777 Quantum Lights,” 7th Day Kings Rest ” 777

,Father is in Me; I am in the Father; the Father is in Me; 


Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Knowledge is Power of the Kings

7 Days of Your Creation


A Day is like 10 Years

And they are being finished the heavens and the earth and all of host of them. Gen 2: 1

And the Fathers sent the King unto the male and female for 7 months to walk unto each his and her nature, now the task of the King is done. He walk among-st them and they did not recognized him till the Father showed up one night on the even of the 6th.

and he is finishing salvation in the day the seventh work of him which he did and he is ceasing in the day seventh from all work of him which he did. Gen. 2 : 2

And the Father is telling His Son to rest for there is another journey to take place on the even of the Friday. For the Fathers petition Him to send a King into the lands of the Pharaohs to raise their Daughter and bring Her into the light of Her Creation.

I walked among st them for 6 Days and raised Her up His Daughter to stand along side Her Father to lift Her King up from the dirt and mud of the lands they came from.

I rest now on the even on the 6th into the even of the 7th. Then I will fly on the wings of Eagles and ride the White Stallions in bold chariots across the atmospheres to lands far away to raise up another Daughter to stand along side Her Father. To stand with Her King.

and he is blessing salvation day of the seventh and he is making holy him in him he ceased from all work of him which he created salvation to to do of Gen. 2 : 3

I am calling a day of rest on the salvation of the seventh because my Father wants time with His Son a King and to to others to to take a rest. Because His Son created salvation.  On the even of the 7th Night. The Father will send the King to other lands to raise His Daughter up from the toils of the ground to stand beside Her Father to lift the kings and queens unto their Creation ,the Tree of Life, to nourish the lands around them with Her milk. Giving life to all that stand at Her feet male or female.

The Morn of the 7th Day to the Sun sets resides the time where you either go Home to Your Father as a King and rest or you go back into the dirt where you came from.

Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Queens Listen

Knowledge is Power of the Kings


 King in a Land of kings


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  1. Returned to the Father, the One. Heart is full and at peace. Our work is never done. May those who will hear, hear. Open your hearts and minds. Your world will be turned right side up.


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