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Something to Become like Us

Wisdom comes from the silence of the Queens


Knowledge comes from the King’s

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All these cities were fenced with high walls, gates, and bars; beside unwalled towns a great many.

We are like cities with names like me, Ron ,my Friend Sandra, Random Dreamer ect and others.  Each of us stands at different heights like walls.   That is our fortress.  The gates we have two Eyes the bars are your eyelashes that come down across your eyes.  Then the thought stops with the semi-colon and picks up another thought.  Unwalled towns means you see something  that has become normalized images in your Eyes.  You will see an image before you hear it.  Images travel at light speed.  Sounds travel at lesser speeds.

Some of us close our Eyes to what we see and others keep both Eyes open.  In the course of our lives there are always two Events one is Good and one is Bad and then you have those that do something ugly.  That they think no one sees them they are in a class of their own making.

Dealing with the two events in our lives one is Good and one is Bad.  Then we have to ask the question, ” How can two lay down together?  Only one can stay warm?  Warm is always Creation ie the “Burning Bush”.  There will come two and the three will remain.

This video is 13 minutes long.  Go to the Mile Marker 6 minutes 20 secs and watch it to Mile Marker 10:22.

You will see a wall with two slits in it.  The wall is your Temples and the slits are your Eyes.  Watch what happens to the image of the ball.  It maintains a singular point no matter what position it is in.  It lands in our conscience for evaluation and resides in our sub conscience to accent our response to situations around us.

You tell a child they are stupid enough times they will over the course of time mimic that thought with their preconceived thoughts.  What they think is an appropriate response.

In the same regards if you tell the grief counselors that you are Depressed; then they are only going to tell you how to be Depressed; and you will over time mimic back the appropriate response to that grief counselor.

The image takes a singular Reality, a path, it becomes like a rock in your conscience a Reality.  Only one Reality can exist.  One Reality disappears.

We all get hammered in our lives and the Event takes a promontory position in our cogent spatial reasoning of our preconceived Reality.   Who we are?  What is our Purpose?

If the reality of our Creation is altered, we get hammered, then our perception of people around us and daily tasks becomes a nightmare to accomplish.

We close our Eyes with our Eyelashes and deal with the Reality of our Creation instead of watching the other cities that are unwalled.  We destroy ourselves by watching someone else’s reality.  We are not and never will be equal.  Love and Peace will never co-exist but can only hold hands in a Truth.

Father created me and I stood up and I helped Her stand up that is what Creation is all about a particle of light of a Truth.

Have fun with the video.

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Ghah 3500 BC. the single Eye.

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Time space move Matter; 1AD01BC ;  Matter moves Time space. Photon a particle of light having nether a positive or negative, zero gravity but having a mass and weight.

Augustus Caesar provided a clue to unbridle your Creation.

Random Dreamers turn into Quantum Light of their Creation

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Queens


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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


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  1. Each thought or word, good or bad, subconsciously we know the most likely landing spot and which ones shouldn’t land. Both words pass through equally, I see it as which one are you going to let land in your spirit. Like you say, get rid of the bad words in your existance and replace them with strong, powerful words.


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