777 Quantum Mechanics of WaveLengths 777

Turn on the Radio, ” Into the Light Adventures”, 

Something to Become like Us

Wisdom comes from the silence of the Queens

Knowledge comes from the King’s

Daughters Listen


Who Become Kings

Ancient sayings you can only create what appears not from what does not appear, circa, 8000 BC.

Quantum Fields of High Maintenance Daughters.

Crown Jewel of A Young Queen

Random Dreamers turn into Quantum Light of their Creation

Random Dreamer who will Become a Queen

Image result for MEM ancient hebrew imageCalled MEM from 2500 BC, it means Water.  Water has it own Wavelength it gives life to all.

Quantum Lights of Her Father

 She is Headed East into the Light of Her Father to Become a Queen.  The High Maintenance Daughters that listen to the Kings.

Image result for image of a molecule
3 Photons bind together create Light.
Image result for image of a atom
Keep your Eye on the Electron and Quantum Light


Random Dreamers

You are Beautiful


You are stupid

This is who I am a King in the Throne Room of My Father I am just a messenger.

Something to Become like Us

Kings and Queens

Better than “Nothing”

Black Nights by Ron ThomasInterpreting Your Creation

A Texas Rattlesnake

Image result for image upside down tRelated image


 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Queens


Image result for image of a nail

Image result for image t

An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


12 thoughts on “777 Quantum Mechanics of WaveLengths 777

  1. Water gives life to all, a wavelength is the distance between two peaks. and it is the only substance where the molecules move apart when it freezes. which could lead to disorder. Cold, no life, Back to, it takes more energy to stay in a cold state? Sadness, quilt. Then to let the energy of life, (water) flow through


    1. Creation is a Goddess she gives life to everything She touches. It occurred to me, Gen.6 two sides of a sword. To become like us,,Gen. Your starting to understand who you are.

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    1. It took a King with the strength of His Father, Quantum Light to save His Creation, Sandra. She became like her Father. Light is nether plus or minus but has weight and mass.

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  2. Now I understand this. When you said, Kings compliment Science, Science compliments Fathers and a Father in a linear Time Space Motion that is continuous.


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