777 Quantanizing Seeds Building Blocks of Life New Worlds 777

Something to Become like Us

Wisdom comes from the silence of the Queens


Knowledge comes from the King’s

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As we are brought into this world from the womb of Creation the Woman.  Into a world of turmoil and wreckage of human lives at the hands of gods who roam the land.

We have to somewhere in our lives be turned around to stand up straight to fly into the realms of New worlds.  To reach those New Worlds requires the Creation of the Womb for new words to incubate in.  Seeds of life, particles of light, from the outer reaches of Time space voices that come to us from the Days of the Ancients.

As Sperm is to the Creation of life in the Womb so are New Worlds created in the Womb of our Minds.  Bringing the two halves of our brains into an equilibrium state of being.  Bridging the Conscience with the Sub Conscience unbridling the Physical realm with the Spiritual realm, Nature, of our Existence.

As you put a bridle on a mule or horse to guide them around.  You must put a bridle on your Eye as to what you see around you.  Least you be guided into paths that are rocky and cut your feet with shards of chaos and confusion.

The Eye is the Womb where Seeds from the vacuum of Space travel through Rims osculating pushing against the curvature of the Eye.  Passing into a Womb of its own.  Where it is given life nourishing your Brain through an umbilical cord.

We have two eyes how is it that two can lie together and not have heat?  How can one be warm alone?

Two Eyes are better than one but if one falls the other Will stand up.  But if two lie together to have heat.  How can one be warm alone?   Who will lift Her Up?

If one Event prevails against one Eye and another Event prevails against the other Eye.  Who comes to stand with the One Eye?  The Kings come to stand with the One that is fallen with  Seeds the Nature of Her Father.  Three become unbroken.

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Ghah 3500 BC. the single Eye.

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As you can see on the diagram you have the Aqueous humor and the Vitreous humor.  Somewhere in the Womb, Kings are born and pass through the Birth Canal to nourish your Spiritual being.  To stand Her Up alongside Her Father to become like us.

It is better to have one Eye then Two then too swallow the seeds of man onto your lips.  Digesting them into your stomach.  Your ugly stupid, you serve me, you are guilty.  I am sorry but your still guilty of my sins.  Passing through your intestines as fecal waste matter.

Fecal Matter floats in its own vacuum of Intergalactic Toilets absence of your Creations.

Time space move Matter; 1AD01BC ;  Matter moves Time space. Photon a particle of light having nether a positive or negative, zero gravity but having a mass and weight.

Augustus Caesar provided a clue to unbridle your Creation.

Random Dreamers turn into Quantum Light of their Creation

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Queens


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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


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