777 Quantum Creations בָּ רָ א Bra 777

Something to Become like Us

Wisdom comes from the silence of the Queens


Knowledge comes from the King’s

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בָּ רָ א

 Images travel at light speed. 

Jesus and and the gods on the other side of the mountains never created a Bra for the Woman in fact they undressed Her and made Her ashamed of Her Creation.

A Bra is something that hold life together in the valleys that lay Her Heart with the sounds of Her Fathers Heartbeat.  Creation is held together by Her Father and the Kings that come from the Mountains with No Names in the Wilderness of Particles of Lights.  To make Her stand up into the Eyes of Her Father.

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Ghah 3500 BC. the single Eye.

Random Dreamers turn into Quantum Light of their Creation

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Queens


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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


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