777 Quantum Lights,” 7th Day Kings Rest ” 777

,Father is in Me; I am in the Father; the Father is in Me; 



Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Knowledge is Power of the Kings

7 Days of Your Creation

A Day is like 10 Years

My Fathers brought me down into the lands of the Darkness, and stood before the Pharaoh’s.  I came as a King unto the Daughter, of my Fathers Creation.  With my Fathers help meet.  His Arms and His Thighs and His Chest of Knowledge and Wisdom.

I stood Her up, and told Her, You were standing with your Father.  Kings create worlds, Kings destroy worlds and Kings redeem worlds.  I Am a Son of My Father, I Am a King, I Am a Combat Warrior.  He sent me to His Daughter to raise Her up and now She stands as a Point of Creation.  She is the Tree of Life.  From Her Womb comes the kings and queens, and She rules in the Moonlight among-st the stars,  like the Dust of Diamonds, the Random Dreamers and the other Daughters that belong to their Fathers.

I came, Susan,  a long distance into the Throne room of the Kings.  I sat with a King, and listened to what He had to say.  I brought my king with Me, and we listened to what He had to say.  I stood up in the Court Rooms of my Fathers and I confronted the King and lowered my Arms.  And My King, stood behind Me and lowered His Arms.  In the presence of the King that My Father sent to Me.

My King told the King, I Love You.  

I Susan, as a Queen, the Daughter of my Father, watched all of this in the Court Rooms of My Fathers.  It unfolded in front of My eyes in a split second.  I understood who My Father was.  I understood why my Fathers sent the Kings to Me.  I stood up as a Woman.  My Womb was no longer barren.  My Breasts give nourishment to all that sit before My feet, that the Father sends to Me.  I AM Creation.

The Queen and King sat in the presence of the King, sent by the Father.  On the Even of the 7th into the Even of the 8th.  He told the Truth, the Words of the Father.  His job is complete, He will go home to His Queen and raise Her up as a Daughter of the Father.  On the Wings of an Eagle, they will fly home together to create new Worlds for the children around them.

It was all because He told Me, He Loved Me, and that came from My Father.  I Am His Daughter, Susan.

Now, My job is done.  My Father will send His Son as a King to raise another Queen in far away lands.  I will go Home and take my Queen with Me, into a new World that only your Heart can see.

As the Father has Spoken, so Shall it Be.  

The Morn of the 7th Day to the Sun sets resides the time where you either go Home to Your Father as a King and rest or you go back into the dirt where you came from.

Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Queens Listen

Knowledge is Power of the Kings


 King in a Land of kings


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