777 Quantum Lights,” After Midnight Day Five ” 777

Father is in Me; I am in the Father; the Father is in Me; 


Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Knowledge is Power of the Kings

7 Days of Your Creation

A Day is like 10 Years

King ==the male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.

In the beginning he created the salvation of heaven and earth Gen. 1: 1

Writings from the days of my Fathers once I turned into a King, I create heaven and earth in the mind and heart of my Creation a new Life.

And the earth she became chaos and vacancy and darkness over the surfaces of the abyss and the spirit of the King is vibrating over the surfaces of the waters. Gen. 1:2

Queen=== the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth

he created male and female each is a independent state when joined together they rule a Kingdom and those around them.

Your in the 5th day of your life and everything is coming to an end. Yet you still cannot figure out simple questions:

      1. Where did I come from?
      2. Where am I going?
      3. What is my purpose in life?

Where did I come from, no one can truly answer that question. If we look at Quantum Mechanics it tells us that we come from a particle of energy, (Life). This Life exists in all of us. Where did that particle come from and how did it come to be. The simple answer for me is that it is my Father.

In the Quantum fields of Thermodynamics, we are born a living organism full of life. There are two events in life; the first is when you are born and the second event is when you get hammered by the elders around you( who pose as kings).

In the Thermodynamics of heat transfer to cold, first we are born full of energy and the second event over the course of the years, we decay into a cold state. Therefore we can no longer create life around us; meaning male or female.

To answer where I am going with this, requires us to revisit three states of Quantum Mechanics:

  • We return to a particle of life.
  • Or we continually become colder.
  • Both will become a liquid state.

Life is Eternal and Death is Eternal. The difference between matter and anti-matter becomes a choice for all of us to make; meaning male and female.

Where am I going?  Back to the city of my Fathers to rest for eternity along with the other Kings that have come before me in the Even of the night.

My purpose in Life is to present the facts and let you make your own decision as to live or die by your own hand. If you read the flesh of the word then there is no life in that resolve; so by its own merits Death has its own Creation.

As it states in the day of Ancient Semitic/Hebrews: “he created salvation; which is heaven and earth”.

Kings inherit from their Fathers, to tend to and restore the Creation of the Woman; “he created male and female” (Gen. 1 : 27). To subdue the animals that come against Her Nature. “Animals” is an ancient Semitic/Hebrew expression denoting the human nature; meaning male or female.

The Female fulfills prophecy, she is the Circle of Creation. She is the restored Queen who rules with Her Husband; the King.

The next Two Days will be telling for all.

You have two Kings ,  One is Alive and one is Dead , Religions always Divide the House

Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Queens own Nothing but Own Everything

Wisdom is the Power of the Queens

Knowledge is Power of the Kings


 King in a Land of kings

Queens in a Land of Kings


8 thoughts on “777 Quantum Lights,” After Midnight Day Five ” 777

  1. You taught how to not read in the flesh, and I thank you for that into eternity. Quantum physics , entropy, I now understand it and apply it to my days left to me. There is no more chaos in the arms of the Kings and my Father.


  2. We were born full of energy. In the perfect state, then immediately begin to equalize within the SYSTEM we are born into. It is only when you are capable of making the decision, return to the Father of your creation, stay with the elders and get hammered and become a hammer to those around you. Live or die by your own hand. Powerful words Ron. Great post WOW!


  3. We get the wow factor every time we read your words, the hair is standing up on his arms. That is how powerful you speak. He said, I dont want to be the hammer. Your words are truth. Respect and Honor, into eternity.


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