777 1 Kings Only 1 :4 Ascending to 1:1777

“We die to ourselves by the choices we make crossing two great rivers one of blood and one of water.”

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings have Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom

1 Kings 1 : 4 : Hebrew Words;

And the maiden lovely exceedingly and she is becoming for the king and not he knew her.

To understand what your are reading.  You have to stop at each conjunction (and) and figure out that particular thought.

“and not he knew her”, man does not see Creation in the eyes of the Female.

“and she is ministering him” the Woman takes care of the everyday affairs. Maintains peace in the surrounding landscape.

“and she is the one caring”, Women instinctively have a caring nature.

1 Kings 1:3;

“and they bring her to the king”: Who do they bring to the king?

Gen. 2 :18; I shall him helper in front of him.

“and they are finding Abishag the Shumnite “; which means “strays from Father”,  resides,”peace”

“and they are seeking maiden lovely in all boundary of Israel”.  They found a Woman who did not contend with her Father.  She returns as a child a virgin a young lady of 7 yrs old.  Not of child bearing age.

1Kings 1:2;

“and he is warm to Lord of me the King;

It is like saying Mike is warm to the idea of one Father.

“and she shall be for him one caring and lies down in bosom of you”;  she resides in your heart.

“and she stands to faces of the king”. there is the face of her Father and the face of man.

“and they are saying to him servant of him they shall seek for Lord of me”.

Men seek the Father of her Creation before they die.

1 Kings 1:1;

“and not being warm for him”

“and they are covering in the cloaks ”

“and king David (Ron) old he came in the day”

Kings always appear in the day.

1st image a male

2nd image a female

3rd image becoming a couple

4th image becoming one in mind,body and spirit ( one Father of their Creation).

Then there is the 5th image a Woman in the 5th day of Her Creation turns to face the man and helps him to stand up.  She returns home as a virgin.

Then there is the 6th image when the man realizes like me who my Lord is.

Lord is not the same as a god.  Gods are metaphysical creatures that fly through the air.  Lords have two feet on the ground.  Fathers have two feet on the ground. Kings have two feet on the ground.

The 7th image is one of rest, Male and Female there is only one Father.  She stands with her Father and faces Man.

7 Days of your Creation crossing the rivers of blood.  Then there is the river that your Father’s walked to thier Father.  The Pishon river.

For sake of argument jesus taught and spoke from the Old Testament.  The early church plagiarized the New testament as did King James.

A god would not talk about the Old Testament. Puts jesus in the crosshairs man or a god? To me he was a man that pointed my eyes back to the lands of the ancient Semitic/Hebrew.

Fyi, Luicifer is an epiphany of man’s nature.  We destroy all things.

Kings own Nothing but own Everything

Kings have Knowledge and Wisdom

Queens temper the Kings Knowledge and Wisdom