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Forensic Linguistics of Words and Algorithmic Patterns

Following my last series of blogs.  Where it has been established that my concept of Father exists in the area of Quantum Lights, a subatomic particle of energy of 0 gravity neither positive or negative having its own mass and weight.  That gives the spark of life to all.

Words are objects that exist in Time and Space with their own frequency and wavelengths that osculate and push against our Eyes when we see them.

OsculateVerb-To touch another curve or another part of the same curve so as to have the same tangent and curvature at the point of contact. Out Eyes become the point of Contact.

When you take a vested interest in a person to help them deal with the events in their life at an early age.  I deal in the areas of sexual abuse for the simple reason that is the number 1 cause of mental duress in anyone’s life.

Then I start looking for their repetitions of words that they use.  To pinpoint the nature of their afflictions be it in any mental duress they think they have.

From the repetition of words I will look at the meanings of the words that they are using and the placement of the word in the sentence the thought of the sentence. Example;

You could use the word Pet over and over again in sentence structures but this in itself encompasses a wide range of domestic animals.

I would have to stop you and ask, “What kind of Pet are you talking about?”

Perhaps, Your answer would be a chicken or a horse.  Say your answer was chicken.

I would then ask you why you picked the word Chicken as a Pet.

You would then give me an explanation of why you used that word.

Let me give you another example of Repetition of Words; an article I copied;

Coping with Depression

Some people have never had to fight Depression but let me tell you Depression is real and unbearable.   Depression can creep up on you and linger without a person realizing what exactly is making them depressed.   To be honest, I have been dealing with some Depression lately but I know partly where mine is coming from.

We must really look where Depression comes from in order to overcome it.  Satan works hard to hinder the lives of Christians and those who serve God in anyway possible.  He wants us to be unproductive.  He wants us to beat us down and this diatribe of Bull goes on and on.

One I have already clued in on the Word Depression [uppercase].   Depression by its own meaning def. feelings of severe despondency and dejection.  She knows where her Depression comes from partly.   But she does not tell you where it really comes from.

Then she does not hold herself accountable for her feelings but lays them on the foot of a meta spiritual aspiration that has more power than her own idea of god.

By the use of the male pronoun He that only refers to a male person.  He wants us, He wants us repetition of words and images of thoughts.

Who wants you to do what?  Some man wants you to feel bad.  That is all I got out of it.  Bully.

So all she did was make a fool of herself and others that buy into that rhetoric.  What she is saying is not to worry be happy her god will take care of things.

The use of the word Depression is a control word a literary device to lead the reader down a path to the object of her thoughts.  The use of the words, He wants is another literary device to take away your responsibilities for your own emotions and feelings.

What stands out in her diatribe is the word “partly”.  She herself does not know why she feels Depressed but she wants you to think the answer lies in going to a church and paying someone to tell you how screwed up your are.  Put all your screws on the person, “He wants you”, screwed up.

Then if you are screwed up you take your feelings to a Phycologist and you pay him for years to tell you how screwed up your are.  But in this case, he gives you medicines to mask the problem telling you that you have a chemical imbalance that cannot be correct overnight.  So you spend years sucking down useless advice.

The one thing these scenarios have in common they do not care about your feelings as long as you pay them.

They never tell you to take control of your own feelings by asking yourself questions like, What makes me tick in weird ways.

I got tired of collecting screws over the years and started to learn the Forensic Analysis of Words their meanings and their control over my feelings.  It pays to sharpen your Eyes to what is around you and what you read from the lips of others.

As long as you put your faith in others you will always be screwed up because you abdicated your responsibility as a woman or as a man.  You hide in your own shadow.  Calling down your own judgement on your head.

I went down one year to the local Hardware Store and got me some brand-new screws.

You try to screw me with your psycho babble of gods and religions or secular therapy.  I going to screw you with your own words.

I care about my children that listen to me.  I don’t charge any money.  I have a tremendous amount of Empathy for the children.  I have no Empathy for men and women who screw them and then charge them money.

It pays to sharpen your Eyes to the words that osculate your Eyes.  The next thing you know it is osculating in your Ears.


You create your own heaven and earth by your own questions and not the answers of others that you pay to screw you up more then you already are.

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  1. You hear the words unspoken. When nature has called you to service. Crossing divides, you see the crimes against (and by) humanity, and the greatest deception. We are the creators of our own reality, upon the knowledge and foundations of those who came upon and before us. Co-creation, for witnesses are necessary for proof of validity.


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