777 Pet Scan/CT /Tomography of Words 2B [Mortality Risk Assessment of BS] 777

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Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings have Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom


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RNA sequencing=  is a technique that displays the quantity and sequences of RNA in samples using next generation sequencing.   It is the mathematical probability that a transcriptions of an expression of thought patterns (pictures and words) are encoded within our RNA.   Expressions, thoughts are carried from generation to generation.

Mortality Risk Assessment

“Statistical Valuation of Thoughts”

Woke up this morning drinking coffee watching the Eastern sun come up from the seas.  Something I had not done in a thousand years.  I looked around my horizon all appeared as usual  and the skies above nothing had changed since yesterday.

I finished my coffee and walked down to the local news marketplace near the main temple of the city.  As I was walking a flyer of the air came before my eyes floated down from the heavens.  I noticed it had a fowl smell attached to it.  It did not take me long to figure out that this was a vulture from the heavens that comes down to feed on your flesh till your nothing but a pile of bones,

Here,s what the flyer of the air the vulture had to say;

SexZeeNation – By Zee Adamu O’Shaughnessy

by williwash



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Today’s topic is meant to educate.Enjoy!

At one time, a newly married young man was shouting at his 20 years old wife and his father called him aside and said to him, ‘We only shout at people our shouts or threats can frighten. But not to your wife.
The way you are shouting, you are giving away your power to your wife. Your threats make her stronger. Most men believe that when a woman is threatened, she gets subdued, but women are not changed with fear.

A woman may stay quiet when a man is threatening and shouting at her but she is not sitting down inside her. She is evaluating the man’s weakness and how to subdue him rather.

Cast your mind back to those days men used to beat their wives flippantly at slightest provocations, today most of those men are older and they suffering consequences

Those women their husband were beating years back are the ones enjoying the marriage with their children today, the mothers have their children’s sympathy, the men are at the receiving end.

Let it become clear to men that the way into a woman’s heart is not to try to threaten and subdue her. God spoke to men and said, ‘Husbands, love your wife’. Do you need an elaborate explanation of this scripture? Love makes women weak. When you truly love a woman and show it, she will submit to you without qualms. But when a woman has sensed that she is just like your toy, you just want to use her or you are domineering and controlling, the spirit of rebellion takes over her. She might not physically stand on your way but she is plotting coup against you and one day, you will sit and watch her and her children force you to follow their rules or die quicker.

Here was my response back ;


I will take you up on your challenge. Show me in the 7 days of Genesis where it states that your god said love your wife. I am a strict Creationist. I live and breathe ancient Mesopotamia. Your assertions about the nature of the woman are disjointed and ramble with a male oriented god that reduces the woman to a piece of property. Your a young man who is only mimicking what you have heard instead of doing your research into ancient Hebrew manuscripts. So I accept your challenge show me in the old Testament, Gen . 1 – 3 where it says to Love your Wife, it is not there. There is however another word that has nothing to do with Love the initial causation of action for a man.

Cast your mind back to those days men used to beat their wives flippantly at slightest provocations’

I took him up on his offer to go fishing and cast my net into the ocean and pulled up a lot of beasts of the oceans, religions, that have never stopped beating their wives since the time of recorded civilization.  All one has to do is look past the window panes of your citadels you have built.

Creation does not subdue Creation but cleaves to it with an equal footing.  Nor does Creation submit to Creation.  Creation however does subdue the fowl of the air that come down from the atmosphere .

Evolution recreates Creation;  ��♀��♀till it dies then evolves into another form.

Creation never moves from its spot Image result for male female bathroom signs

Creation is separated by a line the conjunction (and) both have equal footing and both compromise between the words cleave and helpmeet.  Far cry from evolutionary thought of subdue and submit.

So I wrote my comments down on a 8 in by 11 in piece of paper folded it up into a little paper fighter jet and throw it into the rising sun to see where the winds carry it.

For you see we all of the Spirit of Life within us,  where it came from and where it is going, I do not know.   But we all have an obligation to pass that, Spirit of Life, on to others.   Where I came from and where I am going I will let you know when I get there.  Someone just asked me why?

We have all sat before our Creation since time began no denying that.

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings have Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom


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