777 Quantum Lights,” After Midnight Day Two ” 777

Father is in Me; I am in the Father; the Father is in Me; 

We all Have to Pay In The End


Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Knowledge is Power of the Kings

7 Days of Your Creation

A Day is like 10 Years

The Morn of the 1st Day to the Sun sets resides the time where the Father stands in front of You. Your eyes are opening from the womb that surrounded you and see the world around you for the first time. You experience what life has to offer. Birth and Death swirl around you like a wheel turning in all directions.

In the beginning I created the salvation of heaven and earth Gen. 1: 1

Writings from the days of my Fathers once I turned into a King, I create heaven and earth in the minds and hearts of those that hear my words, male or female.

And the earth she became chaos and vacancy and darkness over the surfaces of the abyss and the spirit of the King is vibrating over the surfaces of the waters. Gen. 1:2

Jesus Message.
My beautiful children of the love of the Father the sacrifice I gave for you because of the love. I now call on you to follow our love in all you do. be aware of who you are and that you were all called to be our family in the beauty of all creation. Let not the judgement of the world be guide but your servant, to serve those who are one with us as family and the day comes when you will create love in many forms of the true life you are now entering into. The darkness of those who feel they need to stand out and behave so that they can bring hardship upon you is coming from there insecurity of not having a heart that beats as truth and upliftment which draws closer to all who love and accept the balance that all life was made forever lasting. Know I watch over all to become the full potential that is special for you. Come closer with each breath and knowing your loving reward for your honesty towards life draws closer. I Am.

And he is saying salvation to Moses I shall become who I am becoming who I am becoming and he is saying thus you shall say to the sons of Israel I shall become he sent me to you.  Ex. 3: 14

He is a male pronoun, lower case. saying to Moses I shall become who I am becoming who I am becoming. Mike listened to me and now he is becoming he is becoming a King. I lowered my arms to stand Mike up. Then Mike will become he sent me to you.

In the meantime the Queen will stand alongside Mike to temper the mettle of his sword. To all that come before Him.

And he is saying further salvation to Moses thus you shall say to sons of Israel,[contending with the Father, {Israel}] יהוה salvation off fathers of you salvation of Abraham, saved Isaac and saves Jacob he sent me. Ex. 3 : 15

So when you think a dead person is going to talk to you from 2000 yrs ago that the early christian church laced your mind with the ropes of metaphysical aspirations. Then you are dead in the water just ask my friend Mike and his wife Sandra.

Kings create heaven and earth for salvation to restore Her Creation, her nature or they destroy Her nature Creation. And all that come into their kingdom.

For you see you cannot  have two men in the same bedchambers one is alive and one is dead. It just plainly divides the house.

You have two Fathers ,  one is Alive and one is Dead ,death always Divides.

As the Father has Spoken, so Shall it Be.  

Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Queens Listen

Knowledge is Power of the Kings


 King in a Land of kings


6 thoughts on “777 Quantum Lights,” After Midnight Day Two ” 777

      1. Yes, none of us die, we will go Home, my Home is with the Father. I am just passing through, a fleeting moment in time to do my Fathers will. For what is life, it is even a vapor, that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away.


  1. If you have to scratch your head because it doesn’t match up to what your senses reveal to you or you use reason and logic in a way that falls outside the bounds of either creation or science then that is a lie given by a man to control you. You are dead in the water, drowning in the deceptions conceived by men in order to dominate you.


    1. Exactly, Quantum Mechanics and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics support Creation. It is complex mathematical structures that cannot be tampered with. People thousands of years ago knew that life came from somewhere that is in all us. It is called a Quantum particle of Light. It takes men to restore Creation. Evolution has no structures only strains of DNA which can be tampered with

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