777 Quantum Multiverse Worlds 777

Something to Become like Us

Wisdom comes from the silence of the Queens


Knowledge comes from the King’s

IQuantum Mechanics of Stripesmage result for image of a molecule

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In my Fathers house are many mansions.

 Images travel at light speed.  Sounds travel at lesser speeds.  It never said in god’s house are many mansions.  I told you in My Fathers house, his Creation, are many mansions; a mansion is a world unto its own.  For those Jesus lovers who is your Daddy?

For those on the other side of Mountain can ask the same question with Who is the Motherland?  Who is your Daddy?

Father created my World and I stood up and made Her World from my World of My Father.

Have fun with the video.

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Ghah 3500 BC. the single Eye.

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Time space move Matter; 1AD01BC ;  Matter moves Time space. Photon a particle of light having nether a positive or negative, zero gravity but having a mass and weight.

Augustus Caesar provided a clue to unbridle your Creation.

Creation is like a Bra

Random Dreamers turn into Quantum Light of their Creation

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Queens


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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


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