777 RNA Sequencing Generational 2 [Dead Mans Hand] 777

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings have Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom

Filler Information;

I wrote a book a couple of eons ago called,” Dead Mans Hand”.  It was based on a famous Western hero, Wild Bill Hickok, that was shot in the head playing 5 card stud at a poker table in the hills of the Dakota’s.  He was holding legend says, a pair of Aces and a pair of Eights in the suits of  clubs and spades.  No one knows what the 5th card was that he was holding.  Hence it was called, ” Dead Mans Hand”.

Yesterday’s blog I showed you a pair of Babylons one in ancient Mesopotamia, 4000 BC and the other Babylon constructed on the Nile river on the Nile River around 527 BC during the expansion of the Eastern Roman Empire.  I showed you a pair of Aces.  The city of Babylon is listed 500 times in the ancient manuscripts.  Which one are we talking about?

Now I am going to show you a pair of eights,  in my hand I am holding a pair of Red Seas, and I am holding a 5th card not revealed at this time.

RNA sequencing=  is a technique that displays the quantity and sequences of RNA in samples using next generation sequencing.   It is the mathematical probability that a transcriptions of an expression of thought patterns (pictures and words) are encoded within our RNA.   Expressions, thoughts are carried from generation to generation.

It is my contention that picture writing (thoughts) that came out as early as the 10th century BC still have power today in the conventional sense but also in the realm of the spiritual sense.

For an RNA expression offspring (thoughts) it requires (Laws of Nature) that you have two parents.   Parents (thoughts) the DNA of thoughts that come together as one by copulation of the mind, pass the genetic markers, to the offspring that are easily identifiable from generation to generation.

Wisdom of life is  reflected in the words of the Nomadic Kazakhs “Biz de sizdei bolgamyz, siz de bizdei bolasyz”.

“We were like you, you too will be the same as we are.” 

This picture writing that you see below you is called a logogram,  a written or pictorial symbol that is used to represent an entire word, unlike phonograms, which represent phonetic sounds. Logograms are commonly known as “ideograms” or “hieroglyphs” although, technically, an ideogram represents an idea rather than a specific word.   A significant advantage of using logographic symbols is that they can be easily understood no matter what language is spoken, which is not the case with writing systems like alphabets or syllabaries which are purely phonetic.

Image result for sumerian picture writing is called what?

The word Babylon had its own logogram assigned to it, example if you look at the “Lu” which means man.  You would add a suffix to the image in this case ,”gal” , King would be “Lu-gal”.   Lu itself would mean man.

Just because it is who I am.  If you look at the geme ( female slave) if you add a suffix to that word then you are talking about a male slave.   Suffix is another picture, logogram, added to the root word of geme.  You do not see a root word (picture) or suffix for homosexual or lesbians.   The origination’s of those thoughts were birthed from the nature of Man who creates everything with his hands.  We speak things into existence then we create with our hands.  We are the Kings of the Ancients from the dawn of time.

Dead Mans Hand we need a pair of eights in different suits, since we are dealing with the word , Red Sea” will use the red Heart and the red Diamond.  One being older then the other thought.

Gen. 25: 24 ;  “and they are fulfilling days of her to to give birth of and behold ! twins in belly of her”

Image result for Enûma êliš,

Enuma Elise was an ancient Historian who wrote about the Babylonians worldview centered on the supreme authority of the god Marduk that centers the belief that mankind exists to service god.  Babylon literally meant, gateway to the gods, you had two Babylons.  Are there two gateways, one old and one younger, or is there only one gateway?  One on or near the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and the other on the Nile river both could be correct at the sometime or they are fraternal thoughts?  The same but not identical twins?

Within the clay tablet you see is a logogram for the word ,”Red Sea“.  The logogram for the Red Sea is on the first line if you read from the left to the right the third picture. reprint the first line and day of creation;

In the very first year there appeared from the Red Sea note[In Antiquity, the common name of the Persian Gulf.] in an area bordering on Babylonia a frightening monster, named Oannes […]. It had the whole body of a fish, but underneath and attached to the head of the fish there was another head, human, and joined to the tail of the fish, feet, like those of a man, and it had a human voice. 

If you go two more blocks over you will see the logogram for Marduk the god that came down from heaven in the far left logogram.

In the ancient Semitic you would read the clay tablets from the right to the left, top to bottom.  To ascend you would read bottom to top just a thought.  The human head is the block between the Red Sea and the god Marduk.

Now I have two , Red Seas one of ancient Mesopotamia the elder and  , Red Sea the younger.

*Babylon the younger was built by the Eastern Roman Empire in Cairo overlooking the Nile river.  They built a canal from the Nile river linking it to the younger Red Sea.  To facilitate river commerce from the Mediterranean and the Red Sea via the  Nile River.

Dead Mans Hand,  I am holding a pair of Aces and a pair of Eights, two Babylons and two Red Seas.  Legend has it no one knows what the 5th card was that Wild Bill Hickok, was holding.

So when Moses parted the Red Sea.  Which one did he part?  Did he part two Seas, Identical thoughts or are the thoughts Fraternal one sea, two siblings ?

Unlike the legend I hold the 5th card in my hand which I will reveal in the 3rd blog.   Thoughts (words) like humans have genetic markers and genealogies and are like Kings they speak and create in the atmosphere above our heads from the past to the present.


Image result for munus/ woman image

“slave” ( male. arad, female geme) servitude


Image result for munus/ woman image

“slave” ( male. arad, female geme) servitude

Dead Mans Hand

We have all sat before our Fathers since time began no denying that.  You can lie to me but you can not lie to your Father.

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings have Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom


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  1. There are so many different meanings for one word, and the symbol is pretty straight forward. What I say and mean is usually interpreted differently to the next person. As my photography speaks for me at times.


  2. 1188 The Angel of the Covenant *tyrbh K)lm. Remember who you are, and in doing so remember the promise you made to me (yourself, your family, your legacy, your hopes and dreams).


    1. Anaphoric meanings of YAHW an angel of the Lord. An angel is not possessive state when you say, the, then it becomes possessive. Words become angels descending and ascending to those around you. Angels have a crown of authority on their heads as do Queens. You speak your existence into the arena either condemning or reaffirming either way it is your Ark.

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      1. Hark, you hear the ark skkkrrzzzzrtt, onomatopoeic sound effects! 👩‍⚖️⚡💥👁‍🗨😃
        That 1188 thingy was from the sepher sephiroth. I copied and pasted it.
        you are right about the use of ‘an’ vs ‘the’. ‘The’ is something defined, whereas ‘a/an’ (in the English language anyway!) is not. ‘The’ denotes specificity, presupposing something already known, as opposed to a/an which is used to reference generally.


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