777 Quantum Lights, “I knew a Man” 777

,Father is in Me; I am in the Father; the Father is US; 

Kings Own Nothing But Own Everything

Queens Listen

There are always two events in our lives good and bad.  You keep your eyes open to the bad events off the past you will always see the past.  Turn you eyes around and look at your heart not your mind.

Quantum Lights Particles of Father and One Particle Man.

Put the Father on Speed Dial Heart To Heart

Knowledge is Power

,the man is to become one of US, subdue it,

There was a Man a long time ago that I ran into.  He told me a story of tales of wooo’s and tribulations that happened many years ago in the shadows of the Night.  Nobody saw him and nobody came to his side.  The years past by and the seasons rolled on into the the vacuum of despair.  Then in time His Father sent a King unto him and this is what he said, ” There will come unto you 3 Kings in the Night and they will judge you”.

He asked , What shall l do ?

I told him to lay his arms down at the door and go home and listen to his wife , his help meet, his Queen listen to her wisdom before the Kings came unto him.  He was looking for redemption .  There was none to be found in the land and no one would listen all was silent.  I told him the Father would come unto Him in the Even.  The Kings would come on the Odd before the Father would come unto him.

Well in time there was heard of a man in a far away land that ran in a bit of trouble and fell into a deep well with no sight in return.

The Queen remember that many years ago a man had come unto her in a time of despair when there was trouble in her Kingdom and things wore in despair an ruin.  She remembered the man telling her that,” In 6 days 3 Kings would come unto her bedchambers and call her out into the light of the Son.  On the 7th day her Father would rest an so would she and her Kingdom would be restored in due time and so it was as it was written.

So the Queen called out the caravans loaded with gold coins, rubies and diamonds and guides to reach the man who was in despair himself who fell into a well of darkness.

Well the man who was in despair himself looking for redemption trusted his Queen in the hands of her judgement to help this man she had heard of.

Well you see this Man was a King that came from the Mountains of No Names in the valleys of Sharon that came unto to his Queen many years ago and told of such things that 3 Kings would come from the East then the Father would come unto her.  The Man who was a King dressed like a common beggar told the man of such things would happen in his life.  That 3 Kings would come unto him in due season and then the Father would come unto him.

Well you see the Queen saved the man who in reality was a King and the man who trusted his Queen found redemption in trusting the voice of the Father and allowed His Queen to rule in the shades of the Son.

Redemption comes to those that trust the voice of the Kings , then the Father came and restored all things unto the man who was in despair.  The man that was in the well of despair was a King that the Father sent to test his mettle.

The man listen to the voice of his Father and peace came unto him.  As far as judgement which carries a measure of weight.  Redemption is sometimes trusting the voice of the Father.

Sometimes you have to trust the wisdom of the Queen to find your salvation and redemption in the Womb of your Creation.  For you see the Kings have come and now the Father will come unto you on the even of the 6th day, on the even of the Night, on the 7th day you will rest with the Father.  So it is written so shall it be.

Your judgement has been dealt with.

,Father is in Me; I am in the Father; the Father is US; 

ca1b5-39f108_286e43ec8e9a4411b25826ba2872bd8cmv2  The Tav is sign of movement the Aleph the head whoever is the head of the household.  Household is your Heart part of Your Heart that is where your Bedchambers are located.

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