777 Quantum Lights, “Redemption The Poorboy Sandwich ” 777

,Father is in Me; I am in the Father; the Father is US; 

Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Queens Listen

There are always two events in our lives good and bad.  You keep your eyes open to the bad events off the past you will always see the past.  Turn you eyes around and look at your heart not your mind.

Quantum Lights Particles of Father and One Particle Man

Knowledge is Power

“The Taskmaster of Redemption the Poorboy Sandwich”

Came out the Mountains many years ago and decided to take a side trip into the cities where I grew up in. Traveling down the streets of the dimly lite billboards flashing neon’s all illuminating the same colors, “Redemption the Poorboy’s Sandwich”.

In all the multi colored sanctuaries ,come inside, good ,bad and evil and my god can deliver you of all your sins. There is man inside named “Jesus that will cause the sin to come out of the whole world. All charge a fee to get in and see this great miracle worker who came the deserts of far away lands. Actually they all tell stories of great miracles that are buried under the mountains of the dust of the earth. No one has ever witness these things.

So I went inside many, many sanctuaries and watched different men talk about this miracle worker. I always asked where is this guy at? They all told me that he died many years ago no one knows where he is buried. So you are just marketing his body to make some money? Yep!

How can a dead body redeem Me? Well it is not really him doing the redeeming. Who is doing the redeeming? Well his god is doing all the redeeming. Let me get this straight. In order for me to be redeemed I have to go talk to a dead man in my thoughts and he will talk to his god for me? To redeem me of all the bad dodo I have done in my life is that about right? Yep.

If I understand right. To redeem someone from doing something wrong or doing and error of human nature. Does it not require some human interaction to be present in front of the party that is committing an error of his human nature? How can Jesus do that if he is dead?

That is sort of correct, He live,s in you an then he talks to the god for you. Where is god ? He lives out yonder over there next to the Moon. Hmm!!!!!

So If I see my friend Bob stealing a bushel of wheat from the market place. Should it be my responsibility to say something to Him? Or should I take him to the church of the , “Redemption of the Poorboy Sandwich”? Have him talk to a dead person who is going to talk to a god who no one has every seen?

Or is it more responsible to tell Bob, maybe it is my friend Billy, or any one of my Daughters. You know you are doing something wrong and if you keep on doing what you are doing you are going to get FUBARED. You called judgment on your own head after I told you not to do such things.

So if you listened to me then I redeemed you and you found your salvation in a friend that cared enough about you to say , “Get off the ground pick yourself up and walk home”.

,Father is in Me; I am in the Father; the Father is US; 

ca1b5-39f108_286e43ec8e9a4411b25826ba2872bd8cmv2  The Tav is sign of movement the Aleph the head whoever is the head of the household.  Household is your Heart part of Your Heart that is where your Bedchambers are located.

Texas Rattlesnake

Two Fangs