777 Quanta Lights,” 1 Kings ” 777


Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Knowledge is Power of the Kings

Wisdom is the Power of the Queens


7 Days of Your Creation

A Day is like 10 Years

In the beginning he created salvation the heavens and the earth and the earth she became chaos and vacancy and darkness over the faces of abyss……..and the spirit of salvation is vibrating over the faces of their abyss. Hebrew Genesis 1:1-2.

1 Kings 1:1;

“and the King David was old he came in the day and they are covering in the cloaks and not he is being warm for him”

King David was the “Warrior King”.  He had life experience in the art of warfare, a library of Knowledge and Wisdom.  Old age has a way of covering one with a cloak, a talisman keeping one safe and secure through transitions of live events.  He was experienced on the battlefield but a wreck off the battlefield.  His Kingdom was one of bloodshed.

It was for this reason that his Father told him he would not build the second temple but King Solomon who was the second son of Bathsheba.

However it must be noted that King David had to go through these battles in order to stabilize his life. Which arrives in the appointed times of the seasons.

King David as well as King Solomon are what you would call an epiphany of Ishmael. The first born of Abraham.  Ishmael inherits nothing, he had the wealth of the nations but as it states did not keep him warm.

I like King David was a Warrior on the battlefields on and off.  I, like it states stirred the waters of Bathsheba ever so often in season attaining a fleeting sense of glory for all to see.  But like the returning Generals parading before the Ceasars with the spoils of war.  There was always a slave in the chariot whispering in his ear, “Glory is fleeting “.

I,  like King Solomon came in age one day, tempered my sword lowered my arms in the temple.  Inheriting the wealth of Knowledge and Wisdom, owning nothing but owning everything.

For you see my Father told me one day to straighten out the tangles in my hair, mats and quit crippling myself and others around me. Get up and walk.  Which I did.  He told me to move 700 miles to the East which I did.

A cloak is also a spiritual journey mind, body and spirit.

Jesus had nothing to do with my journey.  He had nothing to do with King David, Solomon, Me or Mike.  We are all Kings it is just a matter of how each of us rule.

To keep oneself warm is the acquisition of Wisdom in the Temple of Creation, the Woman who is reborn.  We will see this transition in the next couple of verses.  1 Kings 1:2.

7th Day to the Even resides the time where you either go Home to Your Father as a King and rest or you go back into the Dirt on the odds where you came from either male or female.

Half Truths never Kill you till you Fall down.

KINGS speak Worlds into Existence he created heaven and earth

Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Knowledge is Power of the Kings

Wisdom is the Power of the Queens

 A Father in a Land of Kings


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