777 Quanta Lights,” Semitic Hebrews had No Name for Jesus ” 777


Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Knowledge is Power of the Kings

Wisdom is the Power of the Queens


7 Days of Your Creation

A Day is like 10 Years

In the beginning he created salvation the heavens and the earth and the earth she became chaos and vacancy and darkness over the faces of abyss……..and the spirit of salvation is vibrating over the faces of their abyss. Hebrew Genesis 1:1-2.

This verse is from the Hebrew bible.  The very first scriptures of Genesis. Nowhere in these two verses does it mention god or jesus.

It caused me to start asking questions;

How does the christian religion that saves the world make a man into a god?

Why can’t the god ,allah, save the world?

The Hebrews have no name for thier God. They have no name for jesus. They believe a messiah will show up and save the world according to the Jewish calendar 6000 in 2042.

How come the first organized religion, Sumerians, 3500 BC.  Made it mandatory that man serves the gods before the gods serve man?

How did the early Christian church changed the theology and now gods serve man?

Why did the early church turn a common man into a god?

If we are to immulate a man/ god. Do we immulate the man only?

Do we immolate a god who no one has every seen?

How do I know King James is following the ancient Semitic/Hebrew translations?

Why did the Council of Trent change the tenets of the ancient Hebrew texts? And why?

Jesus has had 500 generations to set things right.  Where is he?

Why did god choose a common man’s name to become a god?

Why did Jesus allow 60 million plus babies to be aborted and murdered in America?

Why did a christian pastor in Riwanda, 1984, take an old Testament verse to justify killing 6 million women, children and men in the name of Jesus? They took the babies and smashed their heads against the walls.

How did Jesus teach a whole continent to become thieves in the last 40 years?

It would seem to me that Jesus the man/god has a lot of blood on his hands.

500 generations still shedding blood in the name of jesus.

To tell me I am delusional not to believe in Jesus as a god.  Then I am delusional.   Call me crazy but the Father of my Creation did not shed any blood to help me stand up.  Creation does not shed blood or teaches me to be thief.

7th Day to the Even resides the time where you either go Home to Your Father as a King and rest or you go back into the Dirt on the odds where you came from either male or female.

Half Truths never Kill you till you Fall down.

KINGS speak Worlds into Existence he created heaven and earth

Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Knowledge is Power of the Kings

Wisdom is the Power of the Queens

 A Father in a Land of Kings


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