777 Queens Only Judge 5 :4 777

“We die to ourselves by the choices we make crossing two great rivers one of blood and one of water.”

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings have Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom

Judges 5 : 4;

“salvation to go forth from you Seir in the march of you from the fields of Edom  earth she quaked heavens  moreover they dropped thick clouds dropped water. “

Filler Information;

In the Book of Judges, it is stated that Deborah was a prophet, a judge of Israel and the wife of Lapidoth ( Enlightened) .  She rendered her judgments beneath a date palm tree between Ramah in Benjamin and Bethel in the land of Ephraim.

Judges chapter 5.  This passage, often called The Song of Deborah, may date to as early as the twelfth century BC, and is perhaps the earliest sample of Hebrew poetry.



Judges 5: 4

“salvation to go in forth of you (Wife)

“Seir”, (tempest, refers to an unstable man) in the march of you (Wife)”

“from the fields of Edom (Red) the earth” refers to the eldest son of Issac who sold his birthright, his identity as a man. To follow the other goats.

“she (Wife) quaked moreover” refers to the Woman when she realized her birthright her nature.

“heavens moreover ” refers to Womans body, soul and spirit.

“they dropped moreover ” refers to the truth of words that fell from the mouth of the king who was taller than she.

“thick clouds they dropped water ” truthfully words always quenches ones mind and spirit.



Judges 5: 4;

“thick clouds they dropped water >they dropped moreover >heavens moreover >she (Wife) quaked moreover >from the fields of Edom earth >in the march of you (Wife) > salvation to go forth in you (Wife)”

This narrative Judges 5:4; is the Woman who wakes up one day and realizes that she can not sell her birthright, she is a part of her Fathers Creation.

It is the goat hearders of the three great religions that sell her to other men.

Men are the only ones that sell their birthright its their choice and the Women and children suffer.  Religions are complicit in this endeavor have been for 500 generations 500 generations.

She was standing when man decided to rise up from his darkness and reclaim his birthright a King who becomes a Father.

A cursory look at Judges and one would realize that the Woman in the family unit is the Chancellor, a general consul to the Husbands and sons.  She tempers the angry of the Kings and turns his eyes towards his nature his Creation a Father.  The Husband in turn turns his sons eyes to his nature to inherit his

Like a Diamond there are many facets to words each one shines in a different light.

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings have Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom


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