycle of the power exchange as history continues to revolve, and not resolve, around their ruminations. The rise and fall of kingdoms goes on.

My comment back to the young lady centered on the word resolve.  History does resolve itself.  Through through the outlier cause and effect.  My stance is that absolute thought increases the valuation of life as to where opinions are by nature progressive and becoming destructive to the valuation of ones life.

My comment ;  Although elliptical orbits are elastic to some degree within boundaries. They are still structurally sound . Situation you have 3 houses; One will be built out of straw, the second house is built out of sticks, the third one was made out of bricks.  Lessons from the past resolve which one you will build to last.  Therefore lessons from the past indeed judge the present. History always judges the soundness of ones decisions. It has its own court of Law.

A couple more comments passed by;  Towards the end;

Her comments; But the present is where your power lies. For you can only do and be and enact any change in the present, the tools before you to wield. Your body is here and now, but the heart and the mind may take turns living in the future and the past. But only as you are, when you bring all parts of yourself whole as one, working in unity towards a direct and single goal,… unified in body spirit and soul upon the throne of your own in your core of all you have ever known… The mastery of the self to manifest the future you envision, understand the reason for the grievance and reflect back to the past, heal and reframe/reshape the source of that pain. Leave yourself a sign in your mind to recognize the light of your life… return to the present, smile, and express graciousness. Embrace your loved ones, give thanks, eat and be merry for all the gifts of existence are there and yours for the taking. All that you can do has been done, keep the fire burning in your heart with a song on your lips, and a hand to hold will squeeze and remind you you’re not alone.

My comment back; Then you have resolved the situation of the 3 houses from lessons from the past to the present. It supports my hypothesis that the past can change the present in anyone’s life with a structural soundness to withstand the gale force winds that bracket the  panes of your citadels.

Opinions are built out of the chaff of the wheat and blow away in the wind.  Absolutes are built out of the hardness of the thought, bricks, that withstand the gale force winds of time and space.

Absolute thought stood up one day thousands of years ago and knew with his eyes that the earth was below his feet and the atmosphere was above his head.  Someone had already created that origination it was not an opinion it was solid as rock.  His eyes told him these things and he heard the sounds of Creation in his ears.   It was when he conjugated next to city states that the simplicity of the thought became complicated by other means.  Creation became clothed with compounded suffixes and prefixes evolving into a Sea of Pottage.  Opinions became the daughters of men.  The Achilles heal of Mans Creation.  Their Sons became the giants across the land  still living among us to this day.  Sons always grab the heals of the one before them.

So as we take a walk into the birth of the opinion using the Pet/CT Scan Tomography on the manger to discover the birth defects of opinions.  I will narrow your eyes to one thought.  The Hittites of ancient Mesopotamia who we only know of through the use ancient biblical manuscripts and Egyptian texts.   The Hittites are believed to be the decedents of Ham one of Noah’s sons.  Who, with others built the tower of Babel (Babylonia) when they migrated into the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.   From the Egyptian side of things we will look at the , “Treaty of Kadish”, 1274 BC.  The first recorded peace treaty in the known world between waring factions.  Between the Hittites and the Egyptians in which portions of the treaty are penned on the walls of the United Nations in New York city to this day.

Me I like to keep things simple.  I know from  Quantum physics there is a particle of light that gives all of us life within all of us.  That’s my Father of my thought Creation.  “When knowledge increases the end is near”.

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings have Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom