777 Quanta Lights,” Fathers of Creation, Kings ” 777


Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Knowledge is Power of the Kings

Wisdom is the Power of the Queens


7 Days of Your Creation

A Day is like 10 Years

In the beginning he created salvation the heavens and the earth and the earth she became chaos and vacancy and darkness over the faces of abyss……..and the spirit of salvation is vibrating over the faces of their spirit [waters]. Ancient Semitic/Hebrew

Interesting view on reality Quantum Mechanics.

“we understand that the worlds were framed by the words of Creation, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” 

“but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee.” 

Point of reference; worlds is plural as is nations is plural.  My name is Ron and I am a Father, a King ,to 200 plus followers that come from many nations.  You apply words of the ancients to your life and it makes sense.  Am I building an Ark of one thought again the answer would be I am.  Who sent me , I am sent me.  Creation my Father sent me.

Me and my wife have had long discussions on who Father God is or isn’t.  I stick to the Laws of Creation that exist in the physical world that are easily translated into a spiritual realm.  My Father is a particle of light, a particle of Life, that exists within me.

One of the main arguments is that I do not consider my Father Holy.  For the simple fact of  my earthly Father.  He was strong and authority but I did not consider him Holy.  So why would I consider my Father of Creation Holy or a God.  My Father is strong and authoritative and highly structured in complex mathematical compositions that creates a life force that binds Creation together.  Tamper with reality and you will become unstable and chaotic and decay spiritually inside most of your life.  There is no hypo static union between birth and death there is a reality that these events will happen in their appointed time.

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In the beginning he created heaven and earth, the only way to create something is speak it into existence which follows the Laws of Nature.

Point of reference;  the shin or the destroyer is your mouth not some meta physical Satan or Lucifer or whatever names you come up with.  Hypostatic unions deriding the structures of reality will collapse under their own weight.

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This is called the “Ox head’,  a strong leader this was the symbol before written language.  They used pictures to convey thoughts.  Using the Ox head tell me how you would tell a child that their Father of Creation was Holy.  You cannot speak words only using hand gestures and facial gestures.  Can,t be done.   Holy is a misnomer of interpretation, a step child of religion, the other woman.

7th Day to the Even resides the time where you either go Home to Your Father as a King and rest or you go back into the Dirt on the odds where you came from either male or female.

Half Truths never Kill you till you Fall down.

KINGS speak Worlds into Existence he created heaven and earth

Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Knowledge is Power of the Kings

Wisdom is the Power of the Queens

 A Father in a Land of Kings


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  1. What I heard, You have to decide, you can’t split in half, yes or no, Don’t wait until you get to the other side to choose. Our thoughts don’t know where to land, Or do they? It is written on our hearts. It is not by chance. It is meaningless to try to define the particles properties, because it is by design not chance. Have to love Quantum Physics.


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