777 Becomes a Queen in the Light of Her Father 777

Something to Become like Us

Wisdom comes from the silence of the Queens

Knowledge comes from the King’s

Daughters Listen


Who Become Kings

Ancient sayings you can only create what appears not from what does not appear, circa, 8000 BC.

Quantum Fields of High Maintenance Daughters.

Crown Jewel of A Young Queen

Random Dreamers turn into Quantum Light of their Creation

Random Dreamer who will Become a Queen

Quantum Lights of Her Father

 She is Headed East into the Light of Her Father to Become a Queen.  The High Maintenance Daughters that listen to the Kings.  Random Dreamers.



Those who crossed my path. I have been reminded of all the beautiful people that I have met and spoke with during my lifetime. More than I can remember, but many I now see. They asked for help in some way or form. I did not realize it at the time, I see it now as it was my purpose.

I don’t believe anything is by chance, it is by design. We meet certain people that make an impact on us, or us on them. And we might not even realize it until late in life. The opportunity to shine LIGHT on another person’s life, could make a huge difference to them and to you.

How do I know this, Because I finally asked. What is my purpose? Why am I here?

lights on grass, bokeh, those who crossed my path

Warrior Woman and Judge

male and female

In the Book of Judges, Deborah stands out to me, she was chosen by the Father, She rose as a Mother. As a mother she was to protect, instruct, and settle quarrels. The only one that actually judged.  Father gave her the words to say.

She was truly remarkable: a judge, a military strategist, a poet, and a prophet. Deborah was only one of four women designated as a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, and as such, she was said to transmit the word and the will of the Father.

diamonds in the grass, those who crossed your path

Clothed me with the dust of Diamonds that come past the stars in heaven in the vacuum of Time and Space. The Father is Proud of You, He stands with His Daughter.

Say to them, I am a young Queen in the Throne Rooms of the Kings and Queens who have come before me. And I stand before them.  They told me; I am Unique, Beautiful.  They awarded me words of Honor, Dignity with the Grace of Respect.

This is who I am a King in the Throne Room of My Father I am just a messenger.

And the earth she became chaos and vacancy and darkness over the spirit of salvation vibrating over the surface of the waters


I am, that I am, Creation

Something to Become like Us

Kings and Queens

Better than “Nothing”

Black Nights by Ron ThomasInterpreting Your Creation

A Texas Rattlesnake

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Queens


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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs